55 Questions to Ask Yourself Everyday

Asking the right questions is a powerful tool. It allows us to gain clarity, accesses our inner wisdom, and move forward in our lives with intention. When we regularly ask ourselves relevant, thought-provoking questions, we are better able to make decisions that are in alignment with our highest selves.

But it’s not always easy to come up with questions to ask yourself, especially if you’re stuck in a rut. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are a few questions to get you started.

55 Questions to ask yourself every day:

  1. What are three things I’m grateful for?
  2. What would make today great?
  3. What’s the best thing that happened to me today?
  4. How could I have made today even better?
  5. What am I passionate about?
  6. What am I doing to pursue my passions?
  7. Who am I spending time with and why?
  8. How can I be a better friend/family member/partner/colleague?
  9. What am I working on that I’m really passionate about?
  10. How can I work harder on this project?
  11. What areas in my life do I need to work on?
  12. What small steps can I take to improve these areas?
  13. How can I show more kindness to myself?
  14. How can I show more kindness to others?
  15. How can I live more mindfully today?
  16. What goals do I want to achieve today, this week, this month, this year, and in my life?
  17. What steps do I need to take to achieve these goals?
  18. Who do I admire and why?
  19. If I could spend one day with anyone – living or dead – who would it be and why?
  20. What am I doing right now that feels most like me?
  21. What are my top 3 priorities for today?
  22. What can I do to move closer to my goals?
  23. What’s my intention for this interaction/situation?
  24. How can I serve others today?
  25. What’s one small step I can take to improve my health?
  26. Am I holding myself back from doing something? If so, why?
  27. What am I grateful for today?
  28. Who do I need to forgive, including myself?
  29. What can I let go of today?
  30. What am I resisting that would actually be good for me?
  31. How can I bring more joy into my life today?
  32. How can I nurture my relationships today?
  33. What unhelpful beliefs or patterns do I need to challenge today?
  34. Is there anything I’m pretending not to know about myself or my life?
  35. What would love to do in this situation?
  36. What’s the next right thing I need to do?
  37. How can I tell if I’ve succeeded?
  38. Whose help do I need?
  39. What risks do I avoid?
  40. When will I allow myself to celebrate?
  41. How can I brighten someone’s day today?
  42. What can I do to make myself happy today?
  43. What’s my greatest accomplishment today?
  44. How did I challenge myself today?
  45. What new thing did I learn today?
  46. What were some positive moments from today?
  47. Who made me smile today?
  48. What was my favorite thing about this day?
  49. Did I face any challenges today? If so, how did I overcome them?
  50. Did anyone go the extra mile for me today?
  51. If so, how did they make my day special?
  52. What are some things I am looking forward to in the future?
  53. What goals would I like to accomplish tomorrow?
  54. How can I make tomorrow even better than today?
  55. Do I need to let go of any negative thoughts or feelings before tomorrow begins?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of asking questions about yourself?

Asking questions about yourself is important so you can get to know yourself better. This can help you understand your motivations, strengths, and weaknesses. It can also help you make decisions that align with your values and goals. By taking the time to reflect on who you are, you can build a foundation for a fulfilling and meaningful life.

What is questioning yourself called?

Questioning yourself is commonly referred to as self-reflection. It means taking a step back and analyzing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to better understand yourself and change as needed.

What are the benefits of powerful questioning?

Questions are a powerful tool because they can help individuals and groups gain new information, think more deeply about problems, and explore new directions.

Questions also help build problem-solving skills, encourage critical thinking, and can promote creativity. In addition, questions can help build relationships by allowing people to communicate and share ideas.


These are just a few of the many questions you can ask yourself daily to check in with yourself and your intentions. Asking yourself challenging questions regularly helps to keep you accountable and be present in your life so that you can be fully present for yourself and others. Give it a try! See what happens when you resolve to ask yourself at least one question every day.

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