54 Questions to Ask When Apartment Hunting

The process of apartment hunting can be both confusing and frustrating. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know where to start – or what questions to even ask.

That’s why we have compiled a list of important questions to ask before you sign a lease. By asking these questions, you can find the best possible apartment for your needs.

54 Questions to ask when apartment hunting:

  1. How long has the apartment been on the market?
  2. How often are the apartments in this complex rented?
  3. What is the average length of time tenants stay in this complex?
  4. Why did the previous tenant move out?
  5. How often do rent prices increase?
  6. Is the rent negotiable?
  7. What is included in the rent price?
  8. Are the utilities included in the rent price?
  9. What is the square footage of the apartment?
  10. How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the apartment have?
  11. Does the apartment have a dishwasher?
  12. Are pets allowed?
  13. What kind of amenities do you offer?
  14. How much storage space do you need?
  15. What kind of layout do you offer?
  16. How much natural light do you want in your apartment?
  17. Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished?
  18. Is there a balcony or terrace?
  19. What kind of kitchen does the apartment have?
  20. What type of flooring is there in the apartment?
  21. What type of heating and air conditioning does the apartment have? (Do you want central air conditioning or just a window unit?)
  22. How many people are allowed to live in the apartment?
  23. What are the age restrictions for the residents?
  24. Is the building wheelchair accessible?
  25. Does the building have an elevator?
  26. How long is the lease?
  27. Is there an application fee?
  28. When is the rent due each month?
  29. What type of deposit is required?
  30. Are late payments penalized?
  31. Are utilities included in the rent? If not, how much will they cost each month?
  32. Is there laundry on-site or in the apartment?
  33. Does the complex have parking, and if so, is there an additional fee?
  34. How long does it take for maintenance requests to be completed?
  35. Has the building ever had bedbugs or other pests?
  36. Can you tour the apartment before signing a lease? If not, why not?
  37. Can you sublet the apartment if you suddenly need to move? If not, why not?
  38. How close is the nearest grocery store?
  39. Are there parks nearby?
  40. What kind of security does the building have?
  41. When is the trash picked up?
  42. Who is responsible for the maintenance of the common areas?
  43. How close is the nearest bus stop or train station?
  44. Is the neighborhood safe?
  45. Are there noise restrictions (e.g. music, parties)?
  46. What kind of maintenance or repair assistance is available?
  47. Can I see a copy of the lease agreement?
  48. What is the minimum lease term?
  49. What is the maximum lease term?
  50. Can the lease be extended, and if so, at what cost?
  51. How much notice is required before moving out?
  52. Is there a fee for early termination of the lease?
  53. What is the policy on subletting or assigning the lease to another person?
  54. May I speak with current or former tenants?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when apartment hunting?

When apartment hunting, it is important to consider your budget, location, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. It is also important to read the lease agreement carefully before signing. You should make sure you are comfortable with the terms of the lease agreement, including the length of the lease and the amount of rent.

What should you not say when looking for an apartment?

When looking for an apartment, you should avoid speaking negatively about the property or the landlord. You should also avoid discussing your financial situation. It is important to be polite and respectful when speaking with landlords because they may be more likely to rent to you if you are courteous.

What is a red flag when you are looking for an apartment?

When apartment hunting, look for red flags that may indicate a scam. Be cautious of landlords who ask for money upfront or require you to sign a lease before seeing the apartment. Make sure you have the landlord’s contact information and check with your local Better Business Bureau to see if there are any complaints about the property.


Asking questions is an important part of any decision-making process – and that includes apartment hunting! By asking the right questions, you can narrow down your choices and find an apartment that is just right for you and your needs.

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