140 Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media

Social media allows us to connect and share with ease, but not without risk. We often post on impulse, only to question our decision moments later. Was that post too much? Did it really convey what we meant?

One wrong move can dent your online image. No matter your experience level, careful sharing is key.

Before you press ‘Share’, pause. This checklist of essential questions will help you craft posts that are impactful and appropriate, ensuring your social media footprint is just as impressive as you are!

Content Value

  1. Will this post provide value to my followers?
  2. Is this content relevant to my audience’s interests?
  3. Does my post offer any new information or perspectives?
  4. Is the content of high quality, both visually and textually?
  5. Will this post inspire a positive action or thought?
  6. Is this content evergreen, or will it quickly become outdated?
  7. Does the post contribute to meaningful conversation?
  8. Have I fact-checked all the information shared in this post?
  9. Is my message clear and easily understandable?
  10. Could this content be misconstrued or offensive?
  11. Is the content original, or appropriately credited if not?
  12. Does this post align with the interests of my niche or industry?
  13. Have I included a call-to-action to engage the audience?
  14. Is the language used in the post inclusive and respectful?
  15. Does this content avoid controversial or polarizing topics unnecessarily?
  16. Have I used attention-grabbing elements like hashtags, images, or videos effectively?
  17. Is my post concise, or can it be trimmed for clarity?
  18. Have I avoided the use of jargon or acronyms that might confuse my audience?
  19. Is this the type of content I would enjoy if I saw it on my feed?
  20. Does the post encourage sharing or tagging, to increase its reach and impact?

Audience Impact

  1. Who is my target audience for this post?
  2. Will this post resonate with that audience?
  3. What reactions am I aiming to elicit with this content?
  4. Is there a strong call-to-action that encourages engagement?
  5. How does this content benefit my followers?
  6. Am I prepared to respond to comments and engage with my audience?
  7. Is the tone of my content appropriate for my audience?
  8. Could the post potentially alienate any of my followers?
  9. Have I considered how the content affects diverse groups within my audience?
  10. Are there interactive elements such as polls or questions to boost engagement?
  11. Am I leveraging the right social platform for my target demographic?
  12. Have I utilized the language and trends that appeal to my audience?
  13. Could any part of my post be misinterpreted or taken out of context?
  14. Does the post encourage a two-way conversation?
  15. Will this content help me grow my following or strengthen my community?
  16. Have I addressed potential concerns or questions my audience might have?
  17. Am I respecting the privacy and preferences of my audience with this content?
  18. Have I included mentions or tags that are relevant and beneficial to my audience?
  19. Is the timing of my post appropriate for when my audience is most active?
  20. Is the content tailored to the platform where my followers are most engaged?


  1. Could the content be sensitive or triggering to some individuals?
  2. Have I considered current events that may affect the reception of my post?
  3. Am I sharing personal information that I might later regret?
  4. Does my post inadvertently expose someone’s sensitive information?
  5. Is this content potentially defamatory or damaging to others?
  6. Have I avoided stereotypes, generalizations, and assumptions?
  7. Is there any possibility that this content might be perceived as discriminatory?
  8. Have I ensured that the content does not infringe on anyone’s privacy rights?
  9. Am I respecting cultural boundaries and social norms?
  10. Have I avoided contentious topics that do not relate to my brand or message?
  11. Does the content reflect empathy and consideration for global issues?
  12. Have I steered clear of language that could be offensive or hurtful?
  13. Am I posting about a topic that I have proper knowledge of and sensitivity towards?
  14. If discussing a serious issue, have I done so with the appropriate tone?
  15. Have I considered the implications of my post during sensitive times or dates?
  16. Is my content free of implicit biases that could harm or marginalize others?
  17. Have I ensured the visuals used are respectful and do not perpetuate stereotypes?
  18. Does this content respect the values and beliefs of my diverse audience?
  19. Am I ready to apologize and take responsibility if my content is unintentionally offensive?
  20. Have I avoided sharing content that could possibly spread misinformation?


  1. Does this post align with my personal or business brand values?
  2. Will this content enhance or harm my reputation?
  3. Have I considered how this post reflects on me as a professional?
  4. Could this content be used against me or my brand in the future?
  5. Am I maintaining consistency with my brand’s voice and messaging?
  6. Does the post contain any spelling or grammatical errors that could undermine its credibility?
  7. Is the content appropriate for the image I intend to project?
  8. Have I avoided posting while emotional or reacting impulsively?
  9. Does this post acknowledge and respect my competitors and colleagues?
  10. Have I conducted a quick search to ensure the post isn’t in conflict with recent news or trends?
  11. Can the content potentially lead to legal issues or conflicts?
  12. Have I ensured that no confidential or proprietary information is being disclosed?
  13. Does the content build trust and authority in my field of expertise?
  14. Have I avoided over-promotion and instead focused on adding value?
  15. Is the content a fair representation of my character and values?
  16. Have I avoided engaging in or endorsing questionable online trends?
  17. Have I taken into account feedback or criticism from previous posts?
  18. How will this post be perceived a year from now?
  19. Does the content empower and uplift rather than denigrate or belittle?
  20. Am I setting a positive example for others in my industry or network?

Post Timing

  1. Is this the best time to post, considering global time zones and my audience?
  2. Have I checked if there are any significant events that could overshadow my post?
  3. Am I posting too frequently, potentially overwhelming my followers?
  4. Could waiting to post at a later date improve the impact of my content?
  5. Have I factored in the best times for engagement on the specific platform I’m using?
  6. Am I posting during a time when my content is likely to generate conversation?
  7. Is there a seasonal aspect or relevance to my content that affects when it should be shared?
  8. Have I avoided posting during times of crisis or when it would seem insensitive?
  9. Does the timing of my post allow for me to actively engage with respondents?
  10. Have I taken advantage of live posting during events or occurrences relevant to my brand or audience?
  11. Am I spreading out my content to maintain a consistent presence without spamming?
  12. Have I considered the scheduling features available on the platform to optimize post-timing?
  13. Will I be available to monitor the post and respond quickly after publishing?
  14. Have I accounted for major holidays or observances that may impact the reception of my content?
  15. Is my content time-sensitive, such as announcements or updates that need immediate sharing?
  16. Am I respecting the unwritten rules of timing common to the platform (e.g., Throwback Thursdays)?
  17. Does my post coincide with any industry events where it could gain added visibility?
  18. Have I avoided posting at times when my audience data suggests they are less active?
  19. Is my content part of a coordinated campaign where timing is crucial?
  20. Have I prioritized quality over quantity when deciding to share my content?

Platform Rules

  1. Is my content compliant with the terms of service of the platform I’m using?
  2. Have I made sure that the format and style of my post meet the platform’s guidelines?
  3. Am I aware of any recent changes to the platform’s rules that could affect my post?
  4. Does my content adhere to the specific community standards of the platform?
  5. Have I researched the platform’s policies on copyright to avoid infringement?
  6. Am I using features like hashtags and tags in accordance with the platform’s best practices?
  7. Have I formatted my content to fit the technical specifications of the platform (e.g., image size and video length)?
  8. Does my content steer clear of prohibited subjects or materials outlined by the platform?
  9. Have I educated myself on the platform’s algorithms to maximize the visibility of my post?
  10. Am I respecting the etiquette of the platform with regard to content frequency and interactions?
  11. Do my visuals meet the quality standards specific to the platform?
  12. Have I utilized the platform’s language settings correctly if posting in multiple languages?
  13. Am I making the best use of the platform’s specific features, such as stories, live streaming, or carousels?
  14. Have I factored in any limitations on external links or commerce-related features on the platform?
  15. Is my content optimized for mobile viewing, considering that many users access social media on their devices?
  16. Have I checked for any region-specific regulations that could affect my post’s visibility?
  17. Are my captions and descriptions compliant with character limitations or formatting rules?
  18. Have I considered the impact of automated moderation tools on the wording and content of my post?
  19. Do I understand the implications of the platform’s privacy settings on the distribution of my post?
  20. Have I avoided mimicking the behavior of spammers or bots, which could lead to penalization on the platform?

Purpose Alignment

  1. Does this post directly support my overall social media goals?
  2. Am I clear on the action I want the audience to take after reading my post?
  3. How does this content fit into my larger content strategy and calendar?
  4. Does this post serve a particular purpose, such as educating, entertaining, or selling?
  5. Will this content prompt meaningful interactions that align with my objectives?
  6. Have I considered the long-term effects of this post on my social media presence?
  7. Does the post reflect the key messages and ethos of my brand or personal image?
  8. Am I leveraging this content to appropriately guide my audience down the marketing funnel?
  9. Does this post help to establish my expertise or authority in a particular area?
  10. How does this post contribute to my desired narrative or storyline on social media?
  11. Does this piece of content inspire trustworthiness and reliability?
  12. Have I ensured the post is not purely self-promotional but adds tangible value?
  13. Does the content encourage loyalty and affinity with my followers or customers?
  14. Am I using this post to effectively highlight my products, services, or offerings without being overly salesy?
  15. Does this post help in achieving my engagement rate or follower growth targets?
  16. Will the content support my efforts in building partnerships or collaborations?
  17. Have I used this post to listen and respond to my audience’s needs and feedback?
  18. Is the post designed to drive traffic to my website or a specific landing page?
  19. Does this content aid in positioning me as a thought leader or influencer in my field?
  20. How does this post contribute to the overall satisfaction and experience of my social media community?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is what I’m about to post constructive and positive, or could it be seen as hurtful or harmful?

Your social media posts should contribute positively to the community and engage others in a respectful manner. Before posting, reflect on the content’s purpose and its potential effects. Consider whether it’s uplifting, informative, or beneficial.

If there’s a chance it could be interpreted as disrespectful, offensive, or damaging, it may be best to revise your message or refrain from posting it altogether. Aim to share content that fosters constructive dialogue and uplifts rather than details that might offend or divide.

Have I considered how far-reaching the impact of this post could be due to social media’s public nature?

The inherent shareability of social media can propel your content well beyond your immediate circle, reaching a diverse audience of varying sensibilities and backgrounds. This can amplify both positive messages and inadvertent missteps.

Consider the potential ripple effect of what you’re sharing:
• Could it be misinterpreted or taken out of context?
• Could it inadvertently become viral for the wrong reasons?

Evaluate whether your post aligns with your long-term digital footprint and the broader reputation you aim to uphold.

What boundaries do I have in place to protect my privacy and security on social media?

Establishing personal boundaries on social media protects your privacy and deters unwelcome intrusions into your personal life. This includes being selective about the personal information you disclose, such as your location, contact details, and personal plans.

Consider adjusting privacy settings to control who can see your posts and personal information. Be wary of posting information that could be used to impersonate you or compromise your security.

Remember that once something is shared online, it can be difficult to completely retract, so err on the side of caution when deciding what to make public.

Final Thoughts

So, there you go—a list of questions for every key area to guide you safely through the complexities of social media. Make these questions part of your regular posting process, and you’ll create content that truly connects, represents who you are, and strengthens your online identity.

Next time you’re about to post, just pause for a moment. Use these questions to craft a post that people will notice and appreciate—one that leaves a lasting impression. Happy posting!

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