20 Questions to Ask for Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time of year. The air is filled with anticipation and excitement as people prepare for family gatherings, decorate their homes, and shop for gifts. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your Secret Santa this year, look no further!

20 Questions to help you find the perfect gift:

  1. What would be your dream Christmas gift?
  2. What are you most looking forward to this Christmas? 
  3. How do you usually spend Christmas Day? 
  4. What are your hobbies or interests? 
  5. Do you collect anything or have any special items that you are proud to display or use?
  6. Do you prefer hand-made gifts, purchased gifts, or experiences/activities over material items? (This can help with budgeting and making sure they get something they can appreciate and use).
  7. Is there anything else I should know before picking out a gift for you?
  8. What size clothes do they wear (pants, shirt, dress, etc.)? 
  9. Do they prefer to shop at certain stores (e.g. H&M, Forever 21, Target)? 
  10. For female Secret Santa – what type of makeup do they prefer (e.g., foundation shade)? 
  11. For male Secret Santa – what type of perfume do they prefer?
  12. What is their favorite color? (This can help choose wrapping paper, bows, etc., as well as clothing or other items).
  13. If they are a coffee drinker – what type of coffee beans/flavor do they like?
  14. Is there something they have wanted for a long time but have not gotten around to buying for themselves?
  15. If they are a baker – what ingredients do they prefer to bake with?
  16. What is their favorite food? (This can help with ideas for restaurant coupons, home-cooked meals, etc.)
  17. What is their favorite movie or TV show? (Gift ideas could be DVDs, Blu-rays, soundtracks, etc.)
  18. What is their favorite book? (Gift ideas could be the book itself, an associated item like a mug or keychain, etc.)
  19. What is their favorite band or musician? (Gift ideas could be concert tickets, music downloads, etc.)
  20. What is their favorite animal? (This could help choose a stuffed animal, keychain, or other small gifts).

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is a tradition in many families during the Christmas season. The rules are simple but must be followed to make sure everyone has a fun and fair experience. First, everyone who wants to participate must sign up. Then a name is drawn at random from a hat, and that person is the Secret Santa for the others. They must buy a gift for the person whose name they drew. It is best to keep the gift a secret until Christmas.

Do you write the name on the Secret Santa gift?

When participating in a Secret Santa gift exchange, many people choose not to write their names on the gift. This is often done to add an extra layer of mystery and excitement to the exchange. Others write their name on the gift so the recipient knows who it came from and can thank them personally. Ultimately, the decision is left up to each participant.

How do you give clues to secret Santa?

When giving Secret Santa gifts, the recipient should figure out the clue without much difficulty. One way to give a secret Santa clue is to mention an item or activity that is related to the person you are gifting.

For example, if you are giving a gift to your best friend, you could include a bookmark with a favorite quote from them on it. If you are giving a gift to your mother, you could include a recipe for her favorite dish. Whatever method you choose, make sure the clue is interesting and specific enough for the recipient to guess who your secret Santa is!

What do you give to a secret Santa you do not know?

It can be a daunting task if you do not know your secret Santa very well. Here are a few ideas of what you can give to your secret Santa:

Give them a gift certificate. This way they can pick out whatever they want from a store or restaurant.

Get them something practical and useful (pair of headphones, a new book, or even a nice blanket).

If something personal, try giving them an ornament or a picture frame.

If they are into hobbies, maybe you could give them a new tool or game for their hobby.

How can you make your Secret Santa gift even more interesting?

One way to make your Secret Santa more interesting is to add a theme. This can be something simple, like anything related to Christmas, or something more specific, like anime characters or books. If everyone participating in Secret Santa agrees with the theme, the exchange can be more fun and interesting.

You can also set a budget so that everyone is within the same price range. This can help to avoid any awkwardness if someone gives someone significantly more or less than they gave. Ultimately, it’s up to you and your Secret Santa to decide what will make the exchange more enjoyable and entertaining for everyone involved.


Now that you have some ideas, it’s time to buy the perfect Secret Santa gift! Remember that the best gifts are thoughtful and personal, so take some time to consider what the person you are gifting would really love and appreciate. Merry Christmas!

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