81 Questions for Parents to Ask College Coaches

The college recruiting process can be confusing and overwhelming for both parents and athletes. There are so many things to think about and consider when deciding on a college! An important step in this process is communicating with college coaches.

Parents should take an active role in this process by asking the coach some tough questions. This way, you can get a better picture of the program and coaching staff, and learn what your child’s experience would have been if they chose that school.

81 Questions for parents to ask college coaches:

  1. What kind of academic support do you offer your athletes?
  2. Do you have any scholarships available?
  3. Is there a limit to how many scholarships can be awarded per team?
  4. When do renewals happen and how often are they reviewed?
  5. Are the scholarships guaranteed for all 4 years or only for 1 year at a time?
  6. Are there any academic requirements that must be met to play for your team?
  7. How much weight do you put on a player’s academic performance when evaluating them for a spot on your team?
  8. What is your budget for player scholarships?
  9. Are there any special benefits or perks for athletes at the school?
  10. How do you think my child fits into your program?
  11. What is the overall culture of your program?
  12. What are your long-term goals for the program?
  13. What is the average class size at your campus?
  14. What is the graduation rate of the athletes on your team?
  15. What is your team’s record over the past few seasons?
  16. Do you have any team rules that are particularly important to you?
  17. What do you think are the biggest challenges for your team this season?
  18. Who are your main rivals?
  19. What is the process for tryouts and how competitive is it?
  20. How often do you hold open tryouts for new players?
  21. Are there specific skills or traits you look for in new players for your team?
  22. How do you evaluate potential recruits?
  23. What kind of playing time can my child expect?
  24. How often do you practice?
  25. How many hours per week do athletes practice?
  26. What is the housing situation like for your players?
  27. What is your policy regarding player absences for family emergencies or religious observances?
  28. How often do they participate in competitions?
  29. What kinds of competition opportunities are there for athletes who are not in the starting lineup?
  30. What kind of feedback do you give to players during matches?
  31. How do you evaluate players’ performance during games and practices?
  32. What kind of feedback do you give the players after games and practices?
  33. What is your offensive system?
  34. What is your defensive system?
  35. What is your coaching style?
  36. How do you develop relationships with your players?
  37. What role do parents play in your program?
  38. How do you communicate with parents?
  39. What kind of training and conditioning programs do you offer?
  40. What is your team’s philosophy on player development?
  41. What are your team’s strengths and weaknesses?
  42. What is the coaching staff’s philosophy on training and recovery?
  43. How does the team handle injuries?
  44. What opportunities are there for my child to receive financial assistance?
  45. What is the coaches’ policy on redshirting?
  46. What kind of academic support is available for student-athletes?
  47. What is the team’s average GPA?
  48. Is there a strength and conditioning training program in place?
  49. Who oversees the strength and conditioning program?
  50. What are the nutrition guidelines for athletes?
  51. How do you prepare your team for the games?
  52. What is your approach to game strategy?
  53. How do you deal with player slumps?
  54. What is your policy on player discipline?
  55. What is your policy on player transfers?
  56. How do you deal with disagreements or conflicts within the team?
  57. How much freedom do you give your players on the court/field?
  58. What expectations do you have of the players’ behavior on and off the field?
  59. Have you ever had a player transfer out of your program? If yes, why?
  60. Have you ever had to dismiss a player from your team? If yes, why?
  61. Do you have any rules or regulations regarding players’ use of social media?
  62. Are there any restrictions on what players can post on social media?
  63. Are there any mandatory team activities (e.g. community service, school classes, etc.)?
  64. What kind of travel schedule can I expect?
  65. How much does it cost to travel with the team?
  66. What are the team’s travel policies?
  67. Have any of your recent graduates gone on to play professionally?
  68. What are the living arrangements like on campus/ nearby off-campus housing options?
  69. What kind of social activities are available on campus/ in the surrounding area?
  70. Is there anything unique about your college that sets it apart from other schools?
  71. Can you tell me about your school’s alumni network?
  72. What kind of career counseling and job placement services do you offer students?
  73. What are the admission requirements/procedures?
  74. Can you tell me about the student body at your school?
  75. What safety precautions and security measures are in place on campus and the surrounding area?
  76. How easy is it to get around the surrounding area (by car, public transportation, walking, etc.)?
  77. Have any of your players been drafted by a professional team in recent years?
  78. What opportunities are available for athletes on your team after graduation?
  79. How much contact will we have with you during the season/off-season?
  80. Can we watch a practice or game?
  81. How can we support your program (attend games, donate, etc.)?

Frequently Asked Questions

What characteristics should parents look for in a coach for their children?

When it comes to finding a college coach for their children, parents should look for someone who is experienced in the field, has a good track record, and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals. The coach should also be able to build a strong relationship with the student and support them both academically and emotionally.

What are the qualities of an effective coach?

An effective college coach is someone who can motivate their players and help them succeed on and off the court. They need to be able to create a positive atmosphere for their team and have a good understanding of the game. In addition, they should be able to recruit new players and build a winning team.

What is the main purpose of a coach?

The primary purpose of a college coach is to help their team win games. They work with players to improve their skills, develop game plans, and prepare for competitions. Coaches also work with administrators to make sure athletes are receiving the best education possible.


Ultimately, the decision of which college to attend is up to the athlete – but as a parent, you play an important role in gathering information and supporting your child throughout this process.

By asking these questions of college coaches, you can get a better picture of what each program has to offer and make sure that your child’s needs are met both on and off the field.

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