100 Questions to Ask a Housekeeper

Are you on the hunt for the perfect housekeeper to keep your home tidy and comfortable?

Hiring a housekeeper requires more than a leap of faith; it involves asking the right questions to ensure you find someone who’s not just a fit for the job but also a match for your household’s unique rhythm. It’s about trust, consistency, and a sparkle of cleanliness that lasts.

Whether you’re new to this or looking to replace a long-term helper, the key is in the details—details you’ll unearth by asking these insightful questions.

Background and Experience

  1. How long have you been working as a housekeeper?
  2. Can you tell me about your previous housekeeping jobs?
  3. What motivated you to become a housekeeper?
  4. Have you had experience working in homes similar to mine?
  5. Do you have any special training or certifications related to housekeeping or cleaning?
  6. What are your strongest housekeeping skills?
  7. Are you comfortable with pets, and do you have experience in pet-friendly homes?
  8. How do you stay updated on new housekeeping techniques and products?
  9. What tasks do you enjoy the most and least in housekeeping?
  10. Have you ever faced a challenging situation while cleaning, and how did you resolve it?
  11. What’s the largest property you’ve had to manage?
  12. Do you have experience with green or eco-friendly cleaning practices?
  13. Can you handle minor home maintenance tasks as well?
  14. How do you prioritize different cleaning tasks?
  15. Are you able to work independently without supervision?
  16. What’s your experience with deep cleaning and seasonal tasks?
  17. Have you ever been in charge of buying cleaning supplies, and can you keep to a budget?
  18. Can you describe a time when you went above and beyond for a client?
  19. Do you have experience in handling delicate surfaces or antiques?
  20. How do you ensure client confidentiality and privacy?

Cleaning Practices and Skills

  1. What cleaning products do you normally use?
  2. Are you comfortable using our cleaning products if we have preferences or allergies?
  3. How do you handle different types of fabrics and materials when cleaning?
  4. Can you describe your process for cleaning a bathroom/kitchen?
  5. Do you have any special techniques for organizing and decluttering?
  6. How would you remove a difficult stain on a carpet or upholstery?
  7. What is your approach to cleaning hardwood floors versus tiled floors?
  8. How do you ensure safety when cleaning high or hard-to-reach areas?
  9. Can you operate heavy cleaning machinery like steam cleaners or polishers, if required?
  10. What techniques do you use to prevent cross-contamination between different areas in the home?
  11. How often do you think certain tasks should be completed, like window washing or refrigerator cleaning?
  12. Are you familiar with and able to perform standard laundry tasks, including ironing and folding clothes?
  13. How do you manage time effectively to complete all required tasks?
  14. Can you prepare a cleaning plan tailored to our home and lifestyle?
  15. What steps do you take to protect furniture and valuables while cleaning?
  16. Do you have experience setting up a household cleaning schedule?
  17. Are you skilled in any specific areas like marble restoration or silver polishing?
  18. How do you ensure that all areas of the house are regularly cleaned and maintained?
  19. What do you consider a successful cleaning session?
  20. How do you deal with high-traffic areas and keep them consistently clean?

Availability and Scheduling

  1. What days and hours are you available to work?
  2. Are you looking for part-time or full-time employment?
  3. How flexible is your schedule in case we need to change cleaning times?
  4. Can you commit to a long-term work schedule?
  5. Are you available for occasional extra work, like after parties or during holidays?
  6. Do you require advanced notice for schedule changes, and if so, how much?
  7. How do you handle schedule conflicts or emergencies?
  8. Would you be available for last-minute requests?
  9. Are you OK with alternating tasks from week to week?
  10. Can you provide your holiday availability schedule in advance?
  11. Do you prefer set hours, or are you flexible with the number of hours worked each week?
  12. Do we need to provide a certain number of hours or days’ notice to cancel a cleaning without payment?
  13. How do you track your work hours?
  14. Can we establish a routine schedule, or do you prefer flexibility?
  15. Would you be willing to stay late occasionally if the job requires it?
  16. Do you have reliable transportation to ensure punctuality?
  17. Can you provide us with your availability for the next six months?
  18. Are you able to handle sporadic work if our needs are not consistent?
  19. If hired, how soon can you start?
  20. Are you available for seasonal deep cleaning sessions in addition to regular cleaning?

Compatibility and Work Style

  1. How would you describe your work style?
  2. What do you need from us to do your job effectively?
  3. Do you prefer detailed instructions or a general cleaning outline?
  4. How do you handle feedback or criticism regarding your cleaning?
  5. What are your communication preferences regarding changes in tasks or schedules?
  6. How do you ensure you’re not disturbing the household while cleaning?
  7. Can you adapt to our family’s routines and preferences?
  8. What is your process for handling a task or situation you’re not familiar with?
  9. Are you comfortable working while we are home, or do you prefer an empty house?
  10. Do we need to have dedicated cleaning supplies, or do you bring your own?
  11. How do you deal with sensitive items or private areas in the home?
  12. Can you explain a situation where you had to adapt quickly to a client’s needs?
  13. What qualities make you a good fit for our household?
  14. Are you comfortable with a trial period to ensure it’s a good fit for both parties?
  15. How do you approach confidentiality regarding working in someone’s personal space?
  16. In case of accidental damage during cleaning, what is your course of action?
  17. What initiatives have you taken in previous roles to ensure enhanced cleaning services?
  18. How do you handle a situation where you’re unable to complete your cleaning tasks on a given day?
  19. How do you maintain a balance between being thorough and efficient, especially in a large home?
  20. What makes you stand out from other housekeepers?

References and Legal Considerations

  1. Can you provide references from previous employers?
  2. Are you legally authorized to work in this country?
  3. Have you undergone a background check, and would you consent to one?
  4. Do you have any professional liability insurance?
  5. What would you do if you discovered something valuable went missing after your cleaning session?
  6. Have you ever been bonded in your line of work?
  7. Can you provide proof of your identity and work authorization?
  8. Would you be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement?
  9. How have you handled emergency situations in a client’s home?
  10. Are your vaccinations, like flu shots and COVID-19, up to date
  11. How do you handle key security or home access procedures?
  12. Are there any work restrictions or health concerns we should know about?
  13. Can you provide a driving record if the job requires running errands?
  14. Have you ever handled a situation where a client accused you of wrongdoing?
  15. What are your expectations regarding job safety and employer liability?
  16. Do you have any pending legal issues that could affect your employment?
  17. What steps would you take if you accidentally caused property damage?
  18. Have you ever dealt with confidential or sensitive information in a client’s home?
  19. Would you agree to a trial period to assess suitability for the job?
  20. Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement if the job requires discretion?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I assess a housekeeper’s cleaning practices and skills?

  • Ask about their familiarity with various products and surfaces
  • Request a description of their cleaning process
  • Inquire about any special techniques they use

What’s important to know about a housekeeper’s availability and scheduling?

  • Their routine hours and flexibility
  • Willingness to commit to a long-term schedule
  • Availability for occasional extra work

How do I determine if a housekeeper’s work style is compatible with my household?

  • Discuss their work style and need for instruction
  • Communication preferences
  • Adaptability to household routines

Final Thoughts

As you conclude your search for the ideal housekeeper, remember that each question you ask is a stepping stone towards a partnership that brings cleanliness and order to your living space.

The thorough list you’ve explored today is not just a checklist; it’s a framework to identify a candidate that fits not only the technical aspects of the role but also the heart and soul of your home’s ethos.

Use these questions wisely, embrace the answers with an open mind, and your journey will lead to a housekeeper who brightens both your home and your day.

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