98 Questions to Ask When Listening to Music

Music is a universal language that everyone can enjoy. It’s the power to make us feel emotions that we may not be able to put into words. Music can take us on a journey and transport us to other times and places. It can comfort us in difficult times and make happy moments even sweeter.

Whether you’re listening to your favorite album for the hundredth time or discovering a new artist for the first time, here are some questions to help you get the most out of your music-listening experience.

98 Questions you can ask when listening to music:

  1. What instruments can you hear? 
  2. How would you describe the singer’s voice? 
  3. What emotions does this song make you feel? 
  4. Does the song tell a story? If so, what is it about? 
  5. Where does this song come from? Is it traditional or contemporary? 
  6. Who do you think would enjoy this song? 
  7. What makes this song special to you? 
  8. What other songs are similar to this one? 
  9. Would you want to dance to this song? Why or why not? 
  10. Can you think of a movie or TV show that would go well with this song? 
  11. What is the title of the song? 
  12. Who is the artist or band? 
  13. What genre does this song belong to? 
  14. When was this song released? 
  15. What is the story or message behind this song? 
  16. Is there a particular section of the song that you like best? Why? 
  17. Can you picture yourself in any specific place or time while listening to this song? Where and when would that be? 
  18. If this song were a movie, what would it be about? 
  19. Does this song remind you of anyone or anything in particular? 
  20. Would you say that this song has a positive, negative, or neutral outlook on life? Why? 
  21. Do the lyrics of this song rhyme? If so, are they internal (within each verse) or end-rhymed (across multiple verses)? Or are they non-rhyming altogether?
  22. How does that affect your interpretation of the lyrics? 
  23. Is there much variation in dynamics (loudness vs softness) throughout the song, or is it pretty uniform throughout? How does that affect your experience of the music as a whole? 
  24. What tempo (speed) would you say this song is played at – fast, moderate, or slow?
  25. Does the tempo change at all throughout the song, or stay pretty consistent?
  26. Are there any standout Singers/Vocalists in this piece – either lead vocals accompanied by instruments, or an A capella soloist/group?
  27. Is there anything else unique about this composition that stands out to you – any interesting choir harmonies, chord progressions, or rhythms?
  28. Have you heard this piece performed live before – what differences did you notice between live and recorded versions (if any)?
  29. Have any other recordings been made?
  30. If so, how do they compare with this one – do they use different instrumentation/vocalists?
  31. What is the singer trying to say with this song? 
  32. What time period does this song remind me of? 
  33. Would I consider this song to be happy or sad? 
  34. Who is my favorite artist in this genre of music? Why do I like them so much? 
  35. Do the lyrics of this song make sense to me? Or are they full of potential hidden meanings and symbolism? 
  36. Would I want to listen to this song again? Why or why not? 
  37. What type of mood would I say I’m in after listening to this song? 
  38. Did this song make me want to sit down and relax? 
  39. What feeling did I get when the chorus came on for the first time? 
  40. Did I like the way the video accompanying this song was filmed/produced or did I think it was distracting from the music itself? 
  41. Is there anything special about the way this song was produced that makes it unique compared to other songs out there right now? 
  42. Did I find myself humming or singing along with this tune after hearing it a few times, even if I didn’t know all of the words yet?”  
  43. Am I familiar with any of the instruments being used in this piece, or did hearing them for the first time makes me want to look up more information on them later on?
  44. If I could change one thing about this song, what would it be?
  45. What is the name of the song?
  46. What is the song about?
  47. When was the song released?
  48. How popular is the song?
  49. Have you heard the song before?
  50. What do you like about the song?
  51. What do you dislike about the song?
  52. Is the song loud or soft?
  53. Does the song have a lot of repetition?
  54. Are there any interesting sound effects in the song?
  55. Is there a music video for the song?
  56. Have you seen the music video before?
  57. If so, what do you think of it?
  58. Would you recommend this song to others?
  59. What is the name of the artist? 
  60. What is the name of the album? 
  61. When was this album released? 
  62. Where is the artist from? 
  63. What are the lyrics about? 
  64. Who wrote the lyrics? 
  65. Who produced the album? 
  66. How many songs are on the album? 
  67. What is your favorite song on the album? 
  68. Is there a story behind the album or any of the songs? 
  69. How did you first discover this artist or album? 
  70.  Have you seen this artist live in concert before? If so, when and where? 
  71. If you could meet the artist, what would you like to say to them or ask them about their music? 
  72. Do any of your friends like this artist or album? If so, what do they think of it? 
  73. In your opinion, what makes this artist or album unique or special? 
  74. Have you ever heard anyone else say they don’t like this artist or album? If so, why do you think that is? 
  75. Is there anything else you would like to share about this artist or album that we haven’t already discussed? 
  76. Who are some of the artist’s musical influences? 
  77. What is the single or most popular song from the album? 
  78. What are some of the other songs on the album? 
  79. Are there any guest artists on the album? 
  80. Where was the album recorded? 
  81. What label is the artist signed to? 
  82. What do reviewers think of the album? 
  83. Have any of the songs been used in commercials? 
  84. Has the artist won any awards for their work? 
  85. What is the time signature of the song?
  86. What is the key to the song?
  87. How many verses does the song have?
  88. Does the chorus repeat throughout the song?
  89. Is there a story behind the song?
  90. How has this artist’s career progressed over time?
  91. Are there any vocal harmony parts in the song?
  92. Is there a guitar solo in the song?
  93. What is the main melody of the song?
  94. Are there any countermelodies in the song?
  95. What is the bridge of the song?
  96. Is there a coda at the end of the song?
  97. Is there a pre-chorus in the song?
  98. Does the music reflect or contrast with the lyrics of the song?

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of listening to music?

Listening to music has many benefits. It can help you relax, focus, and concentrate. It can also improve your mood and relieve stress. Music has been shown to boost brain function and creativity and can even promote healing.

Why do people love listening to music?

People love to listen to music because it has the ability to change their moods and make them happy. Whether you are feeling down or just want to relax, music is a great way to do that. It can also help you focus when you are working on a project or studying for a test.


Asking ourselves these questions next time we listen to music can help us gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the tunes we love so much! Whether we’re listening to top 40 hits or classical symphonies, taking the time to really listen will enhance our experience and leave us feeling more connected to the music itself.

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