50 Questions to Ask When Requesting Feedback From Colleagues

Asking for feedback can be daunting. Whether you’re asking for feedback on a presentation, a project you’re working on, or your overall performance, it’s normal to feel a little vulnerable. After all, you’re asking others to evaluate your work.

That’s why it’s so important that you ask the right questions when you ask for feedback. If you focus on the right questions, you can get the feedback you need to improve your work without putting yourself in a vulnerable position.

25 Questions to ask when asking your colleagues for feedback:

  1. What do you like most about my work?
  2. What do you like least about my work?
  3. What are my strengths?
  4. What are my weaknesses?
  5. Do you think there’s something I’m particularly good at? If so, what is it?
  6. What would you like to see me change or improve about my work?
  7. What can I do to be more effective at my work?
  8. Is there any particular advice or encouragement that would help me right now?
  9. Do you have any suggestions on how I can be more efficient or productive in this role?
  10. Do you think I have the skills and abilities needed for this position? If not, what am I missing compared to what I already have?
  11. How can I communicate more effectively with you?
  12. How can I better contribute to the team?
  13. What could I have done better?
  14. Was there anything that made it difficult for you to work with me?
  15. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve in this area?
  16. Can you give me an example of where I demonstrated this skill?
  17. Can you give me an example of a time when I could have improved in this area?
  18. How would you rate my performance in this area on a scale of 1-10?
  19. What would I need to do to score a 10 in this area?
  20. Are there any areas in which you think I am excelling?
  21. Is there anything else you’d like to tell me about my performance in this area?
  22. How do you think I handled the situation?
  23. What could I have done differently in this situation?
  24. Have you noticed any patterns in my behavior that might negatively affect my work?
  25. Is there anything I can do to make it easier for you to work with me?

25 Questions to ask when asking colleagues for feedback on a presentation:

  1. What did you think of my presentation?
  2. What could I have done better?
  3. What did you like best about the presentation?
  4. Was the presentation too long, too short, or just the right length?
  5. Did I cover all the points I intended to cover?
  6. Was the material easy to understand?
  7. Was the presentation engaging?
  8. Did I use any jargon that you didn’t understand?
  9. Would you recommend any changes to the structure of the presentation?
  10. Are there any topics you think I should cover in future presentations?
  11. Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve my delivery?
  12. Was there anything about my delivery that you didn’t like?
  13. Did I use the visual aids well?
  14. Did the visuals support the content of the presentation?
  15. Would you like me to use more, less, or different visual aids in the future?
  16. Do you have any other feedback for me on my presentation skills or style?
  17. Did I speak clearly and at a good pace?
  18. Did I use enough examples to illustrate my points?
  19. What was your overall impression of the presentation?
  20. Would you like to see more presentations like this in the future?
  21. Was the tone of the presentation appropriate?
  22. Did I come across as confident and knowledgeable?
  23. Was the level of detail appropriate or did I go into too much/too little detail?
  24. How can I make my presentations more engaging?
  25. How did you feel about the presentation overall?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ask your team members for feedback?

If you want to solicit feedback from your team members, the best way is to ask them directly. You can do this either in a meeting or individually, but make sure you give them time to think about their response.

When asking for feedback, it’s important to be open to criticism and not take it personally. Remember that it’s important to get input from your team so you can continue to improve.

What’s the best time to ask for feedback from employees?

Some managers prefer to ask for feedback at the end of a project or before a major change in the company. This gives employees time to reflect on their work and provide input that can help improve the project or plan.

Other managers may prefer to ask for feedback more regularly, such as every few weeks or months. This allows employees to provide feedback on a more regular basis and makes it easier for managers to make changes as needed.

Ultimately, the best time to solicit employee feedback depends on the company and its employees.

How do you ask for a feedback performance review?

One way to ask for feedback is to schedule a meeting with your boss and let them know you would like feedback on your performance. You can also send an email or memo requesting feedback. Make sure you have a detailed list of questions you would like answered. This will ensure that the meeting is productive and that you get the information you need.


So there you have it! We hope this has been a helpful look at how you can ask your colleagues for feedback. We know it can be really hard to ask for feedback, but we encourage you to see it as an opportunity to learn and improve your skills.

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