78 Questions to Ask an Adoption Agency

If you’re considering adoption, you probably have a lot of questions. And that’s a good thing! Asking questions is the best way to learn more about adoption and what it would mean for you and your family.

When you’re ready to talk to adoption agencies, it can be helpful to have a list of questions. That way, you can be sure you’re getting all the information you need to make the best decision for your family. Here are a few questions to help you get started.

53 Questions you should ask adoption agencies:


  1. In what states are you authorized to place children for adoption? 
  2. Has the agency ever had its license revoked or suspended? 
  3. Is the adoption agency accredited by a national organization?
  4. Do you work with any international adoption agencies?

Statistics and Services

  1. What type of adoption do you specialize in?
  2. How long has your agency been in business?
  3. How many adoptions have you facilitated?
  4. Do you have current statistics on how many children were adopted through your agency last year?
  5. On average, how long does it take to complete an adoption through your agency? 
  6. Do you offer post-adoption services? If so, what do those services entail?
  7. Do you provide any post-adoption services?
  8. What’s your success rate in placing children with families?
  9. What happens if an adoption placement fails?

Screening Process

  1. Are prospective adoptive families required to complete additional training courses? 
  2. What type of home studies do you require/perform? 
  3. Are there any additional requirements or steps we must take to adopt a child from another country through your agency?
  4. How does the agency screen adoptive families?
  5. How does the agency screen birth mothers?
  6. What are the requirements for adoptive families?
  7. Do I have to be married to adopt?
  8. How old do I have to be to adopt?

Qualifications and Experiences

  1. What kind of training does your agency’s staff receive? 
  2. Does anyone on your staff have personal experience with adoptions? 
  3. Have any of your staff members traveled abroad to meet birth mothers and place adoptions?
  4. If so, where have they traveled, and how often?
  5. Does the agency have a good relationship with local courts and officials?
  6. Do you have any staff members who have adopted children themselves that we could talk to?
  7. Who are the social workers that will be assigned to our case?
  8. Can we speak directly with the social workers? 


  1. Can you give me a list of references of families who have been adopted through your agency? 
  2. Does the agency have any negative reviews or complaints on the internet?

Birth Parents

  1. What happens if the birth parents change their minds after placement? What kind of support does your agency offer in this situation?
  2. What are the rights of birth mothers? 
  3. What kind of support do you provide to mothers during their pregnancy and after the placement of their child/children? 

The Child

  1. Do you currently have children available for adoption?
  2. Can you tell me a little about the children you have available for adoption?
  3. What are the children’s backgrounds?
  4. What’s the medical history of the children?
  5. What are the children’s interests and personalities?
  6. Do you have children with special needs on hold?
  7. How can I learn more about the children you place for adoption? 


  1. What are your fees? 
  2. Do you have any grants or scholarships available?
  3. Is our personal information (e.g., addresses, phone numbers, email) shared with birth parents without our consent? If so, under what circumstances?
  4. Can I choose the race/ethnicity of my child?
  5. Does the agency allow open adoptions?
  6. How can I donate to your agency?
  7. What if we want to adopt a child from another country?
  8. Do you have any upcoming events we can attend to learn more about adoption?
  9. Do you have any brochures or other materials we can take to learn more about your agency and the adoption process?
  10. Can you recommend books or websites that will help us learn more about adoption?
  11. What kind of contact do birth mothers and adoptive families have during and after the adoption process? 
  12. Can we meet the birth parents before making a decision?

25 Questions to ask yourself before working with adoption agencies:

  1. What type of adoption do you want to pursue?
  2. What are your reasons for wanting to adopt?
  3. How much money are you willing to spend on the adoption process?
  4. How much time are you willing to commit to the adoption process?
  5. How do you feel about open and closed adoptions?
  6. What are your religious beliefs regarding adoption?
  7. How do you feel about single-parent and two-parent households?
  8. What age group of children is you interested in adopting?
  9. Are you prepared to deal with the challenges of adoption?
  10. What kind of child do you want to adopt?
  11. Are you ready to open your home to an adoption worker?
  12. How long are you willing to wait?
  13. What kind of contact do you want with birth parents?
  14. What’s your financial situation?
  15. Do you have a support system in place?
  16. Have you done any research?
  17. What are your expectations of the adoption process?
  18. What kind of relationship do you want to have with the birth parents?
  19. How much contact do you want to have with the child’s birth country/culture?
  20. What’s your budget for the adoption?
  21. What’s your timeline for adoption?
  22. How do you feel about parenting a child who has been through trauma?
  23. Are you willing/able to parent a child with special needs?
  24. What’s your relationship status?
  25. Are you willing to adopt an older child?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare for an adoption interview?

The best way to prepare for an adoption interview is to be as prepared as possible. You should have all of your paperwork ready and know the answers to any questions you might be asked. You should also be prepared to talk about why you want to adopt and what kind of home you can provide for a child. Being well-prepared will help ensure that the interview goes smoothly and that you can answer any questions you’re asked.

What challenges are faced with adoption?

One of the biggest challenges is finding the right child for your family. Many children need homes, but it can be difficult to find the right child for your family. Another challenge is the cost of adoption. Adopting a child can be expensive, and there are often many expenses associated with the process. You must be prepared for these costs before you begin the adoption process. Finally, there are often many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome when adopting a child. It can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it’s worth it in the end.

What is the most difficult part of adoption?

The most difficult part of adoption is often the waiting. Families hoping to adopt often spend months or even years waiting for the perfect child to become available. During this time, they may attend adoption seminars, read adoption books, and socialize with other adoptive families. They’re also preparing their homes and hearts for the new addition to their families. The wait can be difficult, but it’s worth it when the perfect child comes along.


If you’re considering adoption but feel overwhelmed with the process, know that you’re not alone – thousands of people adopt every year! And while there are dozens of things to consider before you take the plunge, we hope this list of frequently asked questions has helped you. Once you better understand how adoption works and what responsibilities it entails, you’ll be one step closer to your new family member!

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