58 Questions to Ask a Wedding Cake Baker

There are so many important details that go into planning a wedding, and one of the most important — and delicious! — is the cake. Your wedding cake will be one of the highlights of your big day. That’s why you should choose a baker who can create a cake that not only looks amazing but tastes great too!

To help you find the right baker for your special day, here are a few questions to ask during your consultation.

58 Questions you can ask a wedding cake baker:

  1. What is your design process like?
  2. Do you have any sample designs I can look at?
  3. Do you have a portfolio of previous work?
  4. What flavors do you suggest for a summer wedding?
  5. What fillings do you recommend?
  6. How much input will I have in designing my cake?
  7. What is your policy on gluten-free or vegan options?
  8. Can I see a menu of available flavors?
  9. What kind of icing do you use?
  10. Do you charge for delivery and setup?
  11. What is your policy on cancellations or changes?
  12. How far in advance do I need to reserve my date?
  13. When will my cake be delivered?
  14. How long will the cake last?
  15. Do you offer tastings?
  16. Do their previous designs fit your style? 
  17. What kind of flavors do they offer? 
  18. Do they require a tasting? And how much does that cost? 
  19. What is their delivery process? 
  20. What is the price range for their cakes? 
  21. Are there any additional fees? Such as cutting/plating fees or rental fees for stands/toppers/etc.? 
  22. What is included in the price of the cake (e.g., number of tiers, simple decoration)? 
  23. Are there any ‘extras’ that will cost extra (e.g., complex decoration, special flavors)? 
  24. Do they require a deposit?
  25. What forms of payment do they accept? 
  26. Do they have liability insurance? 
  27. Have you ever made a cake for a wedding with our budget?
  28. What do you recommend for our wedding cake design?
  29. How do you charge for wedding cakes?
  30. How long does it take to decorate a wedding cake?
  31. What happens if something goes wrong with the cake on our wedding day? Will you have a backup plan?
  32. What are your payment terms and schedule like? 
  33. Do we need to provide anything for delivery or set up (i.e., table, linen, etc)? 
  34. When is the final payment due? 
  35. Do you have any allergies or food preferences that I should know about? 
  36. What kind of cakes do you make? 
  37. How much do your cakes cost? 
  38. What is the process for ordering a cake? 
  39. When do I need to order my cake? 
  40. Where will the cake be made and stored? 
  41. How will the cake be transported/delivered? 
  42. Do you set up the cake at the venue? 
  43. Are you licensed and Inspected by the health department? 
  44. What is your experience with wedding cakes? 
  45. How many tiers do you think the cake should be? 
  46. What is your opinion on fondant vs. buttercream? 
  47. What flavors do you think would be best for the cake? 
  48. What fillings do you recommend? 
  49. Do you have any suggestions for unique or unusual cake designs? 
  50. How much time will be needed to decorate the cake? 
  51. Do you offer any discounts?
  52. What is the minimum order?
  53. When is the balance due?
  54. Are there any additional charges?
  55. Can I see some photos of your previous work?
  56. Do you have any references I can contact?
  57. How should I store my cake before the event?
  58. Do you offer any other services, such as catering or rentals?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose a wedding cake baker?

When choosing a wedding cake baker, it is important to find someone who can make the exact cake you have envisioned. Bakers often have portfolios of their past work to help you decide if their style matches your vision.

It is also important to try the baker’s cake samples, as this will give you a good idea of what their cakes taste like. Ask the baker any questions you have about their process, and make sure they are comfortable working with your wedding schedule.

What should I look for in a wedding cake baker?

When looking for a wedding cake baker, it is important to find someone who can create a cake that reflects your personal style and taste. The baker should be able to work with you to create a custom cake that is perfect for your wedding. Be sure to ask for pictures of previous cakes the baker has created, so you can get an idea of their style.

How does a wedding cake tasting work?

Most bakeries offer a variety of flavors and fillings for couples to sample to find the perfect cake for their big day. The process of tasting wedding cakes is simple: couples usually start by selecting a few flavors that they are interested in, then they are given a small piece of each flavor to try. After sampling all the flavors, most couples can narrow down their choices and select their favorite cake(s).


Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but choosing a delicious and beautiful wedding cake doesn’t have to be! By asking your potential baker these questions, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect person to create a stunning centerpiece for your big day. Enjoy every moment of your wedding planning!

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