64 Questions to Ask a Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever wondered what it would be like to talk to one? If you could ask a ghost anything, what would you want to know? Here are some questions to get you started.

64 Questions you can ask a ghost:

  1. How did you die?
  2. What do you miss the most now that you’re dead?
  3. What was your biggest fear in life?
  4. Do you have any regrets?
  5. Are you at peace now?
  6. What do you think happens after death?
  7. Who did you love the most in life?
  8. What was your favorite memory?
  9. Is there anything that you want me to tell your loved ones?
  10. Do you have any advice for me?
  11. Can you tell me about the other side?
  12. What’s it like being a ghost?
  13. Do ghosts haunt people or places?
  14. If you could come back as anything, what would it be?
  15. Who are you?
  16. What is your name?
  17. Why are you still here?
  18. When did you die?
  19. Is there anything you need to do in order to move on?
  20. What year is it from your perspective?
  21. Can you see us?
  22. Do we age in your eyes?
  23. Do animals go to heaven or hell?
  24. What’s it like where you are?
  25. Are there other intelligent beings where you are?
  26. Can we contact the living through you?
  27. What’s the most important lesson we can learn from you?
  28. What advice would you give us about life?
  29. Why are you haunting this place?
  30. What was your life like when you were alive?
  31. Do you know that you’re dead?
  32. What does the afterlife look like?
  33. Are there other ghosts where you are?
  34. Can ghosts cross over to the other side?
  35. Do ghosts sleep?
  36. What do ghosts do for fun?
  37. Do ghosts get bored?
  38. Do ghosts feel emotions like we do?
  39. Can ghosts love?
  40. Is there anything that ghosts are afraid of?
  41. What year are you from?
  42. Do you haunt any particular place?
  43. Why do you haunt that place?
  44. What do you think of the living?
  45. Do you have any messages for the living?
  46. Can humans see ghosts?
  47. What do ghosts look like?
  48. Do ghosts feel pain?
  49. Do ghosts age?
  50. What do ghosts eat?
  51. What do ghosts drink?
  52. Are there any other questions that you would like to answer that I haven’t asked here?
  53. Have you been able to move on from your death?
  54. Who was your best friend when you were alive?
  55. What were some of your favorite things to do when you were alive?
  56. Do you have any final words for me?
  57. What is your favorite thing to do now that you’re a ghost?
  58. What do you miss the most about being alive?
  59. Is there anything you don’t miss about being alive?
  60. Can you tell me about a time when you were really scared?
  61. What is the scariest thing about being a ghost?
  62. Are there other ghosts where you are or are you alone?
  63. If there are other ghosts where you are, do they all get along, or are there arguments and fights?
  64. What’s the best and worst thing about being a ghost?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do some ghost hunters lock themselves inside haunted places?

Some ghost hunters lock themselves in haunted places to try to capture electronic voice phenomena (EVP). EVP is the alleged recording of voices of the dead on tape or other recording devices. By staying in a place where ghost activity is supposed to be high, they hope to get clearer recordings of alleged paranormal voices 

Some ghost hunters also believe that if they lock themselves in a place that’s haunted, the ghosts will be attracted to them and they can then capture them on camera or by other means.

Can spirits really communicate through EVP such as ghost boxes?

Some people believe that spirits can communicate with us through electronic voice phenomena (EVP), such as spirit boxes. These devices are supposedly able to capture the voices of spirits, which are then interpreted by the user.

However, there is no scientific evidence that this is actually possible, and the voices picked up by these devices may just be random sounds.

Do dogs bark at ghosts?

Some people believe that dogs can sense spirits and that they may bark or growl at them out of fear or aggression. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim, but it’s still an interesting idea. It’s possible that dogs may simply react to other stimuli in their environment that they perceive as strange or threatening.

Do cats see ghosts?

There is no scientific evidence that cats can see ghosts, but that doesn’t stop people from believing it. Some say that the way a cat stares at something or seems to disappear when there’s no logical explanation could be a sign that it can see beyond the veil of this world.

Others say that cats simply sense when something is off or different in a place, and therefore behave strangely in certain areas.


We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it informative! While we may never know everything about ghosts, it’s fun to speculate and imagine what they might be like.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll actually get answers to these questions! Either way, it’s always interesting to think about. Thanks for reading!

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