66 Questions to Ask About Anime

Anime is a popular form of animation that originated in Japan. It is characterized by colorful graphics and often includes themes of action, romance, and comedy.

If you’re new to anime, you may be wondering what all the hype is about. Here is a list of questions to help you learn more about this popular art form.

66 Questions you can ask about anime:

  1. What kind of story am I in the mood for?
  2. Is there an anime for that?
  3. How did I even get interested in anime?
  4. Do I want to watch a show that’s currently airing or something that’s already finished?
  5. What’s the difference between subbed and dubbed anime?
  6. Where can I watch anime?
  7. Is it better to read the manga before watching the anime, or vice versa?
  8. What is shounen manga/anime
  9. What is seinen manga/anime
  10. What is shoujo manga/anime
  11. What is josei manga/anime?
  12. Should I start with Dragon Ball Z/Naruto/One Piece?
  13. Who are some of the most popular voice actors in anime?
  14. How do I find out when new episodes of my favorite anime are airing?
  15. Who are some of the most popular directors/studios behind anime?
  16. What is an otaku?
  17. What is cosplay?
  18. What are some popular Japanese phrases I should learn?
  19. What is a waifu/husbando?
  20. Who are some famous historical figures from Japan?
  21. What are some popular traditional Japanese foods?
  22. What is onigiri?
  23. What does senpai mean, and how do I find one?
  24. What is anime?
  25. Where does the word “anime” come from?
  26. How did anime originate?
  27. What are the different types of anime?
  28. What are some popular anime titles?
  29. Who creates anime?
  30. How is anime made?
  31. How do I watch anime?
  32. Why is anime so popular?
  33. What are some of the most famous anime shows?
  34. Where can I watch anime?
  35. Do I need to watch Anime in Japanese?
  36. What is an “Anime Episode”?
  37. What is an “Anime Series”?
  38. Are all anime English dubbed?
  39. Is there such a thing as live-action anime?
  40. Do people really dress up like characters from their favorite anime shows?
  41. Is it true that some people get surgery to look like their favorite anime characters?
  42. What is an “Otaku”
  43. I hear there’s a lot of fan fiction and fan art out there – where can I find it?
  44. So there are Japanese terms used in anime – what are they and what do they mean?
  45. Are there any famous Japanese voice actors or actresses that I should know about?
  46. Will watching too much anime turn my brain into mush?
  47. Where can I go to learn more about anime?
  48. What is the difference between anime and cartoons?
  49. What are some of the most popular anime genres?
  50. Is all anime suitable for children?
  51. Who are some of the most famous anime voice actors?
  52. What was the first anime series ever made?
  53. What is the longest-running anime series?
  54. What is the highest-grossing anime film of all time?
  55. Who are some of the most famous anime directors?
  56. What are some of the most iconic anime moments?
  57. What inspired the creation of anime?
  58. How has anime evolved over time?
  59. What role does censorship play in anime?
  60. Are there any live-action films based on anime properties?
  61. What are some controversies surrounding anime?
  62. How do I cosplay my favorite anime character?
  63. Are there any conventions I can attend dedicated to anime?
  64. Where can I find merchandise for my favorite anime series?
  65. How do Japanese people feel about foreigners who enjoy anime?
  66. What advice would you give to someone new to watching anime?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are anime fans called?

Anime fans are commonly referred to as otaku, a term that has a rather negative connotation in Japan. The word otaku derives from the Japanese word “otaku” meaning “house“.

In the early days of anime fandom, otaku referred to people who were so obsessed with anime that they spent all their time at home watching it and talking about it online.

Nowadays, the term is used more loosely to describe anyone who likes anime, regardless of how much they watch it or talk about it.

Why is anime so popular?

One possible reason for the popularity of anime is that the drawings are so intricate and well done. Anime often contain rich and complex storylines as well as detailed fight scenes. Also, many anime fans appreciate the wide range of genres that anime encompasses, from comedy to romance to action.

Can adults like anime?

Many adults enjoy anime because they represent a unique form of storytelling not found in mainstream cinema. Anime often contain rich and detailed worlds, with characters that are well-developed and compelling. In addition, the artistic style of anime is often very distinctive, making it a memorable experience for viewers.


Anime cover such a wide range of genres, styles, and stories that it can be difficult to decide where to start watching. Asking yourself these questions will help point you in the right direction to find an anime that suits your tastes!

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