26 Short Bedtime Prayers for Kids

Bedtime is more than just tucking your little ones into their sheets; it’s a special moment to wind down, reflect, and connect. Whether you’re a family of faith or just looking for a calming nighttime routine, bedtime prayers can add that sprinkle of peace and love.

In this article, we’ll share some short and heartfelt bedtime prayers to soothe your kids to sleep. Plus, we’ve got some super easy tips for creating your very own bedtime prayers. Because let’s face it, sometimes the most meaningful words are the ones that come straight from the heart.

So snuggle up, and let’s make bedtime a little more magical tonight!

Simple Prayers for Young Kids

“Thank You for Today”
Thank You, God, for today,
For fun and friends and play.
Keep me safe through the night,
And wake me with morning light.

“Bless Everyone”
God, bless Mom and Dad,
And all the friends I’ve had.
Bless my teacher and my pet,
And everyone I’ve met.

“Stars and Moon Prayer”
Stars are out, the moon is bright,
Thank You, God, for this good night.
Watch me sleep till morning’s here,
Let me know You’re always near.

“Guardian Angel Prayer”
Angel, guard me through the night,
Keep me safe till morning light.

“Love and Care Prayer”
Thank You, God, for love and care,
For food and family, always there.
As I sleep, both near and far,
Help me remember how loved we are.

“Goodnight World”
Goodnight sun, goodnight sky,
Goodnight world, it’s time to say bye.
God, be with me all through the night,
And bring me to the morning light.

“Animal Friends”
Thank You, God, for birds that sing,
For my teddy and my swing.
Bless all animals big and small,
Thank You, God, for making them all.

“Hands Together”
Hands together, eyes closed tight,
Thank You, God, for this quiet night.
Keep my family in Your sight,
Bless us all, and say goodnight.

Prayers for Peaceful Sleep

“The Nighttime Sea”
God, let my worries float away,
Like boats on a nighttime sea.
Help me find peace as I close my eyes,
And sleep as calm as can be.

“The Blanket of Peace”
Dear God, wrap me in a blanket of peace,
Take away nightmares, let all worries cease.
As I close my eyes and rest my head,
Let only sweet dreams come to me in bed.

“Calm My Mind”
God, please calm my mind and still my heart,
As I lay down to sleep, let a peaceful night start.
Be my guide through the dark and into the light,
And let me wake up happy, refreshed, and bright.

Gratitude Prayers

“Thankful for the Day”
Dear God, thank You for this day,
For fun and learning, work and play.
I’m grateful for the love I see,
From my family and friends close to me.

“Gifts Big and Small”
Thank You, God, for gifts so great,
For food to eat and a clean plate.
For my cozy bed where I lay,
And another chance to live a new day.

“Every Little Thing”
God, thank You for every little thing,
For the joy that a simple smile can bring.
For the sun, the moon, and rain so fine,
Thank You, God, for these gifts of Thine.

Prayers for Family

“Family Circle”
God, keep our family close and dear,
Let us feel each other’s love, far or near.
Bless my parents, siblings too,
Keep them safe in all they do.

“Love and Strength”
Dear God, give my family love and strength,
Help them be kind, no matter the length.
If times get tough, or they’re feeling low,
Let our home be a place where love can grow.

“Guardian of My Family”
God, be the guardian of my family tree,
From my oldest relative to little me.
Help us live with love and care,
Knowing You’re with us, here and there.

Prayers for Special Occasions

“Birthday Blessings”
Dear God, thank You for another year,
Filled with laughter, love, and cheer.
As I grow older, let me be,
Kind, loving, and close to Thee.

“Holiday Peace”
On this special holiday, God, be near,
Bring us joy, love, and plenty of cheer.
Keep us safe and hold us tight,
On this special, holy night.

“First Day of School”
God, be with me on my first day,
Help me learn and help me play.
Give me courage to do my best,
In every challenge and every test.

Non-Religious Bedtime Affirmations

Not every family practices a religion, but many still find value in a moment of reflection before bed. Here are some non-religious bedtime affirmations that could fit well into your kids’ bedtime routine.

“Goodnight, Myself”
Goodnight, toes and goodnight, feet.
Goodnight, myself, you’re really neat!
I did my best in work and play,
I’ll try again another day.

“The Nighttime Pledge”
I promise to be kind and fair,
To be a friend who’s always there.
Now it’s time to rest my head,
Dream sweet dreams in my cozy bed.

“Grateful Moments”
I’m grateful for my family,
And all the love they give to me.
I’m thankful for my cozy bed,
And all the fun that lies ahead.

“Calm and Quiet”
The day is done, it’s time to rest,
I did today what I thought was best.
My mind is calm, my body’s still,
Ready for sleep, as I know I will.

“Tomorrow’s Hope”
Today was filled with ups and downs,
Smiles and maybe a few frowns.
Tomorrow’s a chance to try again,
Goodnight until then.

“Circle of Love”
I close my eyes and feel the love,
From people here and stars above.
Though I’m small, my love is grand,
Goodnight to all across the land.

How to Create Your Own Bedtime Prayers

The great thing about bedtime prayers or affirmations is that they don’t have to come from a book or be passed down from generation to generation. You and your kids can make your own! This is a fun and special way to say “goodnight” to the day.

Here’s how to make DIY bedtime prayers easy and meaningful:

  1. What Are You Thankful For?
    Ask your child to think about what they’re thankful for today. It could be as simple as a delicious meal or as meaningful as quality time spent with family.
  2. What Do You Hope For?
    Encourage your child to share something they’re looking forward to or hope will happen tomorrow. It’s a great way to instill positivity.
  3. Who Do You Want to Send Love to?
    Have your child think of someone they’d like to send good thoughts or wishes to. It can be a family member, a friend, or even a pet.

Once you’ve gathered these thoughts, help your child put them together into a short and sweet prayer or affirmation. For example:

"Thanks for a wonderful day with family. I hope tomorrow's math test goes well. Sending love to Aunt Sarah who's not feeling well. Goodnight."

The beauty of creating your own bedtime prayers or affirmations is that they can be as unique as you want them to be. It’s a lovely way for them to say goodbye to the day and look forward to tomorrow.

Encouraging your child to create their own bedtime sayings not only makes the bedtime routine more special but also teaches them valuable life skills like gratitude and empathy. Give it a try tonight!

So there you have it, parents! Bedtime prayers can add a touch of warmth and wisdom to your child’s nighttime routine.

Whether you choose from the examples we’ve given above or decide to make your own, you’re giving your child a nightly moment of peace and reflection. Remember, it’s not just about the words; it’s about the loving connection you’re building with your child each night.

So go ahead, tuck them in, say a prayer or affirmation, and watch them drift into sweet dreams. Goodnight, families!

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