80 Questions to Ask a Home Owners Association

If you’re thinking of buying a home in a planned community, one of the first things you’ll need to do is join the homeowners association (HOA). HOAs are common in condominiums, townhomes, and some single-family home developments and typically collect monthly or annual dues from residents.

In return for your dues, you get to enjoy the many benefits of living in a well-maintained community. But before you write the check, be sure to ask the board of your HOA the following questions so you know what to expect.

80 Questions you can ask an HOA:

  1. What are the monthly dues?
  2. What does the HOA fee cover?
  3. Are there any special assessments currently in place?
  4. When was the last time the HOA raised dues?
  5. How often does the HOA board meet?
  6. Is there a property manager?
  7. How many properties are in the HOA?
  8. What is the turnover rate?
  9. What is the average length of ownership for residents?
  10. What is the policy on renting out units?
  11. Are there any age restrictions?
  12. What amenities are included in the community?
  13. Is there a pool?
  14. Is there a gym?
  15. Is there a tennis court?
  16. Is there a clubhouse?
  17. Is there a park?
  18. Who takes care of landscaping and maintenance?
  19. How are disputes between neighbors handled?
  20. Have there been any recent complaints or issues brought to the HOA’s attention?
  21. Who is on the HOA board?
  22. How can I get involved with the HOA?
  23. What are the bylaws of the HOA?
  24. How is the HOA governed?
  25. What is the complaint process for violations of HOA rules and regulations?
  26. Who do I contact if I have a problem or concern with my neighbor?
  27. Can I make changes to my home without prior approval from the HOA?
  28. Do I need to get permission from the HOA to rent out my home?
  29. Are there any restrictions on who can purchase a home within the community?
  30. How is parking handled within the community?
  31. Can I have a pet within the community?
  32. How are noise complaints handled within the community?
  33. Is there a limit on how many people can live in one home within the community?
  34. How often are homes inspected for compliance with HOA rules and regulations?
  35. What are the consequences of violating HOA rules and regulations?
  36. How often are the dues increased?
  37. Who makes decisions about the HOA?
  38. How are those decisions made?
  39. What is the HOA’s budget?
  40. How is the HOA’s budget decided?
  41. What are the HOA’s rules and regulations?
  42. How are the HOA’s rules and regulations enforced?
  43. Are there any restrictions on what can be done with property within the HOA?
  44. What is the process for making changes to the property within the HOA?
  45. How long does that process take?
  46. Is there a limit to how many people can live in a unit within the HOA?
  47. Are there any restrictions on renting out units within the HOA?
  48. What is the process for resolving disputes within the HOA?
  49. How long does that process take?
  50. What is the process for filing a complaint against the HOA?
  51. How long does that process take?
  52. How long is the HOA’s fiscal year?
  53. How many members are on the board of directors?
  54. Who are the current board members?
  55. Are board meeting minutes available to members?
  56. Is there a newsletter or other method of communication between the board and members?
  57. What are the bylaws?
  58. How are violations handled?
  59. Is there an architectural review committee?
  60. What types of changes require approval from the ARC?
  61. How long does it typically take to get approval from the ARC?
  62. Are there any amenities within the HOA’s jurisdiction?
  63. If so, what is the cost to use them?
  64. Have there been any recent changes to the HOA’s governing documents or operations that members should be aware of?
  65. What kind of financial shape is the HOA in? 
  66. Are there any upcoming special assessments? 
  67. How does the HOA handle rule enforcement? 
  68. What restrictions are in place regarding pets, short-term rentals, vehicles, etc.? 
  69. Have there been any recent complaints or concerns brought before the board? 
  70. How do I submit a complaint or concern to the board? 
  71. Can I get copies of the meeting minutes and other governing documents?
  72. How often do the rules change?
  73. What are the consequences of breaking a rule?
  74. What types of landscaping changes am I allowed to make?
  75. How active is the HOA?
  76. Who do I contact if I have a problem or concern?
  77. Are there any upcoming projects or changes I should know about?  
  78. What is included in the reserves? 
  79. Can I see a copy of the most recent financial statement? 
  80. How long has the current Board been in place? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of homeowners association?

A homeowners association (HOA) is a group of people who own a home in a certain area. This group usually has rules and regulations about what homeowners can and cannot do with their property. For example, an HOA may require that all homeowners maintain their yards properly or that they only paint their homes certain colors.

What is the power of homeowners association?

A homeowners association can be a powerful force in a neighborhood, helping to preserve property values and make the area look nice. HOAs can also help set rules, enforce rules, and settle disputes. This can be a great asset to residents who might otherwise have to deal with these issues themselves. However, HOAs can also be quite restrictive limiting what homeowners can do with their property.


Before you join a homeowners association, be sure to ask about restrictions, dues, and bylaws. Knowing what to expect will help you better decide if an HOA is right for you.

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