35+ Healing Prayers for the Sick

    "Lord of all strength and mercy, I ask for Your healing touch upon [the sick person’s] body, soul, and spirit. Comfort them with Your presence and grant them Your peace while they endure sickness. May Your love and grace pour over them, and may their faith in You grow stronger. Amen."

"Heavenly Father, I entrust [name of the sick person] to Your compassionate care. Please restore their health and grant them a swift recovery.  Keep them safe and give them the strength to cope with the challenges they face during their illness. Amen."

    "Lord, I ask that You provide [name of the sick person] with the courage and strength they need to face their illness. Help them to face their challenges and fears with faith, trusting in Your divine plan. Amen."

"God of refuge, protect [name of the sick person] from fear and anxiety as they endure their illness. Remind them that they are never alone and that Your loving presence surrounds them always. Amen."

"Heavenly Father, fill this sick person’s heart with hope and a positive outlook during their journey toward healing. Help them see the blessings in their life and restore their faith in Your divine plan. Amen."

35+ Healing Prayers for the Sick