52 Questions to Ask a Staffing Agency

Finding the right staffing agency can be a make-or-break decision for your business. If you make a smart choice, you’ll have a reliable partner to help you find top talent quickly and efficiently. However, if you make a poor choice, you could end up wasting time and money on an agency that doesn’t deliver results.

To help you find the right staffing agency for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of important questions to ask before making a hire. By asking these questions, you can weed out the agencies that aren’t a good fit for you and focus on the ones that are worth your time and energy.

52 Questions you should ask a staffing agency before you work with them:

  1. What types of companies do you typically work with?
  2. Do you have any experience working with companies in my industry?
  3. Can you give me some examples of successful placements you’ve made in the past?
  4. What does your recruitment process look like?
  5. How do you source candidates?
  6. How do you screen candidates?
  7. How do you know if a candidate will be a good fit for my company?
  8. Do you have any tips for interviewing candidates?
  9. How involved do I need to be in the hiring process?
  10. Can I look at some applicant profiles before deciding on whether to move forward?
  11. How quickly can you fill an open position?
  12. Do you guarantee your placements?
  13. What happens if the placement doesn’t work out?
  14. How much do your services cost?
  15. Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?
  16. Do you offer discounts for long-term contracts?
  17. What other services do you offer (e.g., background checks, drug testing)?
  18. Do you have any references I can contact? 19, Can I talk to some of your current clients?
  19. What sets you apart from other staffing agencies?
  20. What types of positions do you typically staff?
  21. How long have you guys been in business?
  22. Do you have any accreditations or affiliations?
  23. What’s your company culture like?
  24. On average, how long do your employees work for you?
  25. Do you have any long-term clients?
  26. Do you pre-screen candidates before presenting them to clients?
  27. How often do you conduct performance reviews?
  28. What’s your retention rate?
  29. Do you guarantee your placements?
  30. Do you outsource some of your services?
  31. Do you offer temporary, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire placement options?
  32. Do you have any case studies or testimonials from past clients?
  33. Do you have any internal recruiters?
  34. Do you use third-party recruiting tools?
  35. What criteria do you use to determine which candidates to present to your clients?
  36. Once a candidate is selected, what’s your placement process?
  37. How do you handle replacements if a placement doesn’t work out?
  38. How often will I be invoiced?
  39. What forms of payment do you accept?
  40. Can I get a price estimate for a specific job/industry/location?
  41. Have your rates changed in the last year? If so, by how much?
  42. Are there any upcoming changes to your pricing structure that I should be aware of?
  43. What geographic areas do you cover?
  44. How many candidates are in your database?
  45. What kind of training or support do you offer your clients?
  46. Are your staff members required to complete continuing education courses?
  47. Do you have an after-hours emergency phone number for your clients?
  48. How often will I be able to communicate with my account manager?
  49. Can I meet with someone in person before making a decision?
  50. Do I have to sign a contract, and if so, for how long?
  51. Do you offer any other services, such as outplacement assistance or career coaching?
  52. Do you have a customer satisfaction policy?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to be hired through a staffing agency?

Some people believe that it’s good to be hired through a staffing agency. They believe that this is the best way to get a job because the staffing agency already knows about the job and the company, and also has many connections. They also believe that a staffing agency is the best way to find a job because you can interview with a lot of different companies at once.

What are the cons of using a staffing agency?

One of the cons of using a staffing agency is that it can be expensive. Often, the agency charges the company a fee for each employee they place. This can add up quickly, especially if the company has a large workforce. In addition, the agency may not be as familiar with the company’s culture and policies as an internal recruiter. This can lead to misunderstandings and hiring mistakes. Finally, using a staffing agency can slow down the hiring process because the company must wait for the agency to find a suitable candidate.

What are the 7 staffing processes?

The seven staffing processes are recruitment, selection, training, development, transfer, promotion, and compensation. Each of these processes is important to ensure the company has the right people in the right positions. 

Recruitment is about finding and attracting qualified candidates to apply for open positions. Selection is the process of choosing the best applicants. Training is the process of teaching employees the skills they need to do their jobs. Development is the process of helping employees grow and improve their skills. 

Transfer is the process of moving employees from one job to another within the organization. Promotion is the process by which employees are promoted to higher positions. And compensation is about providing employees with fair pay and benefits that are commensurate with their job.


Asking the right questions can make the difference between finding a staffing agency that’s just okay or one that’s truly exceptional. When you get answers to the questions above, you’ll be in a much better position to decide which staffing agency is right for your needs. And when it comes to choosing a staffing agency, making the right choice can make all the difference!

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