45 Questions to Ask When Buying a House With a Pool

Ah, the pool. A luxurious backyard amenity that instantly increases the appeal of a home – and its price. But is a house with a pool really worth it? If you’re considering buying a home with a pool, there are a few things you should take into account. Before you sign on the dotted line, you need to ask a few questions about the pool to make sure it’s right for you and your family.

45 Questions you should ask when buying a house with a pool:

  1. What type of pool is it?
  2. How old is the pool?
  3. How big is the pool?
  4. What shape is the pool?
  5. What is the depth of the pool?
  6. What type of material is the pool made from?
  7. Who installed the pool?
  8. Who maintains the pool?
  9. What type of filtration system does the pool have?
  10. Does the pool have any special features?
  11. What’s the cost of operating the pool?
  12. What’s the cost of maintaining the pool?
  13. Are there any restrictions on the use of the pool?
  14. Is there liability insurance for the pool?
  15. Is there a home warranty for the services not covered by insurance?
  16. What’s the warranty on the pool and its components?
  17. Does the pool have a good reputation?
  18. What’s the condition of the pool?
  19. What’s included in the sale (pool equipment, furniture, etc.)?
  20. Is the pool fenced?
  21. Is there a cover for the pool?
  22. How often is the pool cleaned?
  23. How often is the filter changed?
  24. What type of pool is it (in-ground, above-ground, salt water, etc.)?
  25. What type of decking surrounds the pool?
  26. Is the pool heated?
  27. Are there any special features or accessories included with the pool (waterfall, slide, etc.)?
  28. Have there been any problems with the pool in the past?
  29. Is the pool in compliance with all local ordinances and regulations?
  30. How old are the pump and filter?
  31. How many people can the pool accommodate?
  32. Does the pool have a saltwater system?
  33. Does the pool have a chlorine generator?
  34. What type of lighting does the pool have?
  35. Does the pool have a water feature?
  36. Does the pool have a whirlpool?
  37. Is there a gate around the pool?
  38. Are there stairs leading into the pool?
  39. What’s the shallow end of the pool like?
  40. How often do you need to test the water quality and how much does it cost to maintain that?
  41. What type of pool cover do you have and how often do you need to replace it?
  42. How much sun does the pool get throughout the day?
  43. Is there a bathroom or changing area near the pool?
  44. Is there a shower near the pool?
  45. Are there trees or other plants near the pool that might drop leaves or flowers into the water?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are houses with pools harder to sell?

Houses with pools can be difficult to sell for several reasons. For one, they are often more expensive than conventional homes, making them less accessible to many potential buyers. Also, houses with pools typically require more maintenance and upkeep, which can be time-consuming and costly. Finally, many buyers are reluctant to purchase a home with a pool because of safety concerns or the added responsibility of owning such a property.

What are the pros and cons of buying a house with a pool?

Pros of buying a house with a pool include having access to a private recreational space that can be used year-round. A pool provides the opportunity to exercise and relax, and it can also be a great place to entertain guests or simply enjoy time for yourself.

However, there are also some potential cons to buying a house with a pool. Maintenance costs can be quite high, especially if the pool requires frequent repairs or cleaning. In addition, pools can also be a safety hazard, especially for young children who may not know how to use them properly.


Pools can be a beautiful addition to the backyard, but they also come with some added responsibility (and cost). Before you buy a home with a pool, ask yourself these important questions.

From maintenance and insurance costs to safety issues, there are many factors to consider when owning a pool. But if you do your research beforehand, you can make an informed decision about whether or not buying a house with a pool is right for you.

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