100 Questions to Ask About an Internship Offer

Landing an internship offer is a fantastic step towards building your career, but before you sign on the dotted line, it’s crucial to fully understand what you’re stepping into.

Asking the right questions now sets the stage for a fruitful and impactful experience. What you inquire about today could shape the trajectory of your professional journey tomorrow.

So, to help you navigate this decisive moment, we’ve compiled a go-to list of questions that will guide you to make the most out of your internship offer and ensure it aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

Position-Specific Details

  1. What are the main responsibilities of the internship?
  2. Can you describe a typical day for an intern in this position?
  3. What are the key projects I would be involved in?
  4. What skills are you hoping an intern will bring to this position?
  5. Is there a particular software or set of tools I will be expected to use?
  6. Will I be working independently or as part of a team?
  7. Who will I report to, and how is feedback typically given?
  8. Are there opportunities to work in different departments?
  9. What are the expected outcomes or deliverables from this internship?
  10. How much client or stakeholder interaction is involved?
  11. Will the role involve travel, and if so, how frequently?
  12. Are there specific goals the company wishes to achieve through this internship?
  13. Will I be managing any projects on my own?
  14. Is this internship more focused on research, execution, or both?
  15. How does the intern’s work contribute to the overall mission of the company?
  16. Is there room for innovation and bringing in new ideas in this role?
  17. Will there be an opportunity to attend company meetings or strategy sessions?
  18. How hands-on is the internship in terms of applying theoretical knowledge?
  19. What is the process for submitting and reviewing work?
  20. Will I be involved in any cross-functional teams or initiatives?

Compensation and Benefits

  1. Is this a paid or unpaid internship, and if paid, what is the compensation structure?
  2. Will there be any stipends for travel or meals?
  3. Does the company offer housing assistance or relocation benefits?
  4. Are there any performance bonuses or incentives available?
  5. Will I be eligible for any benefits, such as health insurance or gym memberships?
  6. Is there a stipend for completion of the internship?
  7. How does the company handle overtime work for interns?
  8. Will the internship provide any educational grants or scholarships?
  9. In the case of an unpaid internship, are there any compensatory benefits offered?
  10. Are there any discounts on company products or services for interns?
  11. Will the company cover transportation costs like parking or public transit?
  12. Is the pay structure based on an hourly rate or a fixed stipend?
  13. Can you provide information on the process for expense reimbursements?
  14. Does the company contribute to a retirement plan or other financial planning services for interns?
  15. Are there any financial support mechanisms for interns pursuing concurrent studies?
  16. Will interns receive the same financial benefits as part-time employees?
  17. Does the company provide access to professional attire for business-related events?
  18. Are interns eligible for holiday pay?
  19. How often will I be paid, and through what method?
  20. Can interns participate in the company’s profit-sharing plan, if available?

Company Culture and Work Environment

  1. How would you describe the company culture?
  2. What are the company’s core values, and how are they reflected in the day-to-day?
  3. Can you tell me about the diversity and inclusion initiatives at the company?
  4. What is the dress code like?
  5. How does the company support work-life balance?
  6. Are there any company traditions or events that interns can participate in?
  7. How does the company ensure a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone?
  8. Can you describe the team I’ll be working with?
  9. How often does the company hold team-building activities?
  10. What are the usual work hours, and is there flexibility for interns?
  11. How collaborative is the work setting?
  12. Are there opportunities for interns to provide feedback or suggestions?
  13. Is there a mentorship program available for interns?
  14. What policies does the company have related to harassment or discrimination?
  15. How does the company address mental health and well-being?
  16. Can you give examples of how interns have impacted the company culture in the past?
  17. What types of social activities does the company organize for employees?
  18. How transparent is the company’s communication with interns?
  19. Is remote work or a hybrid schedule an option for interns?
  20. How involved are senior leaders with interns or junior staff?

Professional Development and Growth

  1. Are there professional development opportunities available during the internship?
  2. Can you provide examples of previous interns who have advanced within the company?
  3. What kind of training or onboarding process is in place for interns?
  4. Does the company offer workshops, seminars, or courses to interns?
  5. Will there be opportunities to work on skills not directly related to the immediate role?
  6. How does the company support an intern’s career aspirations?
  7. Is there a possibility for the internship to turn into a full-time position?
  8. Are there networking opportunities within or outside the company available to interns?
  9. Will I receive a performance review during or after my internship?
  10. How does the company measure an intern’s performance and progress?
  11. Are there opportunities to attend industry conferences or events?
  12. Does the company provide any certifications or acknowledgments of skill development?
  13. What is the company’s policy on providing references or recommendations post-internship?
  14. Will I have a chance to present my work or findings to the team or management?
  15. Are there leadership opportunities for interns within projects?
  16. How does the company facilitate an intern’s growth beyond their initial skill set?
  17. Can interns join or lead company committees or special task groups?
  18. Does the company have a formal mentorship or buddy system for new interns?
  19. Are there resources for career planning and resume building provided by the company?
  20. How can an intern take initiative in their own professional development here?

Practical Considerations and Support

  1. What is the expected start date and duration of the internship?
  2. Are there options for the internship to be extended?
  3. What are the daily work hours, and how flexible are they?
  4. Can the company provide assistance with securing a visa for international students?
  5. Will I need to bring my own equipment, like a laptop or any special gear?
  6. Does the company provide technical support and resources for interns?
  7. What is the company’s policy on sick days and personal leave for interns?
  8. How will the internship be adapted if there are changes due to external circumstances like public health issues?
  9. Are there any COVID-19 safety protocols I should be aware of?
  10. What kind of administrative support does the company offer to interns?
  11. Can the accommodation be arranged through the company or through partnerships?
  12. Will there be an orientation day to get to know the company and colleagues?
  13. What is the company’s inclement weather policy, especially if commuting is involved?
  14. Is there a possibility for the internship to transition to remote work if required?
  15. Are there relocation services or support for interns moving from far away?
  16. Is there access to mental health resources for interns?
  17. How does the company handle confidential information, particularly for interns?
  18. Is there an emergency contact or protocol specific to interns?
  19. Are interns included in company communications like newsletters or updates?
  20. Can I connect with current or former interns to get insights into their experiences?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of asking questions about an internship offer?

The primary purpose is to ensure that the internship is the right fit for your goals and expectations. It allows you to understand the role, the company culture, the benefits, and the support you would receive, facilitating an informed decision about the offer.

How can I ask about the compensation for an internship without sounding impolite?

Be Direct and Professional:
You can straightforwardly ask about the compensation structure. Something like: “Can you provide details on the compensation for this internship?” reflects both professionalism and respect for your time and commitment.

What if the company doesn’t provide a clear answer about the chances of the internship leading to a full-time position?

Seek General Information:
If the company is vague about conversion opportunities, you might ask, “Can you tell me about past interns’ experiences with transitioning to full-time roles within the company?

Is it appropriate to ask about work-life balance during an internship?

Work-life balance is an important aspect of any job. You might frame it as, “How does the company support interns in maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Final Thoughts

Remember, the right internship can be a cornerstone for your career, laying the foundation for future opportunities. Asking these questions isn’t about ticking off checkboxes; it’s about engaging with your potential future workplace and envisioning your role in it.

So, ask away, make informed decisions, and step into your professional journey with certainty!

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