55 Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Conference

A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to gain insight into your child’s academic progress and social interactions at school. It’s also an ideal time to ask any burning questions you might have about your child’s education.

To help you make the most of your next parent-teacher conference, we’ve put together a list of questions you can ask. With these questions, you can get an overview of your child’s progress to get a better understanding of your child’s school experience.

55 Questions you can ask at the parent-teacher conference:

  1. How is my child doing academically?
  2. What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses?
  3. Is my child working up to his or her potential?
  4. How does my child interact with other students and teachers?
  5. Is there anyone my child doesn’t get along with that I should be aware of?
  6. Is my child respectful to teachers and classmates?
  7. What can I do to help my child socially?
  8. What can I do to help my child succeed in school?
  9. How does my child participate in class?
  10. What are my child’s behavior and discipline issues, if any?
  11. If so, what are they and how can I help my child overcome them?
  12. Is there anything that I should be doing differently at home to help my child succeed?
  13. How does my child participate in class?
  14. What challenges is my child facing in school?
  15. Is there anything I can do to help my child overcome these challenges?
  16. What kind of feedback does my child need from me at home?
  17. What resources are available to help my child succeed in school?
  18. How can I support my child’s education at home?
  19. When will progress reports be sent home and how often will grades be updated online?
  20. How do I know if my child is being challenged enough academically?
  21. My child is struggling in a particular subject, what can be done to help him or her catch up?
  22. My child is excelling in a particular subject, how can his or her talents be further developed?
  23. What enrichment opportunities are available for my child?
  24. Are there any before- or after-school programs that would benefit my child?
  25. What field trips are planned for the year and how can I sign up to chaperone?
  26. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns throughout the year?
  27. How is my child’s progress being tracked?
  28. How will I be informed of my child’s progress?
  29. Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns?
  30. What are the school’s policies on discipline and behavior?
  31. What are the expectations for homework and how can I help my child meet them?
  32. What are the school’s policies on homework and assignments?
  33. Does my child hand in homework on time?
  34. Is my child completing his or her homework?
  35. How can I help my child with homework?
  36. What are the school’s policies on testing and quizzes?
  37. When are tests and quizzes given?
  38. How does my child do on tests and quizzes?
  39. Are there any upcoming tests or quizzes my child should be aware of?
  40. What are the school’s policies on communication with parents and guardians?
  41. What are the classroom rules and expectations?
  42. How is my child following them?
  43. Is there anything I can do at home to help reinforce the rules and expectations?
  44. What are some things my child is doing well in class?
  45. What are some areas where my child could use improvement?
  46. Are there any extracurricular activities or clubs your child is interested in joining?
  47. What are my child’s attendance patterns?
  48. Is my child having any attendance problems?
  49. Does my child come to school every day?
  50. Does my child arrive on time for class?
  51. Does my child have any medical or health concerns that the school should be aware of?
  52. What can I do to motivate my child to do better in school?
  53. What standardized tests will my child be taking this year?
  54. How can I help my child prepare for those tests?
  55. What are the college and career options available to my child?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you prepare for a parent-teacher conference?

The best way to prepare for a parent-teacher conference is to come up with prepared questions. You should also review your child’s progress report and any other notes or records that the teacher may have sent home. It’s also important to be respectful and polite to the teacher and to listen attentively.

Do and don’ts of parent-teacher conferences?

Come to the meeting with specific questions or concerns.

Don’t come to the meeting angry or confrontational.

Be polite and respectful to the teacher.

Don’t badmouth the teacher or other parents at the meeting.

Make a plan for follow-up after the meeting.

Don’t monopolize the conversation.

Don’t argue with the teacher.


Parent-teacher conferences provide parents with a valuable opportunity to learn more about their child’s academic progress and social interactions at school. By asking thoughtful questions, you can gain insights that will help you support your child both at home and at school.

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