75 Questions to Ask a Funeral Home

The journey through grieving often involves a challenging yet essential task: arranging a funeral that appropriately commemorates a beloved individual’s life.

Approaching a funeral home brings a myriad of questions to the forefront; each intended to ensure the final tribute is as dignified and heartfelt as the memory that lives on. Whether it’s to confirm the minute details of a service, address financial concerns, or discuss the aspects of personalization, knowing which questions to ask is a crucial part of the process.

This article serves as your compassionate guide into a conversation that, while tough, can be managed with clarity and confidence.

Basic Funeral Service Information

  1. What types of funeral services do you offer?
  2. Can you explain the difference between a traditional funeral service and a memorial service?
  3. How can we tailor the funeral service to honor the unique life of our loved one?
  4. Are there various religious or cultural funeral rites that you accommodate?
  5. Can we hold a viewing or visitation before the funeral, and what are the options for these?
  6. What is the process for planning a funeral in your home?
  7. How far in advance do we need to schedule the service?
  8. Is there a coordinator who will work with us throughout the planning process?
  9. Do you offer green or eco-friendly burial options?
  10. What is your policy on personalizing the funeral service, such as music and eulogies?
  11. Can the funeral service be held at a location other than the funeral home, such as a place of worship?
  12. Are there options for live streaming the funeral service for those who cannot attend?
  13. What kind of guidance do you provide for writing obituaries?
  14. Do you handle the placement of obituaries in local newspapers or online?
  15. Can we include photos or videos in the funeral service, and do you have the necessary equipment for this?

Cost and Payment Information

  1. Can you provide a detailed price list of all your services and merchandise?
  2. Are there package deals available, and what do they include?
  3. What forms of payment do you accept, and is financing available?
  4. Are there any additional costs that we should be aware of that might not be included in the basic service fee?
  5. What exactly is included in the quoted price for the funeral service?
  6. How much is the deposit, and when is the total payment due?
  7. Do prices vary based on the day of the week or time of service?
  8. Are there any hidden costs or potential extra charges we should know about?
  9. Is embalming required, and if so, what is the cost?
  10. Do you offer direct cremation services, and what is the price range for this option?
  11. What is the cost of a casket or urn, and what options are available?
  12. Can we supply our own casket or urn, and if so, is there a handling fee?
  13. Are there costs associated with the transportation of the deceased, and what are they?
  14. How are costs determined for out-of-town burials or the transfer of remains to another funeral home?
  15. Do you have a price list for flowers, or do we need to arrange for these separately?

Pre-planning and Personalization Services

  1. Do you offer assistance with funeral pre-planning and if so, what does that entail?
  2. Can we choose and document our funeral preferences in advance?
  3. Are there any financial benefits to pre-planning a funeral with your funeral home?
  4. How do you ensure that pre-planned arrangements will be carried out according to your wishes?
  5. Can pre-planned funeral arrangements be modified if circumstances change?
  6. Do you offer help in creating personalized memorial videos or photo displays?
  7. Are there options for personalized keepsakes or mementos for attendees?
  8. How can we incorporate personal touches like favorite music, readings, or other special requests?
  9. Can you facilitate unique funeral themes or decorations?
  10. What are some meaningful ways to honor the life of our loved ones during the service?
  11. In the case of pre-payment, what happens to the funds if the chosen services are no longer needed?
  12. Are pre-paid funds protected against inflation or changes in pricing?
  13. What is your policy regarding the cancellation of pre-planned services?
  14. How can family members be assured they will be informed about all pre-arranged details?
  15. Can we organize a pre-planning consultation to discuss our preferences in detail?

Facilities and Logistics

  1. What facilities do you have available for funeral services and receptions?
  2. Can your facilities accommodate large gatherings, and what is the capacity?
  3. Is there ample parking available, and is it free for guests?
  4. Are your facilities handicap accessible, and do they have proper amenities for the disabled?
  5. Can the visitation or service be personalized with decorations, and who handles this?
  6. What audio-visual equipment is available for the service, and is there technical support onsite?
  7. Do you provide transportation for family members to and from the burial site?
  8. How are flower arrangements and other décor handled on the day of the funeral?
  9. Are there private areas available for the family to gather before or after the services?
  10. What accommodations are available for out-of-town guests?
  11. Is there a reception area, and can you assist with catering services?
  12. Do you have an on-site chapel, and what are its features?
  13. How is the security handled during large services?
  14. Can we arrange for special parking for family and close friends?
  15. Is there Wi-Fi access available for guests at the facility?

Legal and Documentation Requirements

  1. What legal documents are required for a funeral to take place?
  2. Can your staff assist in obtaining a death certificate, and how many copies should we request?
  3. Is there guidance available for notifying Social Security and other agencies of the death?
  4. Can the funeral home help with veterans’ burial benefits or other entitlements?
  5. Are you knowledgeable about the organ donation process? Should that be a consideration?
  6. What is required if the deceased did not have a pre-written will or estate plan?
  7. How do we begin the probate process, and can you provide referrals to legal services if needed?
  8. Who is legally responsible for making the funeral arrangements and decisions?
  9. Is there any necessary paperwork to authorize cremation, and what are the steps?
  10. Can you assist with arranging immediate burial without a service, and what does that entail?
  11. What is your policy on handling the personal items of the deceased?
  12. How long does it take to receive the necessary permits for burial or cremation?
  13. Do you provide support for repatriation services if the deceased is to be buried overseas?
  14. How do we arrange for the scattering of ashes if that is the wish of the deceased?
  15. Are there any legal restrictions on the location or manner of burials or ash scatterings?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure the funeral service reflects the personality of my loved one?

Discuss personalization options with the funeral home, including themes, decor, music, readings, and any special requests that might capture the spirit of the deceased’s life. Inquire about the possibility of including photos, videos, or other personal items in the service.

What paperwork is involved in planning a funeral?

Ask about the necessary documentation for the funeral arrangement, such as death certificates, permits for burial or cremation, and any forms needed for post-funeral legal matters. The funeral home can guide you regarding the required paperwork and how to obtain it.

Can family and friends who cannot attend the service still be involved in some way?

Many funeral homes offer live streaming services or the option to record the ceremony for those who cannot be present. Check if this is available and how to arrange for it.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a funeral home and planning a service amidst grief can feel daunting. However, with the right set of questions, you can ease some of the burden and ensure that your loved one’s memory is honored in the way they deserve.

These questions serve as beacons to guide you through the fog of emotional and practical tasks that accompany the loss of a loved one. They help to foster a dialogue between you and the funeral service provider that is both meaningful and informative.

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