50 Questions to Ask When Getting a New Roof

A roof is a big investment. It’s not something you want to have to think about every few years. You want it to last a long time. That’s why it’s important to do your research and ask the right questions when it’s time for a new roof. Here are a few questions to help you get started.

50 Questions you can ask when getting a new roof:

  1. What is the expected lifespan of the roof? 
  2. Does the roofing material match the style of my home? 
  3. How will the new roof affect my home’s energy efficiency? 
  4. What is the installation process like? 
  5. How much will it cost to install the new roof? 
  6. How often will I need to replace gutters, shingles, or other parts of the roof? 
  7. What type of maintenance does the roof require? 
  8. Are there any manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees? 
  9. What happens if I experience problems with my new roof? 
  10. Is the contractor licensed and insured? 
  11. What do past customers have to say about the contractor’s work? 
  12. Can the contractor provide references? 
  13. How long has the contractor been in business? 
  14. What type of training or experience does the contractor have? 
  15. Does the contractor specialize in any particular type of roofing?
  16. How long will the roof last? 
  17. What type of roofing material is best for my home? 
  18. Do I need a permit? 
  19. How long will the installation take? 
  20. Who will be doing the work? 
  21. What type of warranty does the company offer? 
  22. What happens if there’s bad weather during installation? 
  23. How will the work impact my daily life? 
  24. Will there be any noise or mess during installation? 
  25. Can I see some examples of your previous work? 
  26. Do you have references I can contact? 
  27. What are my payment options? 
  28. When can you start? 
  29. What type of material is best for my climate? 
  30. What are the pros and cons of different roofing materials? 
  31. How will the new roof affect my home’s resale value? 
  32. Can I install solar panels on my new roof? 
  33. What are the permits and inspections required for a new roof? 
  34. How much should I expect to pay for labor and materials? 
  35. Are there any discounts or rebates available for installing a new roof? 
  36. Do I need to replace my gutters at the same time? 
  37. What are the consequences of delaying a new roof installation? 
  38. What are common causes of rooftop leaks and how can they be prevented? 
  39. Do I need to make any changes to my attic ventilation when getting a new roof? 
  40. How can I find a reputable contractor to install my new roof? 
  41. How old is my current roof? 
  42. What type of materials is my current roof made of? 
  43. What is the condition of my current roof? 
  44. How much will it cost to repair my current roof? 
  45. When do I need to replace my current roof? 
  46. What are the benefits of replacing my roof now? 
  47. What type of materials should I use for my new roof? 
  48. What are the differences between asphalt shingles, metal roofs, and tile roofs? 
  49. Does my insurance policy cover the cost of a new roof? 
  50. Who will be responsible for cleanup after the project is completed? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it OK to put a new roof on top of an old roof?

Yes, it is typically OK to put a new roof on top of an old roof. However, there are some instances when this isn’t advisable – for example if the old roof is showing significant signs of wear and tear. Before embarking on a major renovation project, you should always consult with a professional contractor.

What time of year is best to put a new roof on?

The best time to install a new roof is during the summer months when the weather is warm and dry. If you try to install a new roof in cold weather, the shingles may be damaged by the wind and rain, and the adhesive may not adhere properly to the roof.


Getting a new roof is a big decision with a lot of factors to consider. By asking these questions, you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your home, your budget, and the safety of your family.

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