120 Questions to Ask a Host on Airbnb

Embarking on an Airbnb journey can be exhilarating, and to ensure that your experience is as smooth as silk, a dash of preparation is essential.

Asking your host the right questions not only clears the path for a stay free of hiccups but also adds a personal touch to your travel tale. While the anticipation builds and you’re ready to soak up new experiences, take a moment to arm yourself with a list of smart questions.

This is your guide – a friendly compass to navigate the exciting world of Airbnb stays, promising to make your upcoming adventure a truly memorable one. Let’s get those queries queued up and set the stage for a fantastic getaway!

Understanding the Property and Amenities

  1. Does the property have Wi-Fi, and if so, what’s the speed?
  2. Are there laundry facilities available for guests to use?
  3. Is the kitchen fully equipped for cooking meals?
  4. How is the mobile phone reception in the area and inside the property?
  5. Will there be any shared spaces with other guests or the host?
  6. Do you provide linens and towels, or should we bring our own?
  7. Is there air conditioning or heating available?
  8. Can you clarify if there is a television and what streaming services are accessible?
  9. Are there any amenities for children, such as a crib or high chair?
  10. Is parking available on the property, and is there an additional cost?
  11. Are there workout facilities or a gym in the building or nearby?
  12. Is there a workspace with a desk suitable for remote work?
  13. Is the use of any outdoor spaces, such as a garden or balcony, allowed?
  14. Are there any eco-friendly amenities, like recycling or composting options?
  15. Are there any housekeeping or cleaning services provided during the stay?

Clarifying House Rules and Expectations

  1. Are there any noise restrictions or quiet hours we should be aware of?
  2. Is smoking allowed on the property or in designated areas?
  3. Can we invite additional guests over who are not staying overnight?
  4. Are pets allowed, and if so, are there any restrictions or fees?
  5. Is there a policy for lost keys or lockouts?
  6. What is the garbage disposal protocol, and are there specific recycling rules?
  7. Are we expected to clean the dishes or do laundry before checkout?
  8. Do you have any restrictions on cooking or specific types of food?
  9. What are the check-in and checkout times?
  10. Can you explain the visitor policy regarding friends or family members?
  11. Are there secure storage facilities for valuables?
  12. Is there a maximum occupancy for the property?
  13. Are there any restrictions on the use of utilities like water or electricity?
  14. Are we allowed to receive mail or packages during our stay?
  15. How frequently is the property accessed by the host or maintenance staff?

Learning About the Local Area

  1. Can you recommend any must-see attractions nearby?
  2. What are the best local eateries or restaurants you’d suggest we try?
  3. Is the property accessible by public transportation, and do you have any tips for getting around?
  4. Are there any safety concerns or areas to avoid in the neighborhood?
  5. Are there grocery stores or markets nearby for essentials?
  6. Could you provide information on local emergency services like hospitals or clinics?
  7. What are some hidden gems or less touristy spots to explore in the area?
  8. Are there parks or outdoor recreation areas nearby?
  9. What is the local weather like during our stay, and do we need any specific clothing?
  10. Is there a community calendar or local events happening during our visit?
  11. Are there car rental services or bike-sharing systems available locally?
  12. How are the noise levels in the neighborhood, especially at night?
  13. Can you tell us about the quality and availability of local internet and mobile networks?
  14. Are there any cultural norms or etiquette we should be aware of in the community?
  15. What are your personal favorite spots in the area that you would recommend?

Checking Availability and Booking Details

  1. Are the dates we’re interested in firmly available or is there flexibility required?
  2. Do you offer any discounts for extended stays or off-season bookings?
  3. Is there a minimum or maximum stay requirement?
  4. If we need to alter our booking, what is your cancellation or change policy?
  5. Are we required to provide a security deposit, and if so, under what conditions is it fully refundable?
  6. What is the process for confirming our reservation after payment?
  7. For larger groups, are there additional rates or fees?
  8. Do you accommodate early check-ins or late checkouts?
  9. Is there a waiting list for dates that are currently booked but might become available?
  10. Can you hold the dates for a certain period before we confirm the booking?
  11. Are there any upcoming changes to the property or amenities that we should be aware of?
  12. Can you provide a rental agreement or written confirmation of our booking details?
  13. Are there any special offers or packages available that include local tours or experiences?
  14. If we’re traveling for a special occasion, can arrangements be made for surprises or decorations?
  15. Are there any recent photos or videos of the property that reflect its current condition?

Discussing Host Availability and Guest Support

  1. What is the best way to contact you in case we need assistance during our stay?
  2. Will someone be available to meet us upon arrival?
  3. Are there any periods during which you might be unreachable?
  4. In case of a maintenance issue, how quickly can it typically be resolved?
  5. Do you reside near the property, or is there a local contact person?
  6. Is there an instruction manual or guide for the property and appliances?
  7. Can you provide local emergency contacts, such as a nearby neighbor or friend?
  8. If we encounter difficulties with the home technology (Wi-Fi, security system, etc.), who can assist us?
  9. Is there a concierge service or someone who can offer local recommendations?
  10. Are language assistance services available if we don’t speak the local language?
  11. Do you offer any additional services like guided tours, airport pickups, or car rentals?
  12. If an issue arises, do you have a protocol for resolving guest complaints?
  13. Are any of the support services you provide subject to additional charges?
  14. Do you have a network of service providers, such as babysitters or chefs, that we can contact?
  15. What is the typical response time to guest inquiries or concerns during their stay?

Preparing for Arrival and Departure

  1. Will there be someone to greet us and hand over the keys, or is there a self-check-in process?
  2. What information do we need to provide before we arrive?
  3. Can you provide thorough directions to the property from the nearest transport hub?
  4. What do we need to know about the check-out procedure?
  5. Is transportation to and from the property available or recommended?
  6. Are there any items you recommend we bring with us that are not provided?
  7. Will there be a walkthrough or inspection of the property upon arrival or departure?
  8. Are there luggage storage options available if we arrive before check-in or depart after checkout?
  9. How should we leave the property upon departure (e.g., strip the beds and take out the trash)?
  10. If our travel plans are delayed, who should we contact?
  11. Are there any specific documents or IDs we need upon checking in?
  12. What is the policy on key return or electronic access codes upon departure?
  13. Are there clear instructions available for any security systems we need to engage or disengage?
  14. Can you advise on the best mode of transportation for our departure (airport, train station, etc.)?
  15. How will you confirm that our stay has ended and everything is in order?

Addressing Safety and Emergency Procedures

  1. What are the emergency contact numbers for local services such as police or fire department?
  2. Where can I find the first aid kit and fire extinguisher on the property?
  3. Are there any specific safety issues or precautions we should be aware of in the property or neighborhood?
  4. In case of an evacuation, what is the safest route out of the property?
  5. Is there a designated safe area or storm shelter for severe weather events?
  6. How do we operate any security systems or alarms in the house?
  7. Can you provide instructions for the safe use of appliances, heaters, or fireplaces?
  8. Are there carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed, and are they in working order?
  9. Is the property equipped with child safety features such as outlet covers or stair gates?
  10. What is the protocol in case we lose the keys to the property?
  11. Are there any health advisories or concerns, like allergens or pests, that we should be aware of?
  12. How is the lighting around the property’s exterior for nighttime arrivals or departures?
  13. Is drinking water from the tap safe, or should we plan to purchase bottled water?
  14. Can you provide information on the nearest hospital or urgent care center?
  15. Are there any safety tips or local customs we should know when exploring the area?

Managing Payments and Additional Fees

  1. What is the payment schedule, and are there any additional taxes or fees that we should know about?
  2. How will incidental charges be handled, and what kind of expenses would qualify?
  3. Are cleaning fees included in the total cost, or are they charged separately?
  4. If there are amenities like a hot tub or sauna, are there additional charges for their use?
  5. Can you outline what is included in the service fee?
  6. Is a tourist tax applicable, and if so, how much will it be?
  7. Are there any fees for additional guests beyond the number initially booked?
  8. What is the policy and cost associated with extending our stay last minute?
  9. Is there a charge for parking on the property or nearby?
  10. Are there any refundable deposits required, and how and when will they be returned?
  11. If we order additional services like guided tours or special requests, how will these be billed?
  12. Is there an additional fee for high-speed internet access, if needed?
  13. Can you provide a breakdown of the total cost prior to our final booking confirmation?
  14. In case of damages or issues, how is the cost assessed and charged?
  15. Are there any discounts available for repeat guests or referrals?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure clear communication with my Airbnb host?

  • Be Specific: Ask detailed questions about the property, rules, and amenities.
  • Timing Matters: Clarify any queries before booking and prior to arrival to ensure smooth sailing.

What are some key questions to ask about the property and amenities?

  • Comfort Essentials: Inquire about Wi-Fi, climate control, and kitchen amenities to match your needs.
  • Education on Extras: Don’t forget to ask about parking, laundry, or any child-friendly amenities to avoid surprises.

How can I learn about the house rules and avoid any misunderstandings?

  • Clarify Expectations: Screening for restrictions on pets, smoking, and noise will help you abide by the host’s rules.
  • Visitor Policy: Understanding the guest and visitation policies ahead of time will help you plan for social activities or work meetings without worry.

Why is it important to ask about the local area when booking an Airbnb?

By probing for recommendations and safety tips, you can blend in like a local and discover hidden gems off the beaten track.

Final Thoughts

As the sun sets on our informative journey, remember that the questions you ask your Airbnb host can illuminate the path to a stellar holiday experience. Armed with the power of good communication, you pave the way for clear expectations and delightful discoveries.

So don’t be shy—ask away and embark on your well-deserved getaway with confidence and peace of mind. After all, a well-informed traveler is a happy traveler. Bon voyage on your Airbnb adventure, where only the best memories await!

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