120 Questions to Ask a Wedding Band

When it’s time to tie the knot, every detail counts, and music sets the tone for your big day. The right wedding band will not only fill the dance floor but also create an atmosphere reflecting your style and love story.

But before you say “I do” to just any group of musicians, it’s crucial to conduct a little symphony of inquiries. With this list of questions, you’ll be sure to find the perfect soundtrack for your wedding, ensuring your celebration hits all the right notes.

Band’s Background and Experience

  1. How long have you been performing together as a band?
  2. Can you tell us about some of the weddings you’ve played at?
  3. Do you have any previous clients we can speak to for references?
  4. How do you typically prepare for a wedding performance?
  5. Have you performed at our chosen wedding venue before?
  6. What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve played at and why?
  7. How do you handle unexpected situations during a performance?
  8. Can you describe your performance style?
  9. What genres or types of music do you specialize in?
  10. How often do you practice as a group?
  11. Do you have backup musicians in case a band member can’t perform?
  12. Are there any types of weddings or events you don’t perform at?
  13. How do you keep your song list and performance skills up to date?
  14. Have you received any awards or recognitions as a wedding band?
  15. What sets your band apart from others we might be considering?
  16. How do you tailor your performance to a couple’s preferences?
  17. What do you enjoy most about performing at weddings?
  18. Can you provide a sample setlist from a recent wedding performance?
  19. Do members of your band have formal musical education or training?
  20. How do you ensure a seamless performance on the wedding day?

Songs and Music Choices

  1. How extensive is your repertoire of songs?
  2. Can we have input on the setlist for our wedding?
  3. Are you able to learn new songs specifically for our event?
  4. How do you choose the songs you play for different parts of the wedding?
  5. Do you offer different styles of music for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception?
  6. How do you manage the volume and energy level of your performance?
  7. Can we provide a “Do Not Play” list, and will you adhere to it?
  8. How many breaks do you take, and what’s the duration of these breaks?
  9. Will there be music playing during your breaks?
  10. How do you keep the music flowing and transition between songs?
  11. What is your most requested song for weddings?
  12. Do you provide emcee services between sets?
  13. How do you ensure that your music appeals to guests of all ages?
  14. What process do you follow if you want a song that isn’t in your usual repertoire?
  15. How far in advance do we need to finalize our music choices with you?
  16. Can you provide an acoustic set if needed?
  17. How do you personalize the music experience for each wedding couple?
  18. Do you incorporate any audience participation in your performance?
  19. How do you balance playing hit songs with unique or lesser-known music?
  20. What’s your most memorable song request, and how did you handle it?

Event Coordination and Performance Details

  1. What time will you arrive at the venue to set up?
  2. How much space do you require for your performance setup?
  3. What kind of power and electrical outlets do you need?
  4. Do you coordinate with wedding planners or venue staff on the day of the event?
  5. How long will your setup and soundcheck take?
  6. What information do you need from us before the wedding day?
  7. Will you be wearing specific attire, and can it be tailored to our wedding theme?
  8. How do you plan the timing of performances throughout the wedding?
  9. Do you need a stage, or can you perform on ground level?
  10. How flexible are you with last-minute changes on the wedding day?
  11. What kind of lighting or stage effects do you use during your performance?
  12. Do you require a meal break, and if so, how do you coordinate this?
  13. Can you provide a run-through or rehearsal before the wedding day?
  14. Are you comfortable working with other vendors, such as DJs or photographers?
  15. Do you handle announcements or introductions during your performance?
  16. How do you ensure that your performance is seamless in the event?
  17. What’s your policy on overtime if the event runs longer than planned?
  18. How do you coordinate with us or the planner for special moments, like the first dance?
  19. What is your experience with outdoor performances and their potential challenges?
  20. Do you have any requirements for the performance area to ensure a quality show?

Pricing and Contract Terms

  1. What is your standard rate for wedding performances, and what does it include?
  2. Are there different packages available, and what are the differences between them?
  3. Do you require a deposit, and when is the full payment due?
  4. What’s your cancellation policy?
  5. Are there any additional fees we should be aware of, such as travel or overtime charges?
  6. Do you offer any discounts for off-peak times or days?
  7. Is there a charge for learning new songs that are not in your current repertoire?
  8. Can you provide a detailed contract outlining all services and fees?
  9. How are unexpected expenses handled if they arise?
  10. What does your insurance cover in terms of liability for your performance?
  11. Are any post-wedding services included, like recordings of the performance?
  12. Do you have a standard duration for performance, or is it customizable?
  13. How much time in advance do we need to book your services?
  14. How do you handle travel arrangements and costs for distant venues?
  15. What is your refund policy if the band fails to perform as agreed?
  16. Are any discounts provided for referrals or repeat business?
  17. Do you offer a written satisfaction guarantee?
  18. How are additional hours of performance priced?
  19. Is there an additional cost for special equipment or setup requirements?
  20. Are gratuities included in your price, or are they expected separately?

Equipment and Technical Needs

  1. What type of sound system do you use?
  2. Do you provide your own lighting equipment?
  3. Are there any specific staging requirements for your performance?
  4. How much time do you need to set up and take down your equipment?
  5. Do you require assistance from the venue for setup or teardown?
  6. Do we need to provide any equipment or instruments for the band?
  7. Is there a backup plan if there’s an equipment failure?
  8. Will the band’s equipment require special accommodations due to size or power needs?
  9. Can your setup accommodate both indoor and outdoor venues?
  10. Do you require a sound check, and how long does it typically last?
  11. How do you ensure the sound quality is optimal for our venue size?
  12. Do you handle your own sound mixing during the performance?
  13. Are you self-sufficient in terms of technical needs, or do you require a technical crew?
  14. Do you have wireless options for more flexible performance setups?
  15. Do you require a dressing room or a secure area for equipment?
  16. Can you work with a venue’s in-house sound system if available?
  17. What kind of stage or platform do you prefer for your performance?
  18. How do you deal with sound restrictions or noise ordinances at certain venues?
  19. Do you have your own transportation for equipment?
  20. Are you prepared for outdoor performances that might face weather-related challenges?

Interacting With Guests and Handling Requests

  1. How do you engage with the wedding guests?
  2. Are you able to take song requests during the event?
  3. How do you ensure guests are having a good time on the dance floor?
  4. Can you lead or participate in interactive dances if requested?
  5. How do you handle situations where guests are not engaging with the music?
  6. Do you interact with guests between sets or prefer to stay in the background?
  7. How do you manage excessive song requests or demands from guests?
  8. Are you equipped to deal with any inappropriate behavior from guests toward the band?
  9. Do you have a protocol for encouraging guests to dance and enjoy themselves?
  10. Can you act as an MC to direct guests or make announcements?
  11. What’s your experience with diverse wedding traditions and music requests?
  12. How do you balance the entertainment needs of a mixed-age crowd?
  13. How do you read the room and adjust the music accordingly?
  14. How do you deal with song requests that are not in keeping with the couple’s preferences?
  15. Can guests come up to the stage or interact with the band members?
  16. Do you offer a dedicated time slot for special performances, like a family member singing?
  17. How do you keep the energy up during the later hours of the reception?
  18. Do you have any unique or special ways you interact with the guests?
  19. How do you ensure a smooth transition between different parts of the evening?
  20. Are there any interactive activities you provide, like props for the dance floor?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure the wedding band matches the theme of my wedding?

Discuss your theme and expectations with potential bands, and ask if they can tailor their attire and playlist to match. Find out whether they have experience with similar themed weddings.

How many hours does a band play at a wedding?

The number of hours a band plays at a wedding can vary depending on the length of the wedding and the preferences of the bride and groom.

Typically, a band plays for at least three hours, with the most common amount of time being four or five hours. Some couples may choose to have the band play even longer, up to six or seven hours, if they want a longer reception with more dancing and entertainment.

How important is it for a wedding band to interact with wedding guests?

The band’s interaction with guests can contribute greatly to the energy and overall enjoyment of the evening. Find out how the band plans to engage with your guests and their experience in creating a dynamic and interactive atmosphere.

What are the signs of a professional and reliable wedding band?

Signs include timely and clear communication, a comprehensive contract, flexibility in accommodating requests, and positive reviews or referrals from previous clients.

Final Thoughts

Armed with these comprehensive questions, you’re now ready to conduct the perfect harmony of interviews to secure your dream wedding band.

Remember, music is the heartbeat of any celebration, and choosing the right band will ensure your wedding day is as unique and unforgettable as the love you share. Cheers to creating magical musical memories that will last a lifetime!

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