65 Questions to Ask a College Coach on an Unofficial Visit

College visits can be incredibly exciting. You can explore different campuses, meet new people, and learn more about the programs that interest you. If you are thinking about playing sports at a college, an unofficial visit is a great way to get a feel for the team and coaching staff.

65 Questions to ask a college coach on an unofficial visit:

  1. What is the average SAT /ACT score of the students you normally recruit?
  2. What is the average grade point average of your athletes?
  3. How many scholarships do you have to award each year?
  4. What is your program’s history of success?
  5. What are your goals for the team this season?
  6. How many athletes are on your team?
  7. What is the team’s record?
  8. What successes has the team achieved recently?
  9. How many conference games do you play?
  10. What is the level of competition at your conference?
  11. What is your conference record?
  12. What are your non-conference opponents look like?
  13. Who are the team’s main rivals?
  14. How has the team developed since you started coaching here?
  15. What kind of training methods do you use?
  16. What kind of injuries have your athletes had in the past?
  17. How have you helped your athletes recover from injuries?
  18. What is your policy on redshirting?
  19. What are your thoughts on transferring?
  20. What are your thoughts on the recruitment process?
  21. What are the college’s priorities in recruiting for my sport?
  22. What is your recruiting budget?
  23. What is your coaching style?
  24. What is your coaching philosophy?
  25. How do you communicate with the players?
  26. What is your disciplinary style?
  27. What are the expectations for players in terms of practice time, film study, weightlifting, etc.?
  28. How much influence do the players have on game strategy decisions?
  29. What is your policy on players’ use of social media?
  30. Do you have assistant coaches? If so, what are their responsibilities?
  31. What kind of offensive/defensive concept does the team use?
  32. What is the team’s record over the last three years (conference and overall)?
  33. How many seniors/juniors/freshmen are on the team?
  34. What are the chances of me starting as a freshman?
  35. What are the chances of me getting playing time as a freshman?
  36. How can I improve my game to increase my chances of getting more playing time?
  37. What kind of training do your athletes receive?
  38. How much time do your athletes spend practicing each week?
  39. How long are your practices?
  40. What is the ratio of games to practices?
  41. Do your athletes miss class for away games? If so, how do you make sure they do not fall behind academically?
  42. What kind of academic support do your athletes receive?
  43. How much travel is involved with away games?
  44. What are the travel costs for the team?
  45. What kind of facilities are available to the athletes (weight room, training room, etc.)?
  46. Is there a nutritionist on the staff?
  47. What additional services do the athletes receive (shoes, clothing, etc.)?
  48. Do you have current or former players who play in the pros?
  49. What have been your recent successes (recruiting, wins, etc.)?
  50. Have you had success recruiting players from my area in the past?
  51. What is the team’s playing style?
  52. What are the team’s strengths and weaknesses?
  53. How does your team typically practice? Full pads? Runs?
  54. What kind of conditioning program do you have for your players?
  55. What kind of housing and meal plans are available for the athletes?
  56. What kind of financial support can I expect when I come to this school?
  57. Can you tell me about your experience at the stadium and the games?
  58. Do you offer summer camps or seminars for athletes?
  59. How does the coach see me fitting into the team?
  60. Can you tell me about the culture of the team?
  61. How has the team been financed?
  62. Have you had any budget cuts in recent years?
  63. Do you have plans to increase the budget in the future?
  64. Have you ever had problems with player misconduct? If so, how were these handled?
  65. What are your thoughts on social media and its impact on recruiting, the team, etc.?

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect during an unofficial visit to a college?

An unofficial visit to a college is an opportunity for prospective students and their families to explore the campus, learn about the admissions process, and meet with professors and students. The visit usually includes a tour of the campus, information sessions with admissions counselors, and time to explore the campus on your own.

Can you get an offer on an unofficial visit?

It is possible to receive an offer from a school during an unofficial visit. The school may extend the offer after getting to know the potential student better and determining that they are a good fit for the institution. It is important to remember that receiving an offer during an unofficial visit is not guaranteed and that the offer may be rescinded if the potential student decides to attend another school.


College visits can be daunting, but they do not have to be! By coming prepared with a list of questions, you can make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not a school is right for you. And who knows – if you ask all the right questions, you might impress the coach enough that they offer you a spot on the team!

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