53 Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment

You’ve found the perfect apartment. It’s in your price range, in the perfect location, and has everything you need. Before you sign the lease, you should ask the landlord a few questions to make sure this is the right apartment for you.

53 Questions you can ask when renting an apartment:

  1. How long is the lease?
  2. How much is the rent?
  3. Are utilities included in the rent?
  4. What type of heat does the apartment use?
  5. Does the apartment have air conditioning?
  6. How many people can live in the apartment?
  7. Is the building pet-friendly?
  8. What floor is the unit on?
  9. Does the unit have any outdoor space?
  10. What are the dimensions of the unit?
  11. What type of appliances is in the unit?
  12. Does the unit come furnished or unfurnished?
  13. Are there any additional fees associated with renting the unit?
  14. When is rent due each month?
  15. What is the building’s policy on late payments?
  16. Is the rent price negotiable?
  17. What is the late payment fee?
  18. Are checks or money orders accepted?
  19. How long does it take for maintenance requests to be processed?
  20. What is considered a maintenance emergency?
  21. May I paint/hang pictures/make minor changes to the appearance of my apartment?
  22. Is there an on-site laundry facility? If not, how far away is the nearest laundromat?
  23. How many people are allowed to live in the apartment?
  24. Are pets allowed in the building/on the property? If so, what type and how many?
  25. What are guest parking arrangements?
  26. How many parking spaces are available?
  27. What is the security deposit required to rent the apartment?
  28. Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
  29. What are the building Hours of Operation?
  30. Where can I find a copy of the lease agreement?
  31. Is the rent all-inclusive or will there be additional utilities?
  32. What is the minimum lease term?
  33. Are there any fees associated with renting the apartment?
  34. Is the apartment furnished or unfurnished?
  35. How many bedrooms does the apartment have?
  36. How many bathrooms does the apartment have?
  37. What is the square footage of the apartment?
  38. Does the apartment have a balcony or patio?
  39. What floor is the apartment on?
  40. What is included in the kitchen (e.g., refrigerator, oven, dishwasher)?
  41. What type of cooling does the apartment have?
  42. Are there any restrictions on who can live in the apartment (e.g., no children, only students)? 
  43. If pets are allowed, is there an additional pet fee? 
  44. Are water, trash, and recycling included in the rent? 
  45. What is the process for paying rent (e.g., online, by check, money order)?
  46. Does the apartment complex have a gym or other fitness amenities?
  47. Does the apartment complex have a pool?
  48. Does the apartment complex have laundry facilities on-site?
  49. Does the apartment complex have Wi-Fi?
  50. Is there 24-hour security on-site?
  51. What kind of flooring is in the apartment?
  52. Are there any windows in the apartment?
  53. How much sunlight does the apartment get?

Frequently Asked Questions

Under what circumstances may the landlord enter your apartment?

Landlords have the right to enter an apartment under certain circumstances, such as when the tenant hasn’t paid the rent or when the landlord needs to make repairs. However, the landlord must give the tenant reasonable notice in advance and may not enter the apartment without the tenant’s consent unless there is an emergency.

Can you negotiate the price of an apartment?

Yes, you can negotiate the price of an apartment. However, some landlords may not be willing to negotiate the price of their apartments, especially if they are already renting them at a lower price than they are asking.

If you find an apartment you like but the price is too high for your budget, you can always ask the landlord if they would be willing to lower the price. It never hurts to ask!


Asking these questions before you sign a lease will help ensure that you wind up in an apartment that fits you and your budget. While it’s important to answer all of these questions, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your potential landlord about things like the rent price, the length of the lease, and other terms set forth in the lease.

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