91 Questions to Ask College Students

College students are some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet. They’re working toward a degree that will shape their future, and they’re also trying to figure out who they are and what they want in life. So how can you get to know a college student? Here are some questions that can help you.

54 Questions to get to know a college student:

  1. What are your favorite classes so far?
  2. What’s your least favorite class and why?
  3. Who’s your favorite professor?
  4. What do you like to do for fun?
  5. Are you involved in any extracurricular activities on campus?
  6. What are your plans for after graduation?
  7. Where’s your dream job?
  8. What has been your biggest challenge in college?
  9. What has been your best moment in college so far?
  10. How would you describe your experience with roommates?
  11. Who’s your best friend at school?
  12. What’s something that has surprised you about college?
  13. Why did you decide to go to college?
  14. What’s your least favorite thing about college?
  15. Have you joined any clubs or organizations on campus? Which one?
  16. Do you have any close friends at college?
  17. Who do you live with?
  18. What do you like to do for fun?
  19. Do you work while you’re in college? If yes, where?
  20. Do you already know what you want to do after you graduate? If not, what are your plans for after college?
  21. Where’s your favorite place on campus? Why do you like it there?
  22. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? If so, why and for what purpose?
  23. What do you hope to get out of your college experience?
  24. What are your academic goals?
  25. What are your career goals?
  26. How do you plan to finance your studies?
  27. Do you have a scholarship or financial aid?
  28. What’s your housing situation while in college?
  29. What are your hobbies and interests outside of school?
  30. Do you volunteer or participate in community service projects?
  31. How do you feel about taking online classes?
  32. Have you ever taken an online class before?
  33. What do you think about study abroad programs?
  34. Have you ever considered studying abroad for a semester or a year?
  35. What do you think about internships and other forms of experiential learning?
  36. Have you ever completed an internship or used another form of experiential learning?
  37. How would you describe the student body at your college?
  38. Do you feel like you belong, or do you feel a bit like an outsider?
  39. Have you made any close friends at college yet?
  40. How are you doing academically?
  41. Do you feel like the workload is manageable or do you feel overwhelmed?
  42. What are your plans for after graduation?
  43. What do you wish someone had told you before starting college?
  44. Is there anything about college that surprised you when you started classes?
  45. Is there anyone in your family who’s also a student or has studied at your current college?
  46. What does a typical day look like for you?
  47. Are you getting enough sleep?
  48. Do you eat healthy meals?
  49. Do you exercise regularly?
  50. Have you ever been discriminated against or harassed on campus? If so, how did you handle it?
  51. Do people in your classes seem to take academic work seriously, or is everyone just trying to party all the time?
  52. Are there certain topics that interest you and that you wish your school offered more courses on?
  53. What advice would you give to a freshman just starting college?
  54. Do you think you will stay in touch with your classmates after graduation?

17 Questions to ask college students about their major:

  1. What made you choose your major?
  2. What are your career goals?
  3. What are your favorite and least favorite classes in your major?
  4. Have you had any internships or other practical experiences related to your major?
  5. What kind of research have you done in your field?
  6. What do you think distinguishes your major from other majors?
  7. Who influenced you the most in choosing your major?
  8. What opportunities have you had to study abroad or have other unique learning experiences?
  9. How has your major helped you develop as a person?
  10. How has your major prepared you for your career goals?
  11. What are you studying? Why did you choose this major or course of study?
  12. What do you think you’ll do with your degree after you graduate?
  13. What skills have you learned in your major that will help you in your career?
  14. What was your favorite project or assignment in your major?
  15. Were you able to present any of your research at conferences or symposia?
  16. What clubs or organizations are you involved in related to your major?
  17. Have you been able to take interesting electives outside of your major that enhanced your understanding of the subject matter?

20 Questions to ask college students about their school:

  1. What made you choose your school?
  2. What do you like best about your school?
  3. What do you think sets your school apart from other colleges?
  4. What are the worst things about your school?
  5. Is there a lot of school spirit on campus?
  6. Is there a strong sense of community on campus?
  7. Are there opportunities to get involved on campus?
  8. How easy is it to make friends on campus?
  9. Do you feel like your school provides adequate resources for students?
  10. How is the food on campus?
  11. Is the campus beautiful or is it in dire need of some updating?
  12. Is the place or city where the school is located safe and friendly?
  13. What has been your most memorable experience at your school so far?
  14. Do you think your school is preparing you well for life after graduation?
  15. Are there plenty of parking spots if you have a car on campus?
  16. How easy is it to find off-campus housing?
  17. Is public transportation easily accessible from campus?
  18. What would you like to change about your school?
  19. Are there many things you can do off campus when you need a break from studying?
  20. Would you recommend your school to other students?

Frequently Asked Questions

Which degree is the highest?

The highest degree is usually the doctorate (Ph.D.). This advanced degree allows students to conduct independent research in their field of study, and it typically requires many years of advanced education and training.

Other high-level degrees include the master’s degree, usually awarded after at least two years of study, and professional degrees, such as those in law or medicine. The type of degree you choose depends on what you want to accomplish with your education, as well as your personal interests and career goals.

What do college students worry about the most?

College students worry about a variety of things, from academic success to personal relationships to finances. Some of the most common worries include academic performance, social pressures, and uncertainty about the future.

These worries can impact students’ mental health, happiness, and overall well-being. Despite these challenges, many students manage to thrive in their studies and other aspects of their lives.


Asking questions is a great way to get to know someone, and learning about someone’s experiences in college can be both interesting and informative. College students have a lot on their plate, and hearing about it firsthand can give you a better idea of what college life is really like. Next time you talk to a college student, try asking them one (or more!) of these questions!

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