57 Questions to Ask a Talent Agent

If you’ve always dreamed of being on the big screen or gracing the stage, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people aspire to have careers in acting. But the path to becoming a professional actor isn’t always easy. Not only do you need to hone your craft and build your skills, but you also need to find a good talent agent.

A talent agent is someone who represents actors and helps them find work. They’re your ticket to landing auditions and getting cast in roles. But not all talent agents are the same. There are good ones and bad ones, so it’s important to do your research before signing with anyone. Be sure to ask them these important questions.

57 Questions you should ask a talent agent:

  1. What experience do you have with talent representation?
  2. How long have you been in the business?
  3. Do you have experience representing artists in my field?
  4. How many artists do you currently represent?
  5. Do you charge any upfront fees?
  6. What percentage of my bookings will I earn?
  7. How often will I get paid?
  8. What are your cancelation policies?
  9. Will you be available to answer questions and give me feedback?
  10. What’s your policy on submitting me for projects?
  11. Who will be my main point of contact at the agency?
  12. What is your approach to marketing and promotion?
  13. What types of artists do you typically work with?
  14. Do you have any industry relationships that I could benefit from?
  15. What are some of the challenges I may face as an artist in this market?
  16. How do you prefer to communicate with your clients?
  17. What is your process for submitting artists to casting directors?
  18. How do you handle feedback from casting directors?
  19. What are your thoughts on self-recorded auditions?
  20. How often should I expect to hear from you?
  21. What is your policy on client representation at events and awards shows?
  22. Can you give me a list of recent bookings or credits that your office has secured?
  23. Do you guys have experience negotiating deals with networks or streaming services?
  24. In your opinion, what are three things I could do to improve my career prospects?
  25. What do you see as my biggest challenges/obstacles in securing contracts?
  26. Who are some of your personal role models in the industry?
  27. What do you love most about your job?
  28. Do you have any openings for new clients right now?
  29. Can I see a list of your current and past clients?
  30. Have any of your clients had success in getting jobs?
  31. How often will you be submitting me forward for auditions?
  32. How do you handle feedback?
  33. Do you charge any fees upfront? If so, what are they for?
  34. What percentage of my earnings do you take as commission?
  35. Are you comfortable with me pursuing other representations simultaneously?
  36. What’s the minimum amount of time you require commitment from a client-talent relationship?
  37. What are your expectations of your clients (time commitment, meeting attendance, etc.)?
  38. Do I need to sign a contract with you? If so, can I see it before I sign anything?
  39. What are your thoughts on my portfolio?
  40. Have you ever dropped a client? If so, why?
  41. What are your thoughts on self-promotion?
  42. Do you have any industry connections that you can introduce me to?
  43. How often do you hold open castings or auditions?
  44. How do you usually find new talent?
  45. Do you have any upcoming projects that you think I’d be a good fit for?
  46. How often do you attend industry events?
  47. Do you have any tips for networking and building relationships in the industry?
  48. What resources are available to me to advance my career?
  49. Can you help me create a professional portfolio or reel?
  50. Do you have recommendations for acting classes or workshops I can take?
  51. What do you think I can do to improve my acting?
  52. What do you think of my current performance?
  53. Where do you think my strengths lie?
  54. What do you think are my weaknesses?
  55. What do you think I need to work on the most?
  56. Do you have any advice on how I can get more gigs?
  57. Is there anything else I should know about your agency or the way you do business?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare for a talent agent meeting?

It’s important to thoroughly research the agent and their agency so you have a clear picture of their areas of expertise and what they’re looking for in potential clients. This way, you can tailor your pitch accordingly and highlight your unique strengths as an actor or performer.

It’s also important to practice your presentation in advance so that you go into the interview confident and well-prepared. You should also bring any relevant materials or showreels with you, as these can impressively demonstrate your skills and talents to the agent.

By focusing on these important preparation strategies, you can make your meeting with a talent agent successful and build strong relationships that will help propel your career.

What do you expect from a talent agent?

A talent agent is responsible for representing and advocating for talented individuals in the entertainment industry. They typically have extensive knowledge of the industry and strong connections within it, which they use to help their clients succeed.

In general, talent agents can be expected to provide guidance and support to their clients, negotiate contracts on their behalf, and help them navigate the often complex world of the entertainment industry. A successful talent agent also knows what makes a person stand out from the crowd, and works hard to promote and market their clients’ talents accordingly.

Those who seek representation from a talent agent should expect dedication, professionalism, and a commitment to their own success and that of their clients.


When choosing a talent agent, you must do your research and ask the right questions. By asking the questions listed above, you can get a good feel for whether or not a potential agent is a good fit for you and your career goals. Wishing you the best of luck in your pursuits!

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