100 Best Metaphors for Dreams

Metaphors for dreams help us get a grip on these slippery images and feelings. Just like a mirror can show us what we look like, metaphors help us see dreams in a way that makes more sense.

So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of dreams through the lens of metaphor. Ready to unlock what your dreams might be trying to tell you?

Popular Metaphors

1. A dream is a journey

A dream being compared to a journey suggests that it takes you places mentally or emotionally that you might not go otherwise. You might encounter obstacles or find new opportunities, much like an adventurer exploring new lands. The destination may be unknown, but the experience of the journey itself is valuable.

2. A dream is a theater

This metaphor implies that dreams are like plays or movies featuring characters, settings, and storylines. Your subconscious is the director, and your memories and thoughts are the actors. The dream serves as an outlet for emotions or situations that you might not be able to express in waking life.

3. A dream is a painting

When we say a dream is like a painting, it suggests that each dream is a work of art created by the subconscious mind. It can be beautiful or disturbing, abstract or realistic. Each brushstroke represents a detail of your emotions, fears, or aspirations.

4. A dream is a mirror

This metaphor implies that dreams reflect your inner thoughts, fears, and desires. Like a mirror shows your external appearance, a dream shows what’s going on inside your mind. Sometimes the reflection is clear, and sometimes it’s distorted.

5. A dream is a garden

In this metaphor, the dream is a place where various thoughts and emotions can grow and flourish. Some parts of the garden may be well-tended, while others might be overgrown or neglected. It’s a place where your inner self is cultivated.

6. A dream is a puzzle

Dreams can be confusing and hard to understand, just like a complex puzzle. Each piece represents a different element of your subconscious, and putting them together requires effort and insight to see the bigger picture.

7. A dream is a book

Like a book, a dream has narratives, characters, and themes. Each “chapter” might uncover a new aspect of your life or a new concern you hadn’t thought about. Sometimes, you wish you could flip back the pages to understand something better.

8. A dream is a conversation

In this metaphor, a dream is like having a talk with your inner self. You might ask questions, receive answers, or simply chat about random topics. It’s a way for your mind to communicate with you.

9. A dream is a carnival

A dream as a carnival suggests an array of emotions and situations. Some parts are fun and exciting, while others may be strange or even frightening. It’s a swirl of activity that can be both thrilling and overwhelming.

10. A dream is a symphony

Here, a dream is compared to a piece of music composed of different instruments and melodies. Each part plays a role in creating a complex, emotional experience. Sometimes it’s harmonious, and sometimes it’s discordant, but it’s always rich in depth.

11. A dream is a treasure chest

This metaphor suggests that dreams are full of untapped potential and hidden insights, just like a treasure chest full of gold and gems. You need to unlock it to access its wealth.

12. A dream is a roller coaster

Like a roller coaster, a dream can take you through ups and downs, filled with surprises at each turn. One moment, you’re excited; the next, you’re scared, reflecting the emotional variances in your life.

13. A dream is a ship

A dream is like a ship sailing in the sea of your subconscious. It can take you to far-off places, deal with storms, or discover new lands, symbolizing the journey of self-discovery or facing challenges.

14. A dream is a zoo

Comparing a dream to a zoo implies that it contains a wide range of thoughts and emotions, each confined to its own space but contributing to the whole experience. Just as animals in a zoo are from different habitats, elements of a dream can be from different parts of your life.

15. A dream is a marketplace

In this metaphor, a dream is like a bustling marketplace where different aspects of your psyche are bought and sold, negotiated, or fought over. It reflects your inner complexities and the daily transactions of your emotional life.

16. A dream is a circus

Dreams can be chaotic and full of weird, unexplainable events, much like a circus. There’s entertainment, astonishment, and sometimes a feeling of absurdity or even fear.

17. A dream is a recipe

This metaphor suggests that dreams are concoctions of various ingredients—emotions, memories, people—all mixed together. Sometimes the result is sweet, sometimes it’s bitter, but it’s always uniquely yours.

18. A dream is a tapestry

A dream can be like a tapestry woven from threads of different colors and textures, representing diverse thoughts, experiences, and emotions. Each thread contributes to a larger, intricate pattern.

19. A dream is a bridge

This metaphor describes dreams as a connector between your conscious and subconscious mind. They serve as a pathway for thoughts or emotions that you might not be aware of when you’re awake.

20. A dream is a classroom

In this view, a dream is a place where you learn about yourself. It offers lessons through symbols, stories, or scenarios that can help you understand who you are and what you feel.

Funny and Quirky

21. A dream is a costume party

Imagine your dream is like a costume party where everyone’s dressed up, but no one knows why they’re there. Different parts of your personality show up, wearing funny or weird disguises, and the whole thing feels both bizarre and fascinating.

22. A dream is a lost sock in the laundry

Dreams can be as mysterious and elusive as that one sock that disappears in the wash. You might have a hint of what it was about when you woke up, but grasping its full meaning can be as difficult as finding that missing sock.

23. A dream is a reality TV show

In this metaphor, your dream is like a reality TV show with unscripted drama and unexpected turns. It might not always make sense, and sometimes it’s downright absurd, but you can’t help but “tune in” every time you go to sleep.

24. A dream is a jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces

Imagine you’re putting together a puzzle, but some pieces are missing. That’s how dreams can be. You get glimpses of a bigger picture, but there are gaps that leave you scratching your head.

25. A dream is a food buffet of weird combos

Dreams can be like a food buffet where sushi sits next to chocolate cake and mashed potatoes. It’s a mix of different things from your life and imagination that don’t usually go together, but in the dream world, anything goes.

26. A dream is a comic book written by a toddler

In this view, a dream is like a comic book, where the story jumps from one thing to another with little logic. It’s as if a toddler scribbled down random things they like, leaving you to wonder what it all means.

27. A dream is a garage sale of the mind

Dreams can be a random collection of thoughts and memories, like the odd items you might find at a garage sale. Some stuff is meaningful; some is just junk you can’t figure out why you’re keeping.

28. A dream is a theme park with broken rides

Sometimes, a dream takes you on an emotional roller coaster, only to abruptly stop or change direction. It’s like being in a theme park where the rides are quirky, surprising, and a little bit unreliable.

29. A dream is a talent show with no judges

Imagine a stage where different thoughts and emotions perform, but there are no judges to rate them. Dreams often showcase random acts, from fears to fantasies, without any clear “winner” or takeaway.

30. A dream is a cartoon directed by a mad scientist

In this metaphor, dreams are zany, exaggerated, and defy the laws of physics, like a cartoon created by a mad scientist. You never know what unexpected invention or plot twist will appear next.

31. A dream is a salad tossed by a clown

Your dreams are a mixture of various life ingredients tossed together by the comical and unpredictable hand of a clown. The result is often colorful, unexpected, and hard to interpret.

32. A dream is a flea market of oddities

Think of a dream as a flea market where you browse through strange and unique items from the depths of your subconscious. Some are valuable antiques; others are just bizarre trinkets.

33. A dream is a mixed tape from the ’90s

Dreams can be like an old mixed tape where each “track” is a different emotion or memory, but the order makes no sense. It’s a retro mix of the good, the bad, and the confusing.

34. A dream is a soap opera in fast-forward

In this metaphor, your dreams are as melodramatic and tangled as a soap opera, but everything happens at warp speed. Just when you think you understand the plot, a new twist leaves you baffled.

35. A dream is a photo album edited by a prankster

Imagine your dream as a photo album where someone has doodled mustaches on all the portraits and swapped the backgrounds. It’s familiar but altered in a way that is both amusing and perplexing.

36. A dream is a game of musical chairs

Sometimes dreams seem to switch scenarios or themes as abruptly as the music stops in a game of musical chairs. One moment, you’re here; the next moment, you’re somewhere else entirely.

37. A dream is a smoothie made in a blender with no lid

When you dream, it’s like throwing random thoughts and feelings into a blender without a lid. The result is a messy but interesting mix that splatters all over the place.

38. A dream is a karaoke night with no lyrics

In this metaphor, the dream is a stage where different aspects of your life come to perform. But since there are no lyrics or script, everything is improvised and a bit off-key.

39. A dream is an auction where you forget your wallet

A dream is like an auction filled with intriguing items (emotions, people, scenarios) that you want to “bid on” to understand better. But just when you think you’ve grasped the meaning, you realize you’ve “forgotten your wallet,” and the insight slips away.

40. A dream is a maze designed by a comedian

In this view, navigating a dream is like walking through a maze with joke traps and gag exits set up by a comedian. You might feel a bit lost, but you’re also entertained by the absurdity of it all.

Emotional and Sentimental

41. A dream is a love letter from the subconscious

Think of a dream as a love letter penned by your deeper self. It’s intimate and personal, filled with confessions, yearnings, and sometimes fears. It might not always be easy to read, but it’s always meant just for you.

42. A dream is a family album

This metaphor suggests that dreams are a collection of significant moments and people in your life. Like flipping through a family album, you come across faces and scenes that evoke strong feelings and bring back memories, whether happy or sad.

43. A dream is a candlelit dinner

Dreams can be as emotionally complex and intimate as a candlelit dinner. There’s a special ambiance that brings to the surface your deepest emotions and unspoken thoughts. Sometimes it’s romantic, sometimes melancholic.

44. A dream is a hug from a lost friend

Sometimes dreams bring back people or situations you miss as if giving you a warm hug from someone long gone. It’s comforting but also brings a sense of loss, a mix of happiness and sorrow.

45. A dream is a memory quilt

Imagine a quilt made from patches of various fabrics, each square a different memory or emotion. Some patches might be from happy times, others might be from painful experiences, but together, they make something entirely unique to you.

46. A dream is a lullaby

Dreams can serve as soothing melodies that play in your mind, calming your worries and fears like a gentle lullaby. They may be a way for your subconscious to help you find peace and emotional balance.

47. A dream is a tear-stained letter

In this metaphor, a dream captures the emotions you can’t openly express. Like a letter written through tears, it might be filled with wishes, apologies, or deep sentiments that you find hard to share in your waking life.

48. A dream is a locket with a hidden picture

Dreams are like a locket you wear close to your heart, containing hidden pictures or memories that are deeply personal. You might not always look inside, but knowing it’s there brings a sense of comfort or nostalgia.

49. A dream is a solitary walk on the beach

Dreams can offer a solitary space for reflection and emotion, much like a quiet walk along the shore. You’re alone with your thoughts and feelings, listening to the rhythmic ebb and flow of your own inner emotional tides.

50. A dream is a dance with no steps

Imagine a dance where you let go of technique and simply move with your emotions. In dreams, there’s a fluid, spontaneous quality that lets you express feelings you might not be able to articulate otherwise.

51. A dream is a long-distance phone call

In this view, a dream is like a call from far away, either from your past or your deep subconscious. The connection might be crackly or clear, but the conversation is always meaningful and sometimes urgent.

52. A dream is a fireplace on a cold night

A dream can offer warmth and solace, like a fireplace on a winter evening. It invites you to sit and reflect, basking in the emotional heat and the flickering flames of past and present experiences.

53. A dream is a poetry book

Each dream is like a poem, filled with emotional imagery and layered meanings. You might not catch all the nuances at first read, but each revisit reveals something new and deeply personal.

54. A dream is a diary entry

Dreams are like a diary that your subconscious writes. They document your daily struggles, your secret wishes, and your deepest feelings. Sometimes, you can read it clearly; other times, the words are blurred by emotion.

55. A dream is a window seat on a rainy day

In this metaphor, a dream is a contemplative space that allows you to watch your thoughts and emotions like raindrops sliding down a window. It’s an introspective moment that brings both comfort and melancholy.

56. A dream is a cup of hot chocolate

Dreams can be comforting and soothing, much like a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly day. They envelop you in a sense of warmth and emotional coziness that stays with you even after you wake up.

57. A dream is a wishing well

Think of a dream as a well where you toss in your emotional coins — your hopes, fears, and wishes. The ripples they create represent the thoughts and feelings echoing in your mind.

58. A dream is a flower bud

This metaphor suggests that dreams hold the promise of emotions that are yet to bloom. Like a bud waiting to open, your dream carries hidden feelings that may unfold and reveal themselves over time.

59. A dream is a music box

A dream can be like a music box that plays a sentimental tune, stirring up old memories and evoking strong feelings. Each note touches on a different emotion, creating a melody unique to your life experience.

60. A dream is a sunset

In this view, a dream captures the emotional hues of your life, like a sunset painting the sky. It’s a brief but impactful moment that combines the colors of joy, sadness, love, and longing in a breathtaking panorama.

Everyday Life Comparisons

61. A dream is a grocery list

In this view, a dream is like a list of things your mind thinks you need to pay attention to. Just as you jot down items to buy from the store, your subconscious jots down ideas, feelings, or problems you should focus on.

62. A dream is a morning commute

Dreams can be as routine or as surprising as your drive or ride to work. Some days, the road is clear; other times, there’s unexpected traffic, but either way, you’re going through a journey that has its own significance.

63. A dream is a cup of coffee

A dream can give you an emotional jolt, like a cup of coffee in the morning. It wakes you up, gets you thinking, and sometimes leaves you feeling warm inside or a little jittery.

64. A dream is a load of laundry

Just as laundry cleans your clothes, dreams might cleanse your mind. They cycle through different phases—filling, agitating, rinsing—helping you to process and ‘cleanse‘ your thoughts and emotions.

65. A dream is a backyard BBQ

This metaphor suggests dreams can be a mixed bag of people and experiences. There’s the familiar (family and friends), the unexpected (that neighbor you haven’t talked to in years), and the downright weird (why is your third-grade teacher here?).

66. A dream is a jigsaw puzzle

Like trying to fit pieces of a puzzle together, dreams often present us with scenarios, feelings, or thoughts that we try to make sense of. The full picture may not be clear until all the pieces are in place.

67. A dream is a neighborhood stroll

Dreams often take you through different ‘neighborhoods‘ of your mind. Just like walking through areas you know well and others you don’t, dreams can be a mix of the familiar and the surprising.

68. A dream is a workout session

In this view, dreams are the mind’s way of exercising. They stretch your imagination, push your emotional limits, and help you work through mental challenges, leaving you better prepared for the day ahead.

69. A dream is a weekend getaway

Sometimes dreams serve as a short break from your daily grind, much like a weekend trip. They might not last long, but they can offer a refreshing change of scenery and perspective.

70. A dream is a Netflix series

Dreams could be likened to episodes in a TV series, each with its own plot, characters, and cliffhangers. You never really know what to expect in the next episode, and they often leave you pondering long afterward.

71. A dream is a shopping spree

In dreams, your mind ‘shops around‘ for ideas, experiences, and feelings. It puts some things in the cart and leaves others on the shelf, letting you ‘try on‘ different perspectives or scenarios.

72. A dream is a potluck dinner

Dreams are like a potluck where everyone brings something to the table. They include a little bit of everything—from your memories, hopes, and fears—and sometimes make for an odd but interesting mix.

73. A dream is a recipe in progress

Consider a dream as a recipe your mind is trying out. Some ingredients work well together; others may not. But each one contributes to the overall ‘taste‘ of your emotional and mental state.

74. A dream is a school lunch

Your dreams can be as basic or as strange as a school lunch menu. You’ll find the usual suspects, but sometimes you’ll get something completely unexpected that you’re not sure you wanted—but there it is.

75. A dream is a garage sale

Think of a dream as a garage sale your mind holds. It’s where old memories, outgrown fears, and hidden treasures are laid out for you to revisit or discard.

76. A dream is a daily newspaper

Your dreams could be like a newspaper that your subconscious publishes. They contain various ‘articles‘—from headlines (urgent issues) to features (deep-seated feelings) to comics (silly scenarios).

77. A dream is a weather forecast

Just as weather forecasts predict sunny or stormy days, dreams might give you a ‘forecast‘ of your emotional climate. They can be as unpredictable as the weather and sometimes just as impactful.

78. A dream is a customer service call

Dreams can be a way to address complaints or issues that your conscious mind has been unable to resolve. It’s like calling customer service but for your own psyche.

79. A dream is a lost and found box

This metaphor suggests that dreams are where you find things you didn’t even realize you’d lost—forgotten memories, suppressed feelings, or overlooked ideas.

80. A dream is a water cooler conversation

Lastly, dreams can be casual and scattered, like those random conversations you have at the office water cooler. They might seem trivial, but sometimes bring up important topics or feelings you hadn’t thought about before.

Deep and Thought-Provoking

81. A dream is a mirror reflecting the soul

Dreams often reveal our deepest feelings, fears, and desires. Just like a mirror shows us our external appearance, dreams reflect the interior landscapes of our minds, which we might not always be aware of.

82. A dream is an unopened letter

This metaphor suggests that a dream carries a message waiting to be deciphered. It holds potential wisdom or warnings, and it’s up to us to “open” the dream and read its contents for better self-understanding.

83. A dream is a time machine

Dreams often transport us to different times in our lives, reminding us of past experiences or imagining future possibilities. Like a time machine, they transcend the limits of the present moment.

84. A dream is a candle in the cave of the mind

In the darkness of the subconscious, a dream can act like a candle. It provides just enough light to help us see outlines and shapes, casting light on the mysteries dwelling in the recesses of our minds.

85. A dream is a woven tapestry

This metaphor implies that dreams are intricate designs woven from the threads of our experiences, fears, and aspirations. The pattern might not be immediately clear, but each thread has its place and significance.

86. A dream is a ship sailing on the ocean of consciousness

Dreams take us on journeys through the vast, deep ocean of our consciousness. Sometimes the waters are calm, sometimes stormy, but the dream ship helps us navigate this internal seascape.

87. A dream is a theater stage

In dreams, different aspects of ourselves take on roles, acting out scenes on the stage of our mind. These performances can offer insight into conflicts, longings, or different facets of our identity.

88. A dream is a gallery of unfinished paintings

Each dream is like an artwork in progress, representing aspects of ourselves that are yet to be fully understood or completed. It allows us a glimpse into the evolving gallery of our psyche.

89. A dream is a map of uncharted territory

Dreams give us clues about areas of our psyche or life that we haven’t fully explored. They offer a “map” that guides us into unfamiliar emotional or mental terrain.

90. A dream is a philosophical dialogue

In a dream, we often engage in complex interactions and conversations that probe deep questions or dilemmas. It’s as if our mind is holding a philosophical dialogue with itself, seeking to solve puzzles or find meaning.

91. A dream is an echo of forgotten songs

Dreams can resonate with old memories or unexpressed emotions, like an echo of songs we once knew but have forgotten. They remind us of what’s been lost or overlooked.

92. A dream is a stone thrown into a still pond

The impact of a dream can create ripples in our conscious lives, affecting our thoughts, emotions, and actions long after we wake up. Like a stone thrown into the water, its influence can be widespread.

93. A dream is a hidden doorway

This metaphor suggests that dreams are passages leading to hidden rooms of our mind. It’s up to us to find the key, open the door, and explore what’s hidden behind it.

94. A dream is a garden of symbolic flowers

Each element in a dream can be like a flower in a garden, full of symbolic meaning and emotional nuance. The “garden” needs tending and understanding for its true beauty to be appreciated.

95. A dream is a cosmic dance

In dreams, all the elements—people, objects, landscapes—can move in a kind of cosmic dance, reflecting the complex choreography of our inner world.

96. A dream is a telescope peering into another universe

Dreams offer a glimpse into an alternate reality—worlds shaped by our imagination, fears, and wishes. They are like telescopes that let us peer into the vastness of our own inner universe.

97. A dream is an unsolved equation

Dreams can present us with problems or questions that we find challenging to solve in our waking lives. They set up scenarios that act like equations awaiting solutions.

98. A dream is a sculptor’s unfinished masterpiece

Dreams chip away at the raw material of our psyche, shaping our character and understanding. They’re like the constant work of a sculptor, always in progress but never fully complete.

99. A dream is a library of unread books

Each dream holds a wealth of knowledge, stories, and experiences as if it’s a book in a library that’s waiting to be read. But to gain the knowledge, we have to “open the book” and explore its pages.

100. A dream is a woven tapestry

This metaphor implies that dreams are intricate designs woven from the threads of our experiences, fears, and aspirations. The pattern might not be immediately clear, but each thread has its place and significance.

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