55 Questions to Ask Your Inner Child

We all have an inner child within us. This is the part of us that is curious, playful, and imaginative. Our inner child is also the part of us that can hold on to hurt feelings and trauma. Talking to our inner child can be a healing experience. It can help us understand our triggers and why we react to certain situations the way we do. 

55 Questions to ask your inner child:

  1. What are your favorite things to do? 
  2. What makes you happy? 
  3. What makes you sad? 
  4. What makes you feel loved?
  5. What are you afraid of? 
  6. What do you wish for? 
  7. What do you love about yourself? 
  8. What do you not like about yourself? 
  9. What would you like to change about yourself? 
  10. What would you like to learn? 
  11. Who are your friends? 
  12. What are your favorite places? 
  13. What things do you like to eat? 
  14. What music do you like to listen to? 
  15. What are your strengths?
  16. What are your weaknesses?
  17. Who is your favorite person in the world?
  18. Why are they your favorite person?
  19. Who do you not like and why?
  20. How do you express yourself when you feel happy/sad/anxious/etc.? 
  21. What kind of person do you want to be when you grow up? 
  22. If you could have one wish, what would it be? 
  23. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
  24. If you could be anyone in the world, who would it be? 
  25. How do you see yourself in 10 years?
  26. What do you think is the meaning and purpose of life?
  27. How do you feel when people are mad at you?
  28. How do you feel when people are mean to you?
  29. How do you feel when people are nice to you?
  30. How do you feel about yourself?
  31. Is there anything you need to forgive yourself for?
  32. Is there anything you need to forgive others for?
  33. How can you be more playful and carefree in your daily life? 
  34. How can you bring more joy into your life? 
  35. How can I love myself more and more fully? 
  36. Do you have any secrets? 
  37. Is there anything you are ashamed of? 
  38. Do you have any unfulfilled dreams or goals? 
  39. Has anyone ever hurt your feelings? Who was it and what happened? 
  40. Have you ever felt alone or misunderstood? How did it make you feel? 
  41. How does it feel when people are kind to you or hug you?
  42. Do you have any advice for me?
  43. What do you think I need to work on in my life?
  44. Is there anything I am doing that is causing you pain or hurt?
  45. Is there anything else you would like to share with me?
  46. How can I help you feel better?
  47. What do you need to let go of?
  48. How can I help you feel more loved?
  49. How can I help you feel safer?
  50. How can I help you feel more joyful?
  51. How can I help you feel more peaceful?
  52. How can I help you heal your wounds?
  53. How can I help you forgive yourself?
  54. How can I help you forgive others?
  55. How can I help you make your dreams come true?

Frequently Asked Questions

What triggers the inner child?

The inner child can be triggered by many things, such as a traumatic experience, neglect, or abuse. When the inner child is triggered, it can lead to negative emotions and behaviors. It is important to understand what triggers the inner child and work to address those triggers in a healthy way.

What is inner child healing and why is it important?

Healing the inner child is about identifying and healing the emotional wounds inflicted on a child’s psyche. This can be an important step in recovering from trauma and developing a more positive self-image. The root of many emotional problems can often be traced back to unresolved issues from childhood. Healing the inner child can help address these issues and allow people to move on with their lives.

How do you know when your inner child is healed?

Your inner child is healed when you can be emotionally present and authentic in your interactions with others. You no longer feel the need to pretend or hide your feelings, and you can express your thoughts and feelings openly and respectfully to yourself and others.

You have forgiven yourself for past mistakes and no longer feel the need to punish yourself or avoid certain situations. You are now able to connect with your inner child on a deep level, and you give it the love, support, and guidance it needs to grow and thrive.


Talking to our inner child can be a healing experience for everyone involved – you and your inner child! By asking ourselves these questions, we can get in touch with our feelings, come to understand our triggers and work to live a more joyful life.

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