127 Questions to Ask Tarot Cards About Love

Love is one of the most popular subjects for which people consult tarot cards. There are many different ways to interpret the tarot, but one of the most common is to use it as a tool for self-reflection and understanding your own feelings. If you’re considering consulting the tarot about your love life, here are the following questions you can ask.

127 Questions you can ask tarot cards about love:

  1. How can I become more open to love? 
  2. What do I need to let go of to make room for love? 
  3. What are my biggest fears when it comes to love? 
  4. What kind of love do I need right now? 
  5. How can I nurture the love I have for myself? 
  6. How can I nurture the love I have for others? 
  7. What are my biggest obstacles to finding a healthy romantic relationship? 
  8. What are my biggest obstacles to maintaining a healthy romantic relationship? 
  9. If I were in my ideal relationship, what would it look like? 
  10. What qualities would my ideal partner possess? 
  11. How can I become a better communicator in my relationships? 
  12. When it comes to love, what am I missing out on? 
  13. What does unconditional love look like for me? 
  14. What would it take for me to experience more self-love?
  15. In what ways am I sabotaging my relationships? 
  16. Why do I keep attracting emotionally unavailable partners?
  17. How can I heal from past heartbreaks? 
  18. How can I approach future relationships with more awareness?
  19. How do I feel about love right now? 
  20. What are my hopes and dreams for my love life? 
  21. What do I need to do to find love? 
  22. What kind of person would be my ideal partner? 
  23. Why have my past relationships ended? 
  24. What obstacles are we facing in our relationship? 
  25. Is our relationship built on a solid foundation? 
  26. How can we make our relationship stronger? 
  27. Are there any areas in which we need to work on communication? 
  28. Do we need to spend more time together? 
  29. How can we keep the romance alive in our relationship? 
  30. Are we compatible in the long run? 
  31. Are there any dealbreakers that could end our relationship? 
  32. What can I do to make myself a better partner? 
  33. What can I do to make our relationship happier and healthier?
  34. What do I need to do to attract the kind of love I’m looking for? 
  35. What might be holding me back from finding love? 
  36. What should I be aware of in my current relationship? 
  37. What are our strengths as a couple? 
  38. What are our biggest challenges as a couple? 
  39. What can I do to bring more love and romance into our relationship? 
  40. What can I do to make myself more attractive to my partner? 
  41. Is my partner my soulmate?
  42. Will my partner and I stay together forever? 
  43. What can we do to make our relationship even stronger? 
  44. Is there anything I should know about my partner’s past that could impact our relationship? 
  45. What does the future hold for our relationship? 
  46. Should I pursue a specific person romantically? 
  47. Is this person interested in me romantically? 
  48. Should I trust my gut or listen to my head when it comes to love? 
  49. How can I handle heartbreak in a healthy way? 
  50. What’s the best way to heal from a past relationship, so I’m ready for a new one?
  51. Is my relationship worth fighting for?
  52. What are my partner’s true feelings for me?
  53. How can I express my love for my partner in a way that they will understand?
  54. What is the best way to resolve the current conflict in my relationship?
  55. What do I need to do to heal from the pain of a past relationship?
  56. How can I open myself up to love again after being hurt in the past?
  57. Why have I been attracting unhealthy or toxic relationships into my life?
  58. How can I release myself from patterns of attracting the wrong type of partner into my life?
  59. What do I need to work on within myself in order to be ready for a healthy and happy relationship?
  60. What steps do I need to take in order to manifest the ideal relationship for myself?
  61. What does love mean to me?
  62. How can I become more loving towards myself?
  63. What false beliefs do I have about love?
  64. Why have I been single for so long?
  65. Will I ever find true love?
  66. Should I stay in my current relationship?
  67. How can I forgive myself for past mistakes in love?
  68. How can I forgive my ex for what they did to me?
  69. When should I walk away from a relationship, and how do I know if it’s time?  
  70. Do we have a strong connection?
  71. Will we ever get married or have children together?
  72. Is there someone else in this person’s life that I need to be aware of?
  73. Does this person have any hidden agendas or ulterior motives?
  74. Is this person being completely honest with me?
  75. What is this person’s ideal relationship, and how can we work towards that?
  76. How can we grow and change together positively?
  77. How can we support each other through difficult times?
  78. What little things can we do to make a big difference in our relationship?
  79. What should we do when we’re feeling disconnected from each other?
  80. What are the things that we love most about each other?
  81. Why did we fall in love with each other in the first place?
  82. What are my partner’s thoughts and feelings about me?
  83. What are my partner’s needs, and how can I meet them?
  84. What are my needs, and how can I ensure they’re met?
  85. How committed is my partner to the relationship?
  86. How committed am I to the relationship?
  87. Are we being honest with each other about our feelings?
  88. Are we being honest with ourselves about our feelings?
  89.  What is the likelihood of my current relationship lasting long-term?
  90. When will I meet my next partner?
  91. How will I know when I’ve found the right person for me?
  92. What are the red flags to watch out for in a new relationship?
  93. What should I do if I’m feeling insecure in my relationship?
  94. How can I deal with jealousy in a healthy way?
  95. Why do I keep attracting the same type of partner?
  96. How can I break out of this cycle?
  97. What lessons am I meant to learn from past relationships?
  98. How can I forgive myself for past mistakes in relationships?
  99. How can I forgive my ex-partner for what they did?
  100. What is the highest potential for my love life?
  101. What is blocking intimacy in my relationship?
  102. What can we do to spice up our sex life?
  103. How can I become more emotionally intimate with my partner?
  104. What does my partner need from me that they’re not getting?
  105. How can I become a better listener for my partner?
  106. When will I meet my soulmate? 
  107. How can I attract my soulmate into my life? 
  108. What are the signs that someone is not right for me?
  109. What should I do if my partner wants to end our relationship? 
  110. Is there anything I can do to save my current relationship? 
  111. Should I get back together with an ex? 
  112. Why am I afraid of commitment? 
  113. How can I overcome my fear of commitment?
  114. How will a new relationship enhance my life?
  115. What are the potential challenges in a new relationship?
  116. What is the potential for growth in a new relationship?
  117. What does the future of a new relationship look like?
  118. What are the chances of us getting married?
  119. What are the chances of us having children together?
  120. What kind of obstacles will we face in our future together?
  121.  What will our life be like together in 10 years? 
  122. Are we meant to be together forever, or is this a temporary connection?
  123. If this is a temporary connection, what can we learn from each other before we move on?
  124. Will I find love again?
  125. Is there someone else out there for me?
  126. If I stay in my current relationship, what can I do to make it better?
  127. If I leave my current relationship, what will happen next?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ask my tarot cards about a specific person?

Yes, you can ask your tarot cards about a specific person. To do this, you must have some information about that person. This may include the name, birthday, and other relevant details.

It is also helpful to have an idea of what you want to know about the person in question. For example, if you want to know if they are going to be good for you in a relationship? Or if they are going to be successful in their career. You can also ask more general questions, such as what kind of energy this person brings to your life.

How many tarot cards do you pull for a love reading?

The number of tarot cards you pull for a love reading depends on the particular card reader and the question being asked. However, many readers believe that the ideal number of cards to pull is three.

Some tarot readers draw only a few cards for a love reading, while others prefer to pull more cards in order to get a more in-depth reading. Ultimately, it is up to the tarot reader to decide how many tarot cards you want to draw for a love reading.

How do you ask the tarot questions about a relationship?

When asking the tarot about a relationship, you’ll want to consider the following:

Type of relationship you want to ask about. This could be a romantic relationship, a friendship, or even a business partnership.

Questions you want to ask about the relationship. You can refer to the above list of questions about relationships.

Tarot spread you will use for the reading. There are many different spreads that can be used for love readings about relationships, but some of the most popular are the 3-card spread, the Celtic cross, and the 10-card spread.

What tarot cards signify a breakup?

There are some tarot cards that are often considered to symbolize a breakup, such as The Tower (upright), The Lovers (reversed), and The Hermit (upright).

The Tower (upright) is a card typically associated with chaos and destruction, which can indicate that a relationship will end in turmoil.

The Lovers card (reversed) may indicate that two people will part ways due to disagreement or incompatibility.

The Hermit (upright) may indicate that someone feels lonely and lost after a breakup.

What card means love in the tarot?

The Lovers (upright) tarot card is one of the most symbolic cards on the deck and represents a deep and genuine connection between two people. This card often appears when two people have a strong bond based on mutual trust and respect.

The Lovers card reflects a relationship that is both loving and healthy, signaling a deep level of intimacy and understanding. If you are facing a decision in your relationship, the Lovers tarot card advises you to follow your gut and listen to your heart.


No matter where you are in your journey regarding matters of the heart, know that the tarot will help you gain clarity, understanding, and guidance. Trust your intuition, choose the questions that move you most at the moment, and be open to the insights and clues the cards can give you.

Above all, remember that the only person you need to answer these questions for is yourself. You can learn more about yourself, your partner, and your relationships by asking thought-provoking questions. So if you are curious about what the tarot has to say about love, give some of these questions a try.

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