142 Questions to Ask a Birthing Center

If you’re expecting a baby, congratulations! Now, deciding where to bring your little one into the world is a monumental choice filled with many considerations. A birthing center offers a unique alternative for those seeking a balance between a home birth’s intimacy and a hospital’s resources.

When exploring this option, being armed with the right questions can help you feel more secure in your decision. This list provides an extensive range of questions that cover everything from the environment of the center to postpartum care, ensuring you can gather all the essential details to make an informed choice.

Facility and Environment Details

  1. Can you provide a brief tour of the birthing center?
  2. How many birthing rooms are available?
  3. Are the birthing rooms private?
  4. Is there space for family members or support persons during labor?
  5. Can I labor, deliver, and recover in the same room?
  6. What type of birthing equipment do you provide?
  7. Are water births an option here?
  8. Is there a policy on filming or taking photos during birth?
  9. How is the environment in the birthing center made comfortable and calming?
  10. Are there any restrictions on decor or personal items I can bring?
  11. What kind of lighting is available in the birthing rooms?
  12. Is there access to a kitchen or food services?
  13. What security measures are in place at the center?
  14. How close is the nearest hospital in case of transfer?
  15. Is parking readily available for me and my visitors?
  16. Are facilities like showers and bathtubs available in the rooms?
  17. What is the visitation policy post-delivery?
  18. Are the rooms equipped with WiFi and entertainment options?

Services and Care Offered

  1. What types of childbirth education classes do you offer?
  2. Are there any prenatal or postnatal fitness programs available?
  3. Do you provide lactation consultation services?
  4. Is a prenatal nutritionist available for consultations?
  5. What kinds of pain management options are available?
  6. Is there support for the mental health of expecting and new mothers?
  7. Are there integrative therapies available, like acupuncture or massage?
  8. Can delivery plans be personalized to individual needs?
  9. Do you provide assistance with creating a birth plan?
  10. Are there options for sibling childbirth preparation?
  11. Do you offer group prenatal care or support groups?
  12. Are genetic testing and counseling services accessible?
  13. What perinatal, infant, and maternal support services are available?
  14. What technologies or medical equipment do you have on-site?
  15. How do you support moms aiming for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)?
  16. Are screenings and routine tests conducted in-house?

Staffing and Support

  1. What are the qualifications and certifications of the midwives and nurses?
  2. Is there an obstetrician on-call or available at all times?
  3. How many staff members will be involved in my care?
  4. What are the staff-to-patient ratios during labor and delivery?
  5. Can the center accommodate my choice of a birth support team?
  6. Are pediatric services available on-site?
  7. How does the center approach ongoing staff training and development?
  8. Are language interpretation services available?
  9. Is there a designated team to help with postpartum adjustments?
  10. What is the policy regarding midwives or doctors accompanying me to the hospital if a transfer is needed?
  11. Are nursing staff available to help with breastfeeding immediately after birth?
  12. How can my family get support from staff during the birthing process?
  13. Are staff experienced with supporting culturally diverse birthing practices?
  14. Is there a continuity of care, meaning will I see the same caregivers throughout my experience?
  15. Do caregivers have experience with special circumstances, such as twin deliveries?
  16. How is my privacy ensured by the staff?
  17. What support is available from the staff for creating a birth plan?
  18. How does the staff handle emergencies or complications?

Labor and Delivery Policies

  1. How flexible is the birthing center with birth plans?
  2. Are there restrictions on movement during labor?
  3. What is your episiotomy rate, and what is the approach toward them?
  4. How do you monitor the baby during labor?
  5. What are the guidelines around eating and drinking during labor?
  6. Can I choose the position in which I give birth?
  7. Are there any restrictions on the number of people allowed in the room during delivery?
  8. What measures are taken if labor is not progressing?
  9. What is the induction policy at the birthing center?
  10. In what situations would a transfer to a hospital be necessary?
  11. How does the center handle pain management requests?
  12. Are birthing tools like stools, balls, or ropes available?
  13. What is the routine intervention policy, like the use of forceps or vacuum?
  14. How does the center support delayed cord clamping, if requested?
  15. What approach does the center have towards natural tear and repair?
  16. Can my partner catch the baby if desired?
  17. Does the center support immediate skin-to-skin contact?
  18. In the event of a c-section, what process is followed?

Postpartum and Newborn Care

  1. What postpartum resources are available to new mothers?
  2. Is there support for parents regarding newborn care and feeding?
  3. When will the first postnatal check-up be scheduled?
  4. How is the emotional well-being of the mother supported after delivery?
  5. What is the protocol for newborn screening tests?
  6. When is the hearing screening done for the newborn?
  7. Can family members stay overnight with the mother and baby?
  8. What type of breastfeeding support is provided?
  9. Are there resources for postpartum depression?
  10. How soon after birth will the baby have their first pediatric check-up?
  11. What visits or consultations are available to ensure successful breastfeeding?
  12. Can siblings visit the newborn in the center?
  13. What is the policy on “rooming-in” with your baby?
  14. How long is the typical postpartum stay at the center?
  15. What vaccinations are offered to the newborn, if any?
  16. Are circumcision or other ceremonies performed on-site?
  17. What guidelines are provided for the baby’s care at home?
  18. How does the center support parents in the event of postpartum complications?

Health and Safety Protocols

  1. What infection control measures do you have in place?
  2. How frequently is the equipment sanitized?
  3. Are there protocols for handling medical emergencies during labor and birth?
  4. What are the qualifications of the staff trained in neonatal resuscitation?
  5. What is the standard procedure for communicating any health concerns regarding the mother or baby?
  6. How do you ensure the safety of medications and treatments administered?
  7. Can you explain your policies on handling unexpected complications?
  8. Is there on-site access to emergency services if needed?
  9. How do you track and manage any potential outbreaks of illness in the center?
  10. What kind of collaboration do you have with nearby hospitals?
  11. Are all staff members CPR-certified?
  12. How are patient records kept secure and confidential?
  13. What steps are taken to ensure the physical security of the facility?
  14. What kind of emergency drills does the staff routinely practice?
  15. How is the water quality monitored in birthing pools?
  16. Are babies monitored using electronic security tags?
  17. What is the protocol for postpartum hemorrhage?
  18. How does the center handle the administration of vitamin K and eye ointment for the newborn?

Cost and Insurance Queries

  1. What is the cost breakdown for a normal delivery at the center?
  2. Are there any additional fees that might not be included in the initial quote?
  3. What insurance providers are accepted here?
  4. Can you provide assistance with insurance claims and paperwork?
  5. Are payment plans or financial assistance available?
  6. Are there costs associated with childbirth classes or prenatal care through the center?
  7. What services are covered by my insurance, and what will be out-of-pocket?
  8. How are unforeseen circumstances billed, such as a hospital transfer?
  9. Is there a different cost for a water birth versus a traditional birth?
  10. Do you offer any discounts for upfront payment?
  11. Are there fees for additional support people, such as doulas, during delivery?
  12. Can we get an itemized list of potential charges?
  13. How much does it cost for additional postpartum stays, if necessary?
  14. Are there extra charges for newborn tests and screenings?
  15. What is the refund policy if we decide to transfer care?
  16. How soon after labor and delivery will we receive the final bill?
  17. Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of?
  18. Does the center offer any programs for low-income families?

Planning and Preparation Guidance

  1. When should I preregister, and what information do you need?
  2. What items should I bring with me for the birth?
  3. Are there any specific dietary preparations I should follow?
  4. What is the recommended plan for getting to the birthing center when labor begins?
  5. Can you provide a checklist of things to do before my due date?
  6. How far in advance can I tour the facility?
  7. Are there any books or resources you recommend for expecting parents choosing a birthing center?
  8. What kind of support do you offer for birth plan development?
  9. What should I expect during my first appointment at the center?
  10. How are emergencies handled outside of regular operating hours?
  11. What documents or forms will I need to have with me upon admission?
  12. Do you have guidelines for when to call or come in as labor starts?
  13. What are your recommendations for postpartum care at home?
  14. Are there any restrictions leading up to the due date, such as travel?
  15. How are follow-up appointments after the birth scheduled and handled?
  16. What are the steps to take if I decide to change my birth plan last minute?
  17. Can you offer a schedule or timeline for prenatal visits?
  18. How can my partner or family members prepare to support me during labor and delivery?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of giving birth in a birth center?

When you give birth in a birth center, you might have a quicker labor. Birth centers often see fewer C-sections and less need for medical procedures compared to hospitals because they focus on natural childbirth. You also might not need as many antibiotics or pain medicines.

What should I keep in mind about birth centers?

Sometimes, birth centers might not be ready for more complicated births, so check that the one you’re looking at can handle your specific needs. They can cost more than hospitals in some places, and not all insurance plans will cover the cost. Always check with your insurance to see what they’ll pay for.

Final Thoughts

Getting ready to become a parent is an exciting time with lots of happy moments and lots of questions too. Each question you ask helps you create the birth you want. These important questions will help you feel clear and sure about picking the right place for your baby to be born.

Keep in mind: this is your journey and your story. Asking questions helps you start off on the right foot, feeling calm and ready.

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