39 Questions to Ask Parents on 50th Anniversary

Marriage is no small feat. It requires hard work, compromise, and a lot of love to make it last. That’s why we celebrate wedding anniversaries! If your parents are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, it’s a great accomplishment to recognize and celebrate. 

But what should you do to help them mark such a momentous occasion? A great way to start is to sit down with them and have a conversation. Reflecting on their life together is sure to bring up some fond memories – and maybe even some stories they have never told you before. 

39 Questions you can ask your parents about their 50 years of marriage:

  1. What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
  2. What was the biggest change you noticed in each other over the years? 
  3. What was the biggest change you noticed in yourselves over the years? 
  4. Why do you think your marriage has lasted so long? 
  5. What is the best decision you have ever made as a couple? 
  6. What was the worst decision you ever made as a couple? 
  7. What do you think is the key to a happy marriage? 
  8. What would you have done differently if you could go back to your wedding day? 
  9. Who usually takes care of the finances in your household? 
  10. How do you divide the tasks among yourselves? 
  11. Do you have any financial advice for couples just starting? 
  12. Do you have any relationship advice for couples just starting?
  13. When was the last time you went on a date? And what did you do?
  14. Have your ideas of a “perfect partner” changed over time? In what way?
  15. How often do you say “I love you” to each other?
  16. Does it hold as much weight as it did when you first said it?
  17. What do you cherish most about each other at this point in your lives? 
  18. Are there things about each other that still surprise or amuse you?
  19. Have there been any important life events over the years that have brought you closer together or tested your bond?
  20. Did anything unusual or unexpected happen during your courtship or engagement?
  21. How did each of your families react when they found out about your relationship? 
  22. Did religion play a role in your life when you got married?
  23. How would you describe each other as different from when you first got married?
  24. What is the best advice your parents ever gave you about marriage? 
  25. What song was played at your first dance? 
  26. Why did you choose that particular song? 
  27. What is something you love about your partner now that you did not necessarily appreciate when you first got married? 
  28. What was the best trip you took together as a couple? 
  29. How do you keep the romance going after 50 years? 
  30. What is one big goal you still want to achieve as a couple? 
  31. Do you have funny nicknames for each other? 
  32. When was the last time you surprised each other with a gift or a nice gesture, “just because“?
  33. Was there ever a time when you seriously considered getting divorced? If so, what made you change your mind and stay married?
  34. Do either of you have any regrets regarding your marriage? If so, which ones and how do you plan to overcome them moving forward together?
  35. Have either of you ever been unfaithful or considered breaking your marriage vows?
  36. Have financial problems ever threatened to destroy your marriage?
  37. How do you communicate with each other when one of you is angry or upset about something?
  38. What words of love or affirmation do you say to each other regularly
  39. Does having children ever put a strain on your relationship? If so, how have you overcome this?

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities should I plan for the week of my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary?

A great way to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary is to have a party! Invite all of your parents’ friends and family to celebrate with them. There will be food, drinks, music, and maybe even some fun games or activities.

You could also plan a trip for your parents, somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. Or you could get creative and put together a photo album or movie to commemorate their 50 years of marriage. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something your parents will love and that will make this special milestone truly memorable.

What do I say to my parents on their 50th wedding anniversary?

Your parents have probably been through a lot together, and they deserve to be thanked on their 50th wedding anniversary. Thank them for all they’ve done for you, and tell them how much you love them. Remind them of all the great memories you’ve shared, and tell them that you hope to have many more memories together in the years to come.

What do I give my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary?

A gift that is thoughtful, personal, and memorable. Maybe something that celebrates their long and happy marriage. Perhaps a custom book that tells the story of their life together, or a beautiful piece of jewelry that commemorates this milestone. Something they can enjoy for many years to come.

What should I do if I forgot to congratulate my parents on their wedding anniversary?

It’s always important to remember your parents’ anniversary, and if you forgot, you should apologize and make it up to them. You could buy them a gift or take them out to dinner to show how sorry you are. Whatever you do, don’t let it happen again!


Taking the time to talk to your parents about their 50-year marriage is a wonderful way to show them how much they mean to you – and to learn more about their relationship than you ever knew before! It also gives you a chance to reminisce together and celebrate this significant milestone in their lives!

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