54 Questions to Ask Girlfriend’s Parents

So you’ve been dating your partner for a while and things are getting serious. You’re thinking about taking the next step and meeting the parents. This can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to expect.

Here are some questions you can ask your partner’s parents to break the ice and get to know them better.

54 Questions you can ask your girlfriend’s parents:

  1. What did you like best about raising your daughter?
  2. What were some of the biggest challenges?
  3. How did you instill your values in her?
  4. What is your relationship with your daughter?
  5. What are her ambitions and goals in life?
  6. What is her relationship with her siblings?
  7. What was she like as a teenager?
  8. Are there any funny stories about her teenage years that you can share?
  9. How did she end up choosing the college she attends/attended?
  10. Who were her closest friends growing up?
  11. What is your relationship with your in-laws? Do they live close by? 
  12. Tell me about your own parents and childhood! 
  13. Do you have any close friends or family members that I should know about? 
  14. What are some of your favorite family traditions? 
  15. What is your favorite thing about being a parent? 
  16. Is there anything you wish you could have done differently when raising your daughter (or children)? 
  17. Do you have any advice for me as I continue dating/get serious with your daughter? 
  18. How did you get started in your career?
  19. What are some of the things you’re passionate about outside of work/being a parent? 
  20. Can I ask your daughter out on a second date?
  21. Where was she born? 
  22. Where did she grow up? 
  23. What schools did she attend? 
  24. How would you describe her personality? 
  25. What are your daughter’s strengths and weaknesses? 
  26. What are your daughter’s best qualities? 
  27. What does she need to work on? 
  28. Is there anything you’re concerned about with regard to her future? 
  29. What are your hopes and dreams for your daughter’s future? 
  30. How do you think she will achieve those goals? 
  31. What obstacles do you think she will face along the way? 
  32. How can we help her achieve those goals? 
  33. Is there anything else you want us to know about your daughter or family?  
  34. What does your family like to do for fun? 
  35. Do you have any siblings? If so, where do they live and what do they do? 
  36. What kind of relationship do you have with your parents/siblings? 
  37. What did you study in college? 
  38. What was your first job after college? 
  39. Do you have any pets? If so, what kind and what are their names? 
  40. What is the best trip you ever took as a family? 
  41. In what ways are you similar to or different from your parents? 
  42. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
  43. Are there any foods that you absolutely love or hate? 
  44. Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions? 
  45. On a scale from scaredy-cat to base jumper, how adventurous are you? 
  46. What would be your dream vacation/adventure/ day out? 
  47. Do you prefer spending time indoors or outdoors? In what kinds of activities do like to participate (hiking, biking, swimming, etc.) when you’re outdoors? 
  48. Do people usually describe you as more easygoing or more Type-A personality? How do you think this affects your parenting style?  
  49. Are there any topics that are off-limits in your family discussions (e., politics, religion)? Why or why not?
  50. How do disagreements get handled within your family?
  51. What are your family’s values and traditions?
  52. What is your parenting style?
  53. How do you discipline your children?
  54. What are your expectations for your daughter’s future partner?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is meeting her parents a big deal?

For some people, meeting their partner’s parents can be a big deal. It can be seen as a sign of trust and respect. It can also be a sign that the relationship is becoming more serious.

What to talk about with the girlfriend’s parents?

When meeting the girlfriend’s parents, it is important to be respectful and polite. It is also important to have some topics of conversation ready, in case the conversation falters. Some topics that might be appropriate include the parents’ jobs, their home, their hobbies, and their children.

It is also a good idea to ask the parents about their daughter and find out what she is like as a person. This way you get to know her better and show her parents that you care about her.

How do I win my girlfriend’s parents over?

First, be respectful and polite when you meet them. Second, try to learn as much as you can about them and their interests. Finally, make an effort to get along with them and show that you genuinely care about their daughter.


Asking these questions will help give a better understanding of who your partner’s parents are as people and how they relate to one another. It can also be helpful in getting to know what their expectations may be for things such as holidays, future events, and conversations about difficult topics like religion or politics.

Ultimately, the goal is to make everyone feel comfortable and included when communicating with each other. Thanks for reading!

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