100 Best Idioms About Body Parts

Idioms like this are phrases where the words have a meaning that’s different than what you might think. And guess what? There are a whole bunch of these sayings that talk about different parts of the body!

From “getting cold feet” to “having a heart of gold,” our bodies are all over how we talk. So stick around because we’re about to dive into the fun and sometimes wacky world of body part idioms. Trust me, it’s going to be an “eye-opening” experience!

Head and Face Idioms

1. Head Over Heels

When you’re head over heels for someone, you’re really in love or excited about them. It’s like you’re so thrilled that you’re flipping upside down.

2. Off the Top of My Head

If you say something off the top of your head, you’re saying it without thinking too much or researching. It’s a quick answer.

3. Keep Your Head Above Water

This means you’re just managing to handle a lot of difficulties. You’re struggling but still surviving, like keeping your head up while swimming.

4. Bite Your Tongue

This means to stop yourself from saying something that might upset someone or cause a problem. It’s like your tongue is the thing you have to control.

5. Put Your Thinking Cap On

This means it’s time to think really hard about a problem. Imagine putting on a special hat that helps you think better.

6. Face the Music

If you’ve done something wrong and you have to “face the music,” it means you need to accept the consequences and deal with them.

7. Can’t Make Heads or Tails of It

This means you’re really confused about something, and you can’t understand it. It’s like trying to figure out a coin that doesn’t have a clear head or tail.

8. Head in the Clouds

If someone says you have your head in the clouds, it means you’re daydreaming or not paying attention to what’s important.

9. Save Face

This means keeping your reputation or dignity when you’re in a difficult situation. You want to avoid looking bad or foolish.

10. Poker Face

If you have a poker face, you’re not showing any emotion. This is useful when you’re trying not to give away what you’re feeling.

11. Cost an Arm and a Leg

This means something is really expensive. It’s like it’s so costly you’d have to give up your body parts to pay for it.

12. Two Heads Are Better Than One

This means working together with someone else will probably give you a better result than working alone.

13. In Over Your Head

This means you’ve gotten into a situation that’s too difficult for you to handle. It’s like being in water that’s too deep to stand in.

14. Talk Through One’s Hat

This means someone is talking about something they don’t know much about. It’s like their hat is talking instead of their brain.

15. Lose One’s Head

This means to panic or lose control of yourself in a stressful situation. It’s like your head isn’t on your shoulders, and you can’t think straight.

16. Eyes in the Back of One’s Head

This means you’re very aware of everything that’s happening around you. It’s like you have extra eyes watching things even when you’re not looking.

17. Keep a Level Head

This means to stay calm, even when things are crazy or difficult. It’s like keeping your head straight so you can think clearly.

18. Put Your Best Foot Forward

This means to do your best in a situation. While not directly about the face or head, it’s about how you present yourself to the world, which often starts with the face.

19. Give Someone the Cold Shoulder

This means to ignore someone on purpose. It’s like turning your back so you don’t have to see their face.

20. Get It Off One’s Chest

This means to talk about something that’s been bothering you. It’s like taking a heavy weight off your chest, which is close enough to the face and head.

Hand and Arm Idioms

21. Lend a Hand

This means to help someone out. Imagine actually giving your hand to someone to assist them—that’s how helpful you’re being.

22. Caught Red-Handed

This means getting caught doing something wrong. It’s like your hands are red because you were caught in the act.

23. Hand Over Fist

This means making a lot of money really quickly. Picture grabbing at piles of cash with both hands—that’s how fast you’re making it.

24. Give a Hand

This is another way of saying to help or applaud someone. You’re either helping them with a task or clapping to show approval.

25. Hands Down

This means something is the absolute best, without any doubt. It’s like winning so easily you could do it with your hands down.

26. Hand in Glove

This means two things or people fit together really well. Imagine a hand fitting perfectly into a glove—that’s how well they go together.

27. On the Other Hand

This phrase is used when considering a different side of an issue. It’s like you looked at one hand, but now you need to consider the other one.

28. Get Your Hands Dirty

This means you’re fully involved in a task, even the unpleasant parts. Imagine digging in the dirt—you’re that committed to what you’re doing.

29. At Arm’s Length

This means keeping a safe or distant relationship with someone or something. It’s like holding something as far away as your arm can reach.

30. Cost an Arm and a Leg

This means something is very expensive. You’re giving up a lot—almost like sacrificing an arm and a leg—to get it.

31. Strong-Arm

This means using force or intimidation to get what you want. You’re using your arm’s strength to push someone into doing something.

32. Arm in Arm

This describes walking with someone with your arms linked together. It’s a way of showing closeness or friendship.

33. Hand to Mouth

This means living with only enough money or food to survive. You’re taking what you have directly from your hand to your mouth.

34. Play Your Cards Close to Your Chest

This means to keep your intentions or plans secret. Imagine holding cards in a game so close to your chest that no one can see them.

35. Hand Me Down

This refers to items, usually clothes, passed from one person to another. It’s like one person is handing it down to the next person in line.

36. Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

This means taking direct action in solving a problem. You’re not waiting for someone else; you’re using your own hands to get things done.

37. Hands Are Tied

This means you’re unable to help or take action, even if you want to. Imagine your hands being tied together so you can’t do anything.

38. Have a Hand in

This means to be involved in something. You’ve had a part in making it happen like your hand was in the mix.

39. The Upper Hand

This means having control or advantage over a situation. It’s like your hand is raised higher because you’re winning.

40. Hand Over Heels

This usually describes being deeply in love or extremely excited about something. It’s like your emotions have flipped you over.

Heart and Soul Idioms

41. Heart of Gold

If someone has a heart of gold, they’re really kind and generous. Imagine a heart made out of pure gold—that’s how good they are.

42. Pour Your Heart Out

This means to share your deepest feelings or secrets. It’s like your heart is a pitcher full of emotions, and you’re pouring it all out.

43. From the Bottom of My Heart

This means you’re saying something with deep sincerity. It’s like your words are coming from the deepest part of your heart.

44. Cross My Heart

This means you’re making a promise, and you intend to keep it. Imagine drawing a cross over your heart as a sign of your honesty.

45. Heart and Soul

This means putting all of your effort and emotion into something. You’re giving it everything you’ve got, down to your very heart and soul.

46. Have a Change of Heart

This means to change your opinion or feelings about something. It’s like your heart has turned around or flipped to feel differently.

47. Soul Searching

This means deep thinking to figure out what you really believe or want. You’re searching inside your soul for answers.

48. Eat Your Heart Out

This is often said to make someone jealous of what you have or can do. It’s like telling them to feast on their own envy.

49. Heart Skips a Beat

This means feeling a strong emotion, usually excitement or fear. It’s like your heart is so stirred up it misses a regular beat.

50. Close to My Heart

This means something is very important or meaningful to you. It’s like keeping something close to your heart because you care about it a lot.

51. Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

This means showing your emotions openly for everyone to see. It’s like your heart is right there on your arm for everyone to look at.

52. Young at Heart

This means feeling young even if you’re not young in age. Your heart feels as youthful as a kid’s.

53. Heart in the Right Place

This means having good intentions, even if things don’t work out as planned. Your heart is right where it should be in terms of your motives.

54. After My Own Heart

This means someone is similar to you, especially in ways you find pleasing. It’s like their heart is a match for yours.

55. Bleeding Heart

This usually refers to someone who is overly sympathetic, especially about social or political issues. It’s like their heart is bleeding for others.

56. Heart’s Desire

This means something or someone you really want. It’s like your heart has made a wish, and that’s what it desires.

57. Cold Hearted

This means lacking compassion or love. It’s like the person’s heart is made of ice.

58. Find It in Your Heart

This means to summon up an emotion, usually compassion or forgiveness. It’s like searching in your heart to find the ability to feel something.

59. Sold Your Soul

This means doing something morally bad to get something you want. It’s like you’ve given away your soul for it.

60. Bare One’s Soul

This means to reveal your most private thoughts and feelings to someone. You’re opening up your soul for them to see.

Foot and Leg Phrases

61. Put Your Best Foot Forward

This means to show your best qualities or behavior. Imagine you’re stepping out with your best foot first to make a good impression.

62. On the Wrong Foot

Starting something in a way that’s not good. Like taking a bad first step, you’re beginning a relationship or task poorly.

63. Foot in the Door

This means getting a small but critical opportunity. It’s like getting your foot past the door to make it easier to get all the way inside later.

64. Shoot Yourself in the Foot

This means doing something that harms your own chances. You’re like a soldier who accidentally shoots his own foot, making it harder to walk.

65. Get Cold Feet

This means you are becoming scared to do something you had planned. It’s like your feet turned cold because of fear, making you want to back out.

66. On Your Feet All Day

This means you’re very busy, standing or working all day long. Your feet get no rest because you’re always on the go.

67. Put Your Foot Down

This means to assert yourself firmly. Imagine stomping your foot to show you mean business.

68. Drag Your Feet

This means delaying or avoiding doing something. You’re like a kid who drags his feet because he doesn’t want to go to school.

69. Two Left Feet

This means being clumsy or not good at dancing. It’s like having two left feet makes it hard to move gracefully.

70. Leg Up

This means having an advantage or a better chance at something. Like lifting your leg to climb up something, it helps you reach higher.

71. Leg Work

This means doing the practical or boring parts of a task. It’s like using your legs to do all the running around for a project.

72. Cost an Arm and a Leg

This means something is very expensive. You’re giving up a lot as if you’re sacrificing an arm and a leg for it.

73. Pull Someone’s Leg

This means teasing or joking with someone. Imagine lightly tugging on someone’s leg to mess with them.

74. Break a Leg

This is a way to wish someone good luck, often before a performance. It’s like saying, “Do so well; it’s as if you could break a leg and still be great.

75. Can’t Stand on Your Own Two Feet

This means you can’t take care of yourself. It’s like you can’t even stand up without someone holding you.

76. Jump in with Both Feet

This means getting fully involved right away. Imagine diving into a pool with both feet first—you’re all in.

77. One Foot in the Grave

This means being close to death or the end of something. It’s like one foot is already in your grave; you’re that close to the end.

78. Find Your Feet

This means becoming comfortable in a new situation. It’s like finding your balance after stumbling.

79. Step on Someone’s Toes

This means to offend or upset someone, often without intending to. It’s like accidentally stepping on someone’s foot during a dance.

80. Kick Up Your Heels

This means to relax and enjoy yourself. Imagine kicking up your heels as you lean back in a comfy chair.

Eye and Ear Idioms

81. See Eye to Eye

This means agreeing with someone. It’s like your eyes meet because you’re looking at things the same way.

82. Turn a Blind Eye

This means ignoring something you should probably pay attention to. It’s like you’re pretending to be blind, so you don’t have to see what’s happening.

83. In One Ear and Out the Other

This means you’re not really paying attention or remembering what’s said. It’s like the words go in one ear and leave out the other without sticking around.

84. Eye Candy

This means something that’s good to look at but might not have much substance. Like candy for your eyes, it’s visually pleasing but maybe not very meaningful.

85. Up to My Ears

This means being very busy or overwhelmed with something. It’s like the stuff you must do has piled up as high as your ears.

86. Eye-Opening

This means something is surprising and revealing. It’s like your eyes are opened to see things in a new way.

87. Catch Someone’s Eye

This means getting someone’s attention. It’s like your eyes catch or grab onto something interesting.

88. Eyes in the Back of Your Head

This means being aware of everything around you. It’s like you have extra eyes on the back of your head to see it all.

89. Music to My Ears

This means hearing something you really like or agree with. Imagine your ears are enjoying the sounds like they’re listening to a great song.

90. Apple of My Eye

This means someone is very dear or special to you. It’s like your eye is attracted to them as if they’re a shiny apple.

91. Ears Are Burning

This means you think someone is talking about you, often because you feel self-conscious or guilty. It’s like your ears get hot from the talk.

92. Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Stomach

This means you want more than you can handle, often about food. It’s like your eyes want it all, but your stomach can’t keep up.

93. Keep Your Eyes Peeled

This means to watch carefully for something. Imagine your eyes are like fruit you’re peeling—you’re removing anything that might block your view.

94. Fall on Deaf Ears

This means someone is ignoring what you’re saying. It’s like their ears are deaf, and they can’t or won’t hear you.

95. Bat an Eye

This means not showing any reaction, usually because something is not surprising. It’s like your eyes don’t even blink; you’re that unimpressed.

96. All Ears

This means you’re listening very attentively. It’s like all you are at that moment is a pair of ears, ready to hear everything.

97. A Sight for Sore Eyes

This means something is really pleasing to see, especially if you’ve been waiting for it. It’s like your eyes are sore from looking for it, and finally, there it is!

98. Feast Your Eyes

This means taking a good look because it’s worth seeing. Imagine your eyes are enjoying a feast of good things to look at.

99. A Bird’s-Eye View

This means a view from high above, seeing everything. It’s like you’re a bird up in the sky, looking down at it all.

100. Lend Me Your Ears

This means to ask for someone’s full attention. It’s like you’re borrowing their ears for a little while, so they’ll really listen to what you’re saying.

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