100 Questions to Ask a Gen Z

In the past, each new generation brought new trends and perspectives that shaped the world around them. This is still true today, but never has there been such a drastic shift from one generation to the next as between Millennials and Generation Z.

If you want to better understand Generation Z, this list should do the trick. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

Lifestyle and Daily Habits

  1. How do you typically start your morning?
  2. Can you walk me through a day in your life?
  3. What’s your preferred method of getting around (e.g., driving, public transportation, ridesharing, biking)?
  4. How important is fitness and wellness in your daily routine?
  5. Do you follow any particular dietary trends or preferences?
  6. What daily rituals do you have that you can’t go without?
  7. How do you usually spend your breaks during work or study?
  8. What’s something you do every day that you think might surprise other generations?
  9. How much time do you spend outdoors versus indoors?
  10. How do you unwind after a busy day?

Values and Social Issues

  1. What social issue are you most passionate about?
  2. How do you approach conversations about politics and current events?
  3. What value do you think is most important in today’s society?
  4. How do you prefer to support causes or organizations you care about?
  5. Can you name a leader or public figure who aligns with your values?
  6. How has your generation influenced your perspective on environmental issues?
  7. In what ways do you think your generation is misunderstood by others?
  8. How do you educate yourself on social justice matters?
  9. What’s your take on the work-life balance debate?
  10. Do you feel that your generation is more community-oriented or individualistic?

Technology and Digital Life

  1. What technology do you use on a daily basis and couldn’t live without?
  2. How do you keep up with the latest tech trends?
  3. What’s your stance on data privacy and cyber security?
  4. Do you use technology more for productivity or entertainment?
  5. Which social media platforms do you use the most and why?
  6. How do you think technology has shaped your generation differently from others?
  7. How do you navigate the balance between online time and unplugging?
  8. What’s one piece of outdated technology that you think should make a comeback?
  9. Have you ever taken a digital detox, and what was the experience like?
  10. How do you protect your mental health in a constantly connected world?

Entertainment and Pop Culture Preferences

  1. What’s your favorite source of entertainment and why?
  2. Who is your current favorite musical artist or band?
  3. What was the last movie or show you watched and loved?
  4. Which book or podcast has had a significant impact on you recently?
  5. How do you prefer to consume media: streaming services, traditional TV, or other methods?
  6. Are there any pop culture trends you’re currently following?
  7. What’s one pop culture event you’d love to attend?
  8. How does social media influence your entertainment choices?
  9. Who is a celebrity or influencer that you really resonate with?
  10. How do you stay updated on your favorite shows, artists, or celebrities?

Education and Career Aspirations

  1. What’s your ultimate career goal or aspiration?
  2. How important is formal education to you in achieving your professional dreams?
  3. What skills do you think are most important for your future career success?
  4. How do you plan to balance work and personal life?
  5. Have you ever considered entrepreneurship? And if so, in what field?
  6. How do you prefer to learn and gain new knowledge?
  7. What industry do you feel will experience the most growth over the next decade?
  8. Are there any mentors or role models who have been influential in your career path?
  9. Do you prioritize job satisfaction or financial stability in a career choice?
  10. What’s a professional achievement you strive for?

Relationships and Communication Styles

  1. When it comes to friendships, what do you value the most?
  2. How do you typically meet new people and build relationships?
  3. Do you think your generation has a unique communication style, and if so, how would you describe it?
  4. How do you manage conflicts in personal or professional relationships?
  5. What role does technology play in your relationships?
  6. How comfortable are you with expressing your emotions to others?
  7. What does loyalty mean to you in a relationship?
  8. How often do you check in with your friends and family?
  9. What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to relationships?
  10. How do you hope to see your relationships evolve over the next five years?

Future Outlook and Aspirations

  1. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
  2. What global issue do you hope will be resolved in the future?
  3. How does your vision for the future influence your decisions today?
  4. What advancements do you hope to see in technology in the coming years?
  5. What legacy do you want to leave for future generations?
  6. How do you stay motivated when thinking about the future?
  7. In what way do you want to make a difference in the world?
  8. Which industries do you think will shape the future the most?
  9. Do you plan on staying in your current city/country or moving somewhere new?
  10. What scares you the most about the future?

Favorite Brands and Consumer Habits

  1. What is your favorite brand, and what makes it stand out to you?
  2. How do you make decisions about what products to buy?
  3. Do brand ethics and sustainability policies influence your purchasing decisions?
  4. How likely are you to try new products or brands?
  5. Do you prefer online shopping or visiting physical stores?
  6. What’s the last thing you bought that you were really excited about?
  7. How do you feel about branded merchandise and collaborations?
  8. Are there any brands you’re loyal to, and why?
  9. What’s something you never mind splurging on?
  10. How do you find deals or discounts on items you want to purchase?

Personal Goals and Self-Improvement

  1. What personal goal are you currently working towards?
  2. How do you approach self-improvement and personal growth?
  3. What’s a skill or hobby you’d like to learn or improve?
  4. Do you set New Year’s resolutions or prefer continuous self-improvement?
  5. What does success mean to you on a personal level?
  6. How do you measure progress toward your goals?
  7. In what ways do you push yourself out of your comfort zone?
  8. Who or what inspires you to be a better person?
  9. What’s a piece of advice you’ve received that’s helped you grow?
  10. How do you handle setbacks or failures in your personal development?

Hobbies and Leisure Activities

  1. What hobbies do you enjoy the most in your free time?
  2. Are there any activities you do to relax and de-stress?
  3. How important is having a creative outlet to you?
  4. What sport or physical activity do you like to engage in regularly?
  5. Have you picked up any new hobbies during recent times?
  6. Do you enjoy traveling, and if so, what’s your dream destination?
  7. How do you balance your hobbies with other responsibilities?
  8. What’s a leisure activity you want to try but haven’t had the chance to yet?
  9. Do you enjoy collaborative activities or prefer solo hobbies?
  10. How has your approach to hobbies and leisure changed as you’ve grown older?

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Gen Z stand for?

Gen Z, also known as iGen or Centennials, is the first generation to come of age in the new millennium. They are technologically savvy and constantly connected.

They are also environmentally conscious and socially aware. Generation Z is a generation of contradictions—they are both individualistic and collaborative, cynical and optimistic.

What is unique to Gen Z?

Generation Z is the most diverse, tolerant, and inclusive generation yet. They are the first to be raised in a world that celebrates diversity and they are taught to be accepting of everyone, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Gen Z is also the most technologically savvy generation. They are comfortable with social media and new technologies to communicate and collaborate.

What struggles does Gen Z face?

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up in the era of widespread internet usage. They are constantly connected to their phones and other devices and are, therefore, constantly bombarded with information. This has led to a generation that is often anxious and stressed.

In addition, social media puts pressure on them to live perfect lives, which can lead to depression and other mental health issues.

Final Thoughts

Generation Z is one of the most fascinating generations in history. Growing up in a time of great change and upheaval, they will inherit a world very different from the one in which their parents grew up. If you want to get to know a Gen Z person, these questions are a good place to start!

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