Why Is Community Important?

40 Ways It Makes a Difference!

Feeling like we’re part of something bigger than ourselves can be hugely comforting, and that’s where the warmth of community comes in. You just belong, and that feeling is irreplaceable.


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Having a community means having people around who support you emotionally. Your community is there to cheer for you when you’re doing well and to help pick you up when you’re not.


Doing stuff together can make us feel connected, like: • Going to local events. • Just grabbing coffee with someone from the neighborhood.


Communities collectively contribute to the individual’s sense of security.  They act as:  • Watchful neighbors • Protective friends • Supportive networks


Community drives social change and advocacy.  Active communities mobilize to:  • Tackle injustice. • Press for reforms. • Ensure that the voices of the marginalized are heard.


The true strength of a community reveals itself in the face of adversity. In challenging times, communities rally together to provide not only practical aid, such as food, shelter and resources, but also emotional support.


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