89 Questions to Ask a Medium

If you’ve always been curious about what a medium does or how they do it, you’re not alone. Millions of people are interested in the paranormal and what happens after death. Although there’s no definitive answer, mediums provide comfort and closure by connecting people with their deceased loved ones.

This post is designed to help you get the most out of your reading with a medium by giving you some important questions to ask before and during your session. This way, you’ll make sure you and the medium are on the same wavelength and you’ll get the most out of your time together. Trust your intuition about what questions to ask – and be open to the answers you receive.

62 Questions you should ask a medium before a reading:

  1. How long have you been doing this?
  2. How did you get into this work?
  3. How do you work?
  4. How would you describe what you do?
  5. What is your process for connecting with the other side?
  6. Do you need something from me to make the connection?
  7. Who do you think is on the other side?
  8. What’s the best thing about this work?
  9. What’s the most difficult thing about this work?
  10. Can anyone do this work or is it a special gift?
  11. Are you sometimes afraid of this work?
  12. What was your most memorable experience doing this work?
  13. Has anything surprising ever happened to you while you were doing a reading?
  14. Do deceased loved ones always come up in readings?
  15. If someone I love has passed away, will I see them in a reading?
  16. How can I tell if a loved one is trying to contact me from the other side?
  17. Is it possible to communicate with animals that have passed away?
  18. Do you ever see ghosts during your readings?
  19. Have you ever seen or spoken with Jesus during a reading?
  20. How do you connect with the spirit?
  21. How long have you been working as a medium?
  22. Do you have any formal training or certification?
  23. Do you specialize in a particular area?
  24. Are there any topics that are off-limits to you?
  25. How much information will I receive during the reading?
  26. Can I ask questions during the reading?
  27. How long will the reading last?
  28. How did you first realize you had this ability?
  29. Who have you helped the most with your gift?
  30. Can anyone learn to do what you do?
  31. What are the signs that my loved one is trying to reach me from the other side?
  32. Can you communicate with anyone on the other side or only with certain people?
  33. Have you ever been surprised by what someone on the other side has said to you?
  34. Are readings confidential?
  35. Can I record my reading?
  36. What if I’m not ready to hear from my deceased loved ones?
  37. How do I know if the messages I receive are from my loved ones or my mind?
  38. Will you give me messages even if I don’t want to hear them?
  39. What happens if we run out of time during my reading?
  40. Can I ask for certain information about my deceased loved ones?
  41. Can I ask for certain messages from my deceased loved ones?
  42. Can I choose not to hear from certain spirits?
  43. What are your ethical guidelines as a medium?
  44. What’s your policy for recording the session?
  45. What’s your fee?
  46. Do you offer discounts or payment plans?
  47. What forms of payment do you accept?
  48. How should I prepare for the reading?
  49. How should I dress for the reading?
  50. What should I bring to the reading?
  51. Is there anything I shouldn’t do before or during the reading?
  52. What are your hours of operation?
  53. Do you offer remote readings or sessions by phone or video chat?
  54. How do I make an appointment for a reading?
  55. What’s your phone number?
  56. What’s your email address?
  57. What’s your mailing address?
  58. Do you have a website?
  59. Do you offer gift certificates? 
  60. How can I contact you if I have more questions?
  61. Do you have any advice for people grieving the loss of a loved one?
  62. Is there anything else I should know before we get started?

27 Questions to ask a medium during a reading:

  1. What do you see in my future?
  2. What is my soul’s purpose?
  3. What’s the meaning of the dream I had?
  4. What do you see around me?
  5. Do you see my deceased relatives?
  6. What are they saying to you?
  7. Do you see any messages for me from my spirit guides or angels?
  8. Can you give me a reading on (specific person)?
  9. Who/what’s come through for me?
  10. How can I connect with them?
  11. What’s a past life that’s affecting me in this life?
  12. Who are my spirit guides and what do they want me to know?
  13. What messages do they have for me about my past, present, or future?
  14. How can I connect with my deceased loved ones?
  15. Is there anything I need to know about my ancestors?
  16. Are there unresolved issues from past lives that are affecting me now?
  17. Are there certain signs or symbols I should look out for?
  18. What’s the message behind the synchronicities or coincidences I experience?
  19. Is there anything I need to know about my own psychic abilities or intuition?
  20. Are my loved ones doing well?
  21. Do they have any messages for me from my deceased loved ones?
  22. How can I best help my deceased loved ones get to the other side?
  23. How can I release any grief or anger I may be holding because of a past loss?
  24. Can you give me a general interpretation of my health, relationships, and career?
  25. What does it mean when I see recurring number patterns like 11:11 or 333?
  26. Is there anything else you see that you think I should know?
  27. Do you have any advice for me on how to progress on my spiritual path?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a psychic medium reading?

A psychic medium reading is a form of spiritual healing and counseling that takes advantage of the unique connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

During a reading, a medium acts as an intermediary between you and your deceased loved ones, helping you receive messages and advice from beyond the grave. Whether you’re seeking closure or simply want to better understand your deceased loved one, a medium can provide invaluable insight and guidance that can help you navigate through difficult times.

Can you become a medium?

There’s no definite answer to the question of whether or not everyone can become a medium. Some believe that possessing certain innate qualities, such as keen intuition or psychic abilities, is necessary to successfully connect with the spirit world.

Others claim that anyone can become a medium if they’re willing to put in the time and effort to learn and practice their skills. The truth about how to become a medium probably lies somewhere between these two theories.

Whether you have a natural gift for connecting with spirits or you can develop these abilities through training and practice, anyone can tap into their spiritual side and become a medium.


A medium reading can offer closure, peace of mind, and validation by providing us with answers straight from the source–our deceased loved ones, our guardian angels, and even our spirit guides. To get the most out of your reading, it’s important to come prepared with questions so you don’t leave frustrated or confused.

Remember that not all mediums can answer every single question – but most can answer most of them! Trust your gut and just go with the flow- a good medium will be able to guide you and provide you with the answers you’re seeking!

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