102 Questions to Ask an Assisted Living Facility

Deciding to move to an assisted living home is a big step. It’s more than just a choice of changing physical living spaces; it’s about ensuring a supportive, warm, and secure environment that can truly be called a home.

The right assisted living facility, which not only provides necessary care and assistance but also enhances the quality of life through opportunities for social engagement and stimulating activities, plays a crucial role in the lives of its residents.

To help you focus on these crucial aspects and make a well-informed decision, I’ve put together this list of key questions to guide your search for the best fit. Let’s get started!

Basic Information about the Facility

  1. When was the facility established?
  2. Can you give an overview of your facility?
  3. What levels of care do you provide?
  4. How many residents are currently living in the community?
  5. What types of rooms are available?
  6. Can residents bring their own furniture?
  7. What is the staff-to-resident ratio?
  8. Can residents come and go as they please?
  9. Is there a waiting list?
  10. What is the average age of the residents?
  11. What is the visiting policy?
  12. Are pets allowed?
  13. How often are the rooms cleaned?
  14. Is smoking allowed anywhere on the premises?
  15. Do you serve meals? If so, what nutritional guidelines do you follow?
  16. Can residents request special meals?
  17. How often is the facility inspected?

Services and Assistance Provided

  1. What personal care services do you offer?
  2. Do you provide any rehabilitation services?
  3. What type of assistance do you provide with medication management?
  4. Do you provide transportation services for residents?
  5. What kinds of housekeeping services do you offer?
  6. Do you offer laundry services for individual clients?
  7. What additional services do you offer that aren’t included in the monthly fee?
  8. Do you provide any special care services for residents with unique needs?
  9. How frequently do you evaluate residents’ care needs?
  10. How does your discharge policy work if a resident’s care needs change significantly?
  11. Can third-party services come into the facility?
  12. Is there a beauty/barber shop on-site?
  13. Are religious services or spiritual care available?
  14. Are dental and podiatry services offered on-site?
  15. How do you manage incontinence care?
  16. What training does your staff have for dementia care?
  17. How long does your staff typically stay with your facility?

Health Care and Medical Support

  1. How do you handle medical emergencies?
  2. Are there nurses and doctors on site each day?
  3. Does the facility have a working relationship with a nearby hospital?
  4. How does the facility handle regular medical check-ups?
  5. What happens if a resident becomes ill?
  6. How are prescriptions managed, and is there a pharmacy within the facility?
  7. Are therapy services provided on-site?
  8. What qualifications do you require for your medical staff?
  9. Do you have any specialty care services, like Alzheimer’s care?
  10. Is hospice and palliative care available?
  11. How is pain managed among residents?
  12. How often are weight and vital signs monitored?
  13. Is there a mental health practitioner available?
  14. Are there any special programs for residents with chronic illnesses?
  15. Is there a dietician on staff?
  16. How are family members informed about any changes in a resident’s health?
  17. How does the facility handle end-of-life decisions?

Activities and Social Engagement Opportunities

  1. What kind of activities and amenities does the facility offer?
  2. How often does the Activities schedule change?
  3. How do you accommodate residents with mobility challenges during activities?
  4. Do residents have the option of participating in community outings?
  5. Are there any clubs or groups the residents can join?
  6. Do you have a fitness center or provide fitness classes?
  7. Are family members encouraged to attend activities with their loved ones?
  8. How do you include the residents in the planning of activities or events?
  9. Do you have an outdoor area for resident use?
  10. What mental stimulation activities do you offer?
  11. Are there opportunities for residents to engage in art or music therapy?
  12. Does the facility offer a volunteer program?
  13. Do you celebrate holidays and birthdays?
  14. How do you encourage social interaction among residents?
  15. How do you accommodate residents who prefer independent activities?
  16. Do you provide pet therapy?
  17. Are there cultural and educational opportunities available?

Costs and Financial Details

  1. What is the cost of the base monthly fee?
  2. Are there additional costs for additional services?
  3. Are there deposits or admission fees?
  4. Is there an annual increase in fees, and if so, what’s the average percentage?
  5. What’s included in the monthly fee?
  6. What’s not included in the monthly fee?
  7. Can the facility provide itemized bills?
  8. Do you have a financial aid program?
  9. Are you Medicaid or Medicare-certified?
  10. How many days’ notice does the facility provide if a resident needs to be discharged due to financial reasons?
  11. Does the facility have a policy for readmission following hospitalization?
  12. Are there any penalties for breaking a lease or contract early?
  13. How far in advance are residents notified of price changes?
  14. Does the facility offer any discounts for veterans?
  15. What types of insurance are accepted?
  16. Can I obtain an annual statement for tax purposes?
  17. How do additional needs or levels of care impact the cost?

Safety Measures and Emergency Procedures

  1. How is the facility equipped for emergencies?
  2. What safety measures are in place to prevent falls and injuries?
  3. How does the facility handle emergency evacuations?
  4. Are smoke detectors and fire sprinklers installed throughout the facility?
  5. Does the facility have a generator in case of power failure?
  6. What is your policy on resident wandering?
  7. What’s the procedure for emergency medical needs, especially in the middle of the night?
  8. How frequently are safety drills performed?
  9. Are all exits and entrances secure and monitored?
  10. Is there a protocol to handle resident conflicts or aggression?
  11. What are the security arrangements made for residents who leave the facility for outings?
  12. Is there a procedure/protocol in place for missing person scenarios?
  13. How does the facility handle food recalls?
  14. Are employees’ background checked?
  15. What measures are taken to ensure resident belongings are secure?
  16. How frequently is the safety and emergency equipment checked and updated?
  17. How does the facility ensure proper hand hygiene and prevent infections?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you evaluate an assisted living facility?

When considering an assisted living facility, it is important to evaluate the quality of care and services offered. Look for a facility that has a good reputation and provides residents with the care and support they need.

Ask questions about the staff, programming, and amenities offered, and tour the facility to get an idea of the overall environment. Make sure you are comfortable with the staff and confident that they can meet your loved one’s needs.

What are the challenges of assisted living facilities?

One is cost, which can be prohibitive for some people. Another challenge is finding a suitable facility that meets the needs of the person in need of care.

Another challenge is coordinating care with family members and other caregivers. Finally, finding your way around a new environment and adjusting to a new routine can be difficult.

What is the goal of an assisted living facility?

The goal of an assisted living facility is to provide a high level of quality care to seniors who are no longer able to live independently. These facilities offer a variety of services, including assistance with activities of daily living, social activities, and meals.

They also provide a safe and supportive environment for residents who need help with daily care.

Final Thoughts

With these questions in hand, you’re now ready to make an informed choice about the right assisted living facility. Remember, every question you ask is a step closer to finding a comfortable, secure, and engaging environment that caters to you or your loved one’s specific needs.

Keep this list handy during your search, and rest assured you’re taking a comprehensive approach to this momentous decision. Happy hunting!

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