63 Empowering Questions to Ask Yourself

To live our most empowered lives, we must constantly grow and develop. This means taking an honest look at ourselves and reflecting on the areas of our lives that need improvement. Asking yourself questions can help you get started on your self-discovery journey.

63 Empowering questions to ask yourself:

  1. What are my core values?
  2. What is my purpose in life?
  3. What is my ideal career?
  4. What kind of lifestyle do I want to live?
  5. What makes me happy?
  6. What makes me fulfilled?
  7. What am I passionate about?
  8. What do I want to achieve in the next 5 years?
  9. What is preventing me from achieving my goals?
  10. How can I overcome my fears?
  11. How can I learn from my mistakes?
  12. How can I become more self-aware?
  13. What are my greatest strengths?
  14. How can I use my strengths to achieve my goals?
  15. What are my weaknesses?
  16. What do I need to improve?
  17. How can I become more resilient?
  18. Who are the people in my life who inspire me?
  19. How can I be more like them?
  20. What kind of person do I want to be?
  21. What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind?
  22. How can I be more present at the moment?
  23. How can I be more compassionate to others?
  24. How can I show more compassion to myself?
  25. Am I living with intention?
  26. How can I live each day with intention?
  27. How can I make a difference in my family?
  28. How can I make a difference in my community today?
  29. How can I make a difference in the world?
  30. How can I forgive myself/others?
  31. How can I be kinder to myself/others?
  32. How can I be more creative today?
  33. What am I grateful for in my life?
  34. What do I need to let go of?
  35. Am I living a life that is authentic to me, or am I living someone else’s version of what they believe is the right way to live?
  36. What do I need to do to love and accept myself more?
  37. How can I reduce the amount of stress in my life?
  38. How can I take better care of my physical health?
  39. How can I take better care of my mental health?
  40. How can I create a better balance in my life between work and leisure, between alone time and social time, etc.?
  41. What risks am I afraid to take, and why?
  42. What limiting beliefs do I have about myself that I need to let go of?
  43. How can I bring more joy into my life every day, regardless of what is happening around me?
  44. Do my actions align with my words?
  45. Do my actions align with my values?
  46. How will I know when I’ve reached my goal?
  47. What steps do I need to take to get there?
  48. What am I doing today that will help me achieve my goals tomorrow?
  49. How can I eliminate distractions and focus better on what’s important?
  50. What is my definition of success?
  51. What is my most significant accomplishment?
  52. What makes me unique?
  53. What is something I have always wanted to do?
  54. What are some positive things people have said about me?
  55. Do the people in my life support my dreams and aspirations, or do they try to hold me back?
  56. If today were my last day, what would I want to do with my time?
  57. How much of my self-worth do I base on others’ opinions of me?
  58. Whose approval am I seeking and why?
  59. How can I gain more self-confidence?
  60. How can I improve my relationships with others?
  61. How can I better manage my time and resources?
  62. How can I reduce stress and anxiety in my life?
  63. How can I overcome procrastination?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we empower ourselves to question thoughts?

Questioning our thoughts is empowering because it allows us to take control of our minds and make decisions based on what we believe rather than what others tell us. It also allows us to challenge our assumptions and beliefs and see the world in a more nuanced way. We can become better thinkers and ultimately better people by questioning our thoughts.

How do you empower thinking?

There are many different ways to empower thinking, but one of the most important is to provide a supportive environment for questioning and exploring new ideas. This can include encouraging risk-taking, creating space for thoughtful reflection, and valuing diverse perspectives. When people feel safe and supported in their thinking, they are more likely to be creative and innovative.

How can you empower your choices?

One way to empower your choices is by taking action. When you take action, you put yourself in a position to make a difference. You also take control of your life and your future. Another way to empower your choices is to set goals. When you set goals, you define what you want to accomplish. This will help you stay focused and motivated. Finally, it is important to stay positive. When you stay positive, you are more likely to make good choices.


Asking ourselves empowering questions is one of the best ways to promote growth and positive change in our lives. By taking an honest look at ourselves and reflecting on the areas of our lives that need improvement, we open the door to limitless possibilities. So ask yourself these questions today and start living your most empowered life!

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