28 Questions to Ask Your Partner Before Ending a Relationship

Breaking up is never easy. Whether you’ve been together for two weeks or two years, sometimes circumstances change and you may find yourself in a situation where you have to end things. If you’re thinking about ending a relationship, it’s important to ask your partner some tough questions first.

28 Questions to ask your partner before you make the decision to break up:

  1. Do you still love me?
  2. What do you think is our biggest problem?
  3. Do you think we’re too different to make this work?
  4. What do you need from me that you’re not getting?
  5. Why do you think we fight so often?
  6. Do you see yourself being with me in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
  7. When was the last time you were really happy in this relationship?
  8. What led to this decision?
  9. What if we took a break instead of breaking up?
  10. What kind of support do you need from me during this time?
  11. What can I do to make this transition easier for you?
  12. Will you be moving out?
  13. When do you want to end the relationship?
  14. What do you think about counseling or therapy?
  15. Can we still be friends?
  16. What do you think about staying in touch after the breakup?
  17. Are there any unresolved issues between us that we need to resolve before we go our separate ways?
  18. Are there any particular incidents or arguments that led to this decision?
  19. Are you willing to put in the work necessary to save our relationship?
  20. How should we tell our friends and family?
  21. What will happen to our belongings?
  22. Who will keep the pet?
  23. What will happen to joint accounts and credit cards?
  24. How will this affect our children? (if you have any)
  25. Will there be financial consequences for either of us?
  26. If we have children, how will custody be arranged?
  27. If we own a business together, what will happen to it?
  28. What are your concerns about post-breakup life?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your relationship is worth saving?

There are a few important things to look for when deciding whether or not your relationship is worth saving:

Are you and your partner still communicating effectively? If you’re able to talk openly and honestly with each other, that’s a good sign.

Do you still enjoy being around each other? Spending time together should make you happy, not stress you out.

Are you both making an effort to make the relationship work? If only one person is doing all the work, the relationship probably won’t last long.

If you can answer “yes” to all of these questions, then your relationship is worth saving.

What to consider before ending a relationship?

You should ask yourself if you have tried everything to make the relationship work. If so, then maybe it’s time to move on. Consider also how ending the relationship will affect your partner. Ending a relationship can be very hurtful and may result in your partner feeling rejected and humiliated.

In addition, consider how ending the relationship will affect your own life. Ending a relationship can be very traumatic and may have a negative impact on your mental health.

Weigh the pros and cons of ending the relationship before making a final decision. If you conclude that ending the relationship is best for both parties, make sure you do it respectfully.

Why silence is powerful after a breakup?

It can give someone the time they need to figure out what they want and need in their life. Silence can also help minimize the pain that’s often felt after a breakup. It can give time to grieve and reflect on the relationship that has ended. Silence can be a powerful tool for healing after a breakup.

What is the no-contact rule after a breakup?

The no-contact rule is a guideline that is often recommended to people who have gone through a breakup. The basic idea is that you should avoid any form of contact with your ex to give yourself time and space to heal. This may mean not calling her/him, texting or emailing, or avoiding face-to-face meetings or encounters.

Some people choose to keep the no-contact rule for a specific period, such as 30 days, while others choose to abide by it indefinitely.


Relationships are difficult, and sometimes the best solution is to end things. Before you make that decision, however, take a step back and consider what you stand to gain or lose by staying in the relationship. Be honest with yourself and your partner and ask yourselves if there’s anything left worth fighting for.

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