91 Questions to Ask a Branding Agency

Your brand is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s what sets you apart from your competitors and attracts customers to your products or services. So it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are turning to branding agencies to help them create and develop a strong, consistent brand.

But with so many agencies out there, how do you know which one is right for your business? To help you make the best decision for your business, we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask any branding agency before you hire them.

58 Questions you can ask a branding agency:

  1. What is your process for developing a brand?
  2. How do you get to know a client’s business?
  3. What role does research play in your process?
  4. How do you develop brand messaging?
  5. How do you determine what visual elements will work best for a client’s brand?
  6. How do you create a name for a new brand?
  7. How do you trademark a brand name?
  8. What other services do you offer? (e.g., website design, social media, etc.)
  9. What are your rates? 
  10. Do you have any case studies or testimonials I can read? 
  11. Do you have any experience in my industry? 
  12. Do you have any awards or recognitions I can read about? 
  13. What are some of the brands you’ve worked with in the past? 
  14. How long have you been in business? 
  15. Who will be working on my account? 
  16. How often will we communicate? 
  17. What is your policy on revisions? 
  18. Do you offer any guarantee on results? 
  19. What happens when our contract is up? 
  20. How do you get to know a client’s business and objectives?
  21. What research do you do to understand the client’s industry, target market, and competitors?
  22. What role does the client play in the branding process?
  23. How do you develop creative concepts for the brand?
  24. How do you determine which branding elements (e.g., name, logo, tagline, etc.) are most important to the success of the brand?
  25. How do you test the effectiveness of branding elements before they are finalized?
  26. How do you manage changes to the brand over time?
  27. What are your thoughts on rebranding?
  28. What are some common mistakes made in branding?
  29. How can a strong brand help a business succeed?
  30. Why is it important to have a consistent brand across all channels?
  31. How can a brand be used to build customer loyalty?
  32. What are some common pitfalls to avoid when launching a new brand?
  33. How much should a company budget for branding?
  34. How do you measure the success of a brand?
  35. What are some common challenges that arise during a rebranding project?
  36. Can you provide examples of successful rebranding projects that you have worked on?
  37. How do you determine the target audience for a brand?
  38. What are some common branding strategies that you use?
  39. How do you stay up-to-date on trends in branding?
  40. What are some tips for developing an effective social media strategy for a brand?
  41. How can a company use content marketing to support its branding efforts?
  42. What role does design play in branding?
  43. How can a company use events and sponsorships to support its branding goals?
  44. What are some best practices for managing a rebranding effort?
  45. What are some common mistakes companies make when launching new products?
  46. How can packaging be used to support a brand’s positioning?
  47. How do you create a brand guidelines document?
  48. How can a company ensure that its employees are “on brand”?
  49. How often should a company review its brand?
  50. What are some signs that a company’s brand needs a refreshment?
  51. Can you provide examples of brands that you have successfully rebranded?
  52. What does your agency specialize in?
  53. What industries do you have experience working with?
  54. How do you determine whether a brand is “good” or “bad”?
  55. How important is market research in the branding process?
  56. How do you handle disagreements with clients about the direction of the branding campaign?
  57. How long does it typically take to complete a branding project?
  58. What kind of deliverables can the client expect at the end of the project?

33 Questions you can ask yourself before hiring a branding agency:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. What are your goals for working with a branding agency?
  3. What does your ideal agency look like?
  4. What geographic areas do you want to target?
  5. What age groups do you want to target?
  6. What genders do you want to target?
  7. What income levels do you want to target?
  8. What ethnicities do you want to target?
  9. What religious groups do you want to target?
  10. What political affiliations do you want to target?
  11. What is your timeline?
  12. What are your brand values?
  13. What do you need from a branding agency?
  14. How do you want your customers to feel about your brand?
  15. What are some of the challenges you’re facing with your current brand?
  16. Are you looking to rebrand or simply refresh your existing brand? 
  17. Do you have an existing style guide or set of brand guidelines? 
  18. Do you have any existing collateral or marketing materials? 
  19. Do you have a logo? 
  20. Do you have a tagline or slogan? 
  21. Do you have any preferred colors or fonts? 
  22. Are there any specific images or icons that are associated with your brand? 
  23. How would you describe the tone or voice of your brand? 
  24. What are some of the brands that you admire? 
  25. Who are some of your competitors?
  26. How does your competitor position themselves in the market? 
  27. What sets you apart from your competitors?
  28. How much control do you want over the creative process?
  29. Are you looking for a full-service agency or a specialist?
  30. Is the agency’s work style a good fit for you?
  31. Does the agency have experience in your industry? 
  32. Does the agency have a good reputation? 
  33. Do you feel comfortable with the agency staff?

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for in a branding agency?

When looking for a branding agency, it is important to consider what you want the agency to do for you. Some agencies specialize in developing brand strategies, while others focus more on creative design. It’s important to find an agency that will meet your needs and help you achieve your branding goals.

When evaluating potential branding agencies, be sure to take a look at their portfolio of work. This will give you a good idea of the types of brands the agency has worked with and the quality of their work.

You should also ask the agency for references from previous clients. This way, you can talk to other business owners who have worked with the agency and get their feedback.

Finally, you should ask the agency about their process and how they will work with you. Will the agency take the lead in developing your brand strategy, or will you work closely with them every step of the way? How often will you meet with the agency? These are all important questions to ask to ensure the agency is a good fit for your business.

What are the stages of the branding process?

Stage 1: Research – It is important to understand the business and its customers. The goal of the research is to gather as much information as possible about the business, its products and services, its target markets, and its competition. This information is used to develop a brand strategy.

Stage 2: Brand Strategy – This involves developing a plan for how the brand will be positioned in the marketplace and how it will stand out from the competition. The brand strategy also includes a plan for how the brand will be communicated to target markets.

Stage 3: Design – In which the logo and other brand elements are created. The design should be consistent with the brand strategy and reflect the company’s values and personality.

Stage 4: Development – This involves creating the website, marketing materials, and other elements that will support the brand. All of these elements should be consistent with the brand strategy and designed to attract and engage customers.

Stage 5: Implementation – Putting all the elements in place and launching the new brand. This includes getting employees, distributors, and other stakeholders to accept the brand, run marketing campaigns and measure the results.

What makes a brand successful?

A successful brand can create a connection with its consumers. Through clever marketing and an understanding of what consumers want, a brand can build a loyal following that will help it succeed. There are several factors that can contribute to a brand’s success, but the most important ones include:

A clear vision: A successful brand has a clear vision and knows what it wants to achieve. It knows its target audience and what appeals to them and creates messages that resonate with them.

Consistent delivery: A successful brand delivers what it promises time and time again. Its products and services are of high quality, and it stands behind its products.

Strong marketing: A successful brand has a strong marketing strategy that helps it reach its target audience. It uses the latest marketing techniques to connect with consumers and build loyalty.

Good customer service: A successful brand provides excellent customer service that sets it apart from the competition. Customers feel valued and appreciated and are willing to recommend the brand to others.

How do you determine a good brand?

One of the most important factors is how well the brand represents itself. The branding should be consistent across all channels, from the website to advertising to customer service. If there are inconsistencies, it can be a sign that the company does not know what it’s doing.

Another important factor is how well the company communicates with its customers. Does it respond to complaints and inquiries? Does it take the time to explain its products and services in detail? And finally, does the company provide good customer service? A good brand will do more than just make sure its customers are satisfied.


Branding is essential for any business that wants to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace—but finding the right branding agency can be a daunting task. To ensure you find an agency that’s a good fit for your business, ask it these questions before making a decision. By taking the time to find an agency that meets all of your needs, you can create a strong, lasting brand that will help your business reach new heights.

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