52 Questions to Ask a Franchise Owner

Franchise ownership can be a great way to achieve your professional and financial goals, but it’s essential to do your due diligence before investing in a franchise. If you’re considering buying a franchise, the best way to assess whether a particular franchise is a good fit for you is to speak with current and former owners.

If you’re considering buying a franchise, you must have as much information as possible. Here are some key questions you should ask a franchise owner. This will help you learn more about the business and get an idea of what it’s really like to own a particular franchise.

52 Questions to ask a franchise owner:

  1. What inspired you to become a franchise owner?
  2. What made you choose this particular franchise?
  3. How long have you been a franchise owner?
  4. What does a typical day look like for you?
  5. How has being a franchise owner impacted your life?
  6. What are the biggest challenges you face as a franchise owner?
  7. What are the most rewarding aspects of owning a franchise?
  8. What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a franchise owner?
  9. How involved is the franchisor in supporting franchisees?
  10. Have you ever struggled to meet your franchisor’s expectations? If so, how did you overcome that challenge?
  11. Do you feel like you have a good work/life balance? 
  12. What steps have you taken to try to achieve that balance?
  13. Are any specific skills or qualities necessary for success as a franchise owner?
  14. What do you wish you had known before becoming a franchise owner?
  15. In your opinion, what is the biggest misconception about owning a franchise?
  16. Do you have any other comments or advice you would like to share with someone considering becoming a franchisee?
  17. Do you have any previous experience in the industry?
  18. What is your role within the franchise?
  19. How has owning a franchise affected your lifestyle?
  20. Would you recommend franchising to others? Why or why not?
  21. Do you receive ongoing support from the franchisor?
  22. Is owning a franchise a good investment? Why or why not?
  23. How much involvement does the franchisor have in your day-to-day operations?
  24. How has your franchise performed financially since you opened it?
  25.  Are there any plans for expansion in the future?
  26. What kind of customer base do you have?
  27. How do you market your franchise to attract new customers?
  28. What type of training and support did you receive from the franchisor when you first started out?
  29. How much time do you spend working on your business each week?
  30. What is your budget for a franchise?
  31. What are your long-term goals for the franchise?
  32. What are your short-term goals for the franchise?
  33. What type of business experience do you have?
  34. What type of customer service experience do you have?
  35. Did you sign a franchisor-franchisee agreement?
  36. What are your rights and responsibilities as a franchisee?
  37. What are the franchisor’s rights and responsibilities?
  38. What is the term of the franchisor-franchisee agreement?
  39. How much is the initial franchise fee?
  40. How much is the ongoing royalty fee?
  41. What inspired you to become a franchise owner? 
  42. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned as a franchise owner? 
  43. What has been your most successful marketing strategy? 
  44. How many employees do you have? 
  45. What are your biggest marketing expenses?
  46. What are your biggest operational expenses?
  47. What are your plans for the future of your business?
  48. What does the franchisor offer?
  49. How much money can I realistically expect to make?
  50. What are the requirements for being a franchisee?
  51. How long does the franchise agreement last?
  52. What are the renewal options?

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good franchise owner?

A successful franchise owner is someone innovative, motivated, and adaptable. They must have strong communication skills and a passion for their business. Additionally, they must be organized and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. 

It is also important for a franchise owner to have a thorough knowledge of the franchisor’s system and processes. This includes knowing how to:

• Manage the franchise agreement.
• Keep up with changes in the industry.
• Understand how the franchise location fits into the larger corporate context.
• Work closely with the franchisor’s staff.
• Build relationships with vendors.
• Keep up to date on policies that affect the operation of their business.

Finally, franchisees should have strong financial acumen. They need to understand cash flow management strategies, budgeting techniques, pricing strategies, and other aspects of the financial management of a business. 

What are 3 major advantages of opening a franchise?

The first benefit of a franchise is that you can benefit from an established brand name. This means that customers are more likely to recognize your business as part of a larger company and trust its services or products.

A second benefit is that franchises often come with extensive marketing support and resources from the parent company. These include store set-up materials such as signage and other brand elements, advertising for local markets, and access to social media accounts with existing followers.

Finally, there are often financial benefits to opening a franchise business. In many cases, startup costs are lower for franchises than for a startup because the initial investment comes directly from the parent company or its investors.

Why do franchise systems fail?

Poor management and insufficient capital are two of the most common reasons. Other factors include an oversaturated market, inadequate marketing, uninspired leadership, and difficulty adapting to changes in the marketplace.

Franchises can also experience problems when suppliers fail to meet expectations when there is a misalignment between franchisee and franchisor, when employees or franchisees are inadequately trained, or when the company fails to differentiate itself from the competition.


If you are considering buying a franchise, you should ask the franchisee some essential questions. Buying a franchise business is an important decision. Therefore, be sure you have all the information you need before taking the plunge. 

By asking questions, you can better understand what it’s like to own a franchise business. The better informed you are, the better able you will be to make a decision that is right for you.

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