100 Best Similes for Excited

Similes are like a snapshot of your feelings, giving everyone a quick and colorful picture of what’s going on inside you.

When you say you’re “as excited as a kid in a candy store,” you’re not just saying you’re excited—you’re painting a whole scene that everyone can understand. So, let’s dive into the world of similes for excitement and find new ways to show just how thrilled we are!

Everyday Phrases

1. Excited as a kid on Christmas morning.

This one is easy to picture. Just think of how happy and pumped kids are when they wake up to open gifts on Christmas. That’s a level of excitement that’s hard to match, full of anticipation and joy.

2. Buzzing like a bee.

Bees are always on the move, flying from flower to flower. When you’re buzzing like a bee, you’re full of energy and can’t sit still, just like how busy a bee is when it’s collecting nectar.

3. Happy as a clam.

You might wonder why clams would be happy, but the full saying is “happy as a clam at high water,” where it’s hardest for fishermen to catch them. So being as happy as a clam means you’re so excited you feel untouchable.

4. Grinning like a Cheshire cat.

If you’ve read ‘Alice in Wonderland,‘ you know this cat has a grin that literally sticks around even after it disappears. When you’re this excited, your smile is wide and constant, just like the Cheshire cat’s.

5. Like a dog with two tails.

Imagine how excited a dog gets when wagging its tail. Now picture a dog so excited it’s like it has two tails to wag! This is a fun way to describe someone who’s extremely happy and excited.

6. Jumpy as a kangaroo.

Kangaroos hop around a lot, and if you’re described this way, it means you’re so excited that you can’t keep still.

7. Floating on air.

When you’re this excited, you feel so light and happy that you might as well be floating. It’s like nothing can bring you down.

8. Eager as a beaver.

Beavers are known for being hard workers, always eager to build their dams. If you’re as eager as a beaver, you’re not just excited; you’re also ready to jump into action.

9. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

This one means you’re not just excited but also alert and ready to go. It’s often used to describe people who are optimistic and full of energy.

10. Like finding a needle in a haystack.

Normally, this describes something rare or hard to find, but in the context of excitement, it’s like saying you’ve found something so thrilling it’s like uncovering a hidden treasure.

11. As excited as a cat near a fishbowl.

Cats love fish, and when they’re near a fishbowl, their curiosity and excitement go through the roof. If you’re this excited, it’s like you’re right next to something you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

12. Shining like a diamond.

Diamonds catch the light and sparkle, standing out from everything around them. When you’re this excited, it’s like you’re glowing with happiness.

13. Fresh as a daisy.

Daisies represent freshness and new beginnings. If you’re as fresh as a daisy, your excitement makes you feel rejuvenated, like you’re ready for anything new.

14. Hungry as a wolf.

Wolves are keen hunters, always excited for their next meal. If you’re described this way, your excitement is so intense it’s like a hunger you can’t ignore.

15. Slick as a whistle.

This means that your excitement is so smooth and effortless that it’s like the clear, sharp sound of a whistle. You’re feeling good, and it shows.

16. Wound up like a clock.

Clocks are wound tight to keep time. If you’re wound up, your excitement has you tight with anticipation, ready to spring into action any second.

17. Crazy like a fox.

Foxes are clever animals, always planning their next move. If you’re as crazy as a fox, your excitement is combined with some clever thinking or planning.

18. Quick as a bunny.

Bunnies are super quick and always alert. If you’re quick as a bunny, your excitement speeds you up and makes you eager to move.

19. As alive as a bird in spring.

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and birds are full of life and song. If you’re as alive as a bird in spring, your excitement makes you feel fully alive and vibrant.

20. Hot as a firecracker.

Firecrackers explode with light and sound, grabbing everyone’s attention. When you’re hot as a firecracker, your excitement is explosive and can’t be ignored.

Nature Inspired

21. Excited as a bird catching the worm.

You know the saying “the early bird catches the worm“? Imagine the excitement that a bird must feel when it gets its breakfast. If you’re excited like this bird, you’re eagerly seizing an opportunity.

22. Excited like a tree in a storm.

When a storm hits, trees sway and bend with the wind. They’re full of energy but still rooted. If you’re excited like a tree in a storm, you’re filled with activity and movement but still grounded.

23. Excited as a river rushing to the sea.

Rivers move quickly and relentlessly toward their destination: the sea. If you’re this excited, you’re eager to move forward, and nothing can hold you back.

24. Excited like a firefly on a summer night.

Fireflies glow brighter when they’re active and looking for a mate. If you’re excited like a firefly, you’re not only full of energy, but you’re also shining bright for everyone to see.

25. Excited as a flower opening up to the sun.

Flowers reach and open up when they get sunlight. Being this excited is like embracing something wonderful that’s come into your life, fully opening up to it.

26. Excited like a waterfall cascading down a mountain.

Waterfalls are powerful and full of energy as they tumble down. If you’re this excited, your emotions are strong and flow freely, pouring out of you like water.

27. Excited as a breeze before a storm.

Just before a storm hits, the breeze picks up. It’s restless and charged. If you’re excited as this breeze, you feel the anticipation of something big about to happen.

28. Excited like a volcano ready to erupt.

A volcano that’s about to erupt is filled with pressure and energy. If you’re this excited, you’re on the verge of bursting with feelings, ready to let it all out.

29. Excited as a bear at a honeycomb.

Bears love honey and get really eager when they find a honeycomb. If you’re excited like this bear, it’s because you’ve stumbled upon something you absolutely love.

30. Excited like an eagle spotting its prey.

When an eagle spots its prey, it becomes focused and thrilled at the prospect of a meal. Being this excited is like having a clear goal in sight and feeling a surge of enthusiasm to get it.

31. Excited as a dolphin leaping out of water.

Dolphins leap out of the water with speed and grace, often in a playful manner. If you’re as excited as a dolphin, your enthusiasm is joyful and graceful.

32. Excited like a thunderclap in a storm.

Thunder makes its presence known loudly and abruptly in a storm. Being this excited is about suddenly bursting with emotion impossible to ignore.

33. Excited as a raindrop joining the ocean.

A raindrop becomes part of something much larger when it joins the ocean. If you’re as excited as this raindrop, you’re thrilled to be part of something big and meaningful.

34. Excited like a moth to a flame.

Moths are irresistibly drawn to light. Being this excited means you’re drawn to something that’s captured your full attention.

35. Excited as a tumbleweed in a gust of wind.

A tumbleweed moves fast when carried by the wind, covering a lot of ground. If you’re as excited as a tumbleweed, you’re quickly propelled by your emotions, eager to go wherever they take you.

36. Excited like a cloud gathering before a downpour.

Clouds swell up before a heavy rainfall, full of potential energy. Being this excited means you’re building up a lot of emotion, ready to let it all out soon.

37. Excited as a fish swimming upstream.

Fish swimming upstream are determined and eager to reach their destination. If you’re as excited as these fish, you’re committed and full of purpose.

38. Excited like a sprout breaking through the soil.

That first moment when a sprout breaks through the soil is critical. Being this excited is like emerging after a long wait, eager to start growing.

39. Excited as a wolf howling at the moon.

When wolves howl at the moon, they’re communicating and expressing themselves. If you’re as excited as a wolf, you’re vocal and expressive about what’s making you so happy.

40. Excited like a sunset painting the sky.

As the sun sets, the sky lights up in beautiful colors. Being this excited is like having your emotions color your whole world in a breathtaking way.

Sports and Games

41. Excited as a player scoring the winning goal.

Imagine the rush you’d feel if you scored the goal that won the game for your team. That’s a moment of pure, unfiltered excitement and happiness, just like how you might be feeling.

42. Excited like a kid in an arcade.

Picture a kid with a pocket full of quarters standing in front of endless arcade games. The options are limitless, and the excitement is sky-high. That’s what this simile is capturing.

43. Excited as a sprinter at the starting line.

For a sprinter, the starting line is a moment filled with anticipation and eagerness. If you’re as excited as a sprinter at the starting line, you’re all set and can’t wait to dash towards what excites you.

44. Excited like a gamer on a winning streak.

When you’re on a winning streak in a video game, the excitement builds with each win. You feel invincible and pumped to keep the streak going.

45. Excited as a fan catching a home run ball.

Catching a home run ball at a baseball game is a dream come true for many fans. It’s a one-of-a-kind thrill, just like the kind of excitement described by this simile.

46. Excited like a chess player in checkmate.

Achieving checkmate is the ultimate goal in a chess game. If you’re this excited, you feel like you’ve just secured a hard-fought victory and can’t wait to celebrate.

47. Excited as a quarterback throwing a Hail Mary pass.

A Hail Mary pass is a long, desperate throw near the end of a game. The excitement in that moment is intense because the outcome could be a game-changer.

48. Excited like a fisherman with a big catch on the line.

Imagine reeling in what feels like the biggest fish of your life. That’s the sort of excitement that’s both intense and focused.

49. Excited as a basketball player making a buzzer-beater.

Hitting a shot as the buzzer sounds to end the game is electrifying. If you’re this excited, it feels like you’ve just accomplished something incredible in the nick of time.

50. Excited like a kid who just beat a difficult video game level.

When you finally beat a level you’ve been stuck on, the relief and excitement blend into an incredible feeling. That’s how excited you are.

51. Excited as a tennis player breaking the opponent’s serve.

In tennis, breaking an opponent’s serve can be a pivotal moment. This simile means you’re so excited it feels like you’ve just gained a crucial advantage.

52. Excited like a race car driver taking the final lap.

The final lap in a race is where everything is decided, and the adrenaline is pumping. If you’re as excited as a race car driver at this moment, you’re ready to bring it home.

53. Excited as a bowler getting a strike.

Scoring a strike in bowling is a high point in the game. If you’re excited like this, it feels like you’ve just knocked down all your obstacles at once.

54. Excited like a skateboarder landing a trick.

Landing a difficult skateboard trick can bring an instant rush of excitement. This simile captures that “nailed it” feeling.

55. Excited as a soccer fan watching a penalty shootout.

A penalty shootout in soccer is nail-bitingly intense. If you’re as excited as a soccer fan at this moment, you’re on the edge of your seat with anticipation.

56. Excited like a poker player with a royal flush.

A royal flush is the best hand you can have in poker. If you’re this excited, you feel like you’re holding all the best cards.

57. Excited as a golfer making a hole-in-one.

Making a hole-in-one in golf is rare and exhilarating. If you’re as excited as this, you feel like you’ve just achieved something exceptional.

58. Excited like a kid winning a game of hide and seek.

Winning at hide and seek as a kid makes you feel invincible. This simile captures that child-like excitement and sense of accomplishment.

59. Excited as a gymnast sticking the landing.

Sticking the landing in gymnastics is a moment of triumph. Being this excited feels like you’ve just nailed something important with everyone watching.

60. Excited like a player hitting the jackpot.

Whether it’s a slot machine or a lottery, hitting the jackpot is the ultimate win. If you’re this excited, it feels like you’ve just struck gold.

Food and Drink

61. Excited as a kid with a full candy jar.

A candy jar, in the eyes of a child, is like a treasure chest. Full to the brim, it promises endless delight. If you’re as excited as this kid, you feel like you’ve just hit the jackpot.

62. Excited like popcorn in a hot pan.

As popcorn heats up, it starts to pop and bounce all over the pan. That frenetic activity embodies how it feels to be this excited—full of energy and all over the place.

63. Excited as a coffee lover with a fresh brew.

For a coffee aficionado, a freshly brewed cup is a moment of pure joy. If you’re excited like this, you’re savoring something you’ve been looking forward to.

64. Excited like champagne bubbles.

The bubbles in champagne rise rapidly, full of fizz and sparkle. If you’re as excited as champagne bubbles, you’re effervescent and brimming with energy.

65. Excited as a dog eyeing a steak.

A dog looking at a juicy steak is filled with anticipation. If you’re this excited, you’re focused on something really rewarding that’s just within reach.

66. Excited like ice cream on a hot day.

Ice cream melts quickly on a hot day, changing its form and turning into a delightful treat. If you’re this excited, you’re also melting with anticipation and joy.

67. Excited as a chef with a new recipe.

Chefs get really excited about experimenting with new recipes. If you’re excited like this chef, you’re eager to try something new and see how it turns out.

68. Excited like a kid with a new box of crayons.

A new box of crayons for a kid means endless possibilities for creativity. Translating this to food, imagine it’s like having a whole new set of flavors to play with.

69. Excited as a tea lover smelling fresh leaves.

The aroma of fresh tea leaves can be intoxicating to someone who loves tea. If you’re this excited, it’s like taking in something you love deeply.

70. Excited like a fruit ripening in the sun.

A fruit ripening in the sun gradually becomes juicier and sweeter. Being this excited is about becoming increasingly thrilled as something wonderful unfolds.

71. Excited as someone at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

An all-you-can-eat buffet offers limitless options. If you’re as excited as someone at this buffet, you’re overwhelmed with choices and can’t wait to dive in.

72. Excited like a blender ready to mix.

A blender whirs and mixes all its contents together, making something new and often delicious. If you’re this excited, you’re all mixed up in the best possible way, ready for something new.

73. Excited as a wine lover at a vineyard.

For a wine lover, being at a vineyard is like being in heaven. If you’re excited like this, you’re in your happy place and savoring every moment.

74. Excited like a barista creating latte art.

A barista takes pride in making beautiful latte art. If you’re this excited, you’re not just enjoying something—you’re also adding your own special touch to it.

75. Excited as a baker with a new oven.

For a baker, a new oven is a game-changer. It’s the beginning of new possibilities. If you’re excited like this baker, you’re ready to create and explore.

76. Excited like sizzling bacon.

Bacon sizzles loudly and fills the room with a mouthwatering aroma. If you’re this excited, you’re making your presence and enthusiasm felt by everyone around you.

77. Excited as a customer at a food truck festival.

Food truck festivals offer a variety of delicious options. Being this excited means you’re delighted by all the choices and opportunities around you.

78. Excited like hot chocolate on a cold day.

Hot chocolate brings instant warmth and happiness when it’s cold. If you’re excited like this, you’re a source of joy that lifts everyone’s spirits.

79. Excited as a homebrewer tasting the first batch.

For a homebrewer, the first taste of a new batch is a big moment. If you’re as excited as this, you’re tasting the first sweet rewards of your hard work.

80. Excited like a foodie trying a trendy new restaurant.

For a foodie, trying a new hotspot is the ultimate adventure. If you’re as excited as this foodie, you’re ready to experience something you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

High Energy

81. Excited as a race car at the starting line.

A race car at the starting line is revved up and ready to go full throttle. If you’re this excited, your engines are roaring, and you can’t wait to sprint forward.

82. Excited like a firework about to go off.

A firework is packed with energy, just waiting for the right moment to explode into colors and shapes. Being this excited means you’re on the edge of bursting with enthusiasm.

83. Excited as a drummer in a rock band.

Drummers in rock bands are known for their high-energy performances. They’re pounding away, setting the tempo for everyone else. If you’re this excited, you’re setting the pace and driving the mood.

84. Excited like a kid on a sugar rush.

A kid on a sugar rush is hyperactive and can’t sit still. Being this excited means you’re running around, too exhilarated to keep still.

85. Excited as a tornado ripping through a field.

Tornados are extremely energetic and can cause massive changes in their environment. If you’re this excited, you’re so full of life that you could almost transform the space around you.

86. Excited like a rodeo bull out of the gate.

Rodeo bulls burst out of the gate with extreme power and energy. If you’re excited like this, you’re unrestrained and making your presence known right away.

87. Excited as an electric guitar in a solo.

When an electric guitar takes the spotlight for a solo, the energy skyrockets. Being this excited, you’re stealing the show and amplifying the enthusiasm.

88. Excited like a spinning top.

A spinning top whirls around at a high speed, full of kinetic energy. If you’re this excited, you’re almost dizzy from all the energy you’re feeling.

89. Excited as a sprinter at the finish line.

A sprinter at the finish line feels a burst of adrenaline and achievement. Being excited like this sprinter means you’ve achieved something great and are overflowing with joy.

90. Excited like a roller coaster at its peak.

A roller coaster at its peak is filled with potential energy, ready to plunge down at incredible speeds. If you’re this excited, you’re on the verge of something thrilling.

91. Excited as a jet engine revving up.

A jet engine revving up is a powerhouse of energy. If you’re this excited, you’re gearing up for something big and can’t be ignored.

92. Excited like a powerlifter lifting a personal best.

A powerlifter who beats their personal best is surging with endorphins and pride. If you’re this excited, you’ve topped your own expectations and are feeling on top of the world.

93. Excited as a soccer player scoring a goal.

The moment a soccer player scores, they’re usually overflowing with excitement and rush to celebrate. If you’re as excited as this player, you’re probably jumping around and cheering.

94. Excited like a DJ dropping the bass.

When a DJ drops the bass, the crowd goes wild. Being this excited means you’re creating a buzz, and everyone around you can feel it.

95. Excited as a boxer hearing the final bell.

A boxer hearing the final bell knows they’ve survived and maybe even won the fight. Being this excited, you feel victorious and unstoppable.

96. Excited like a skydiver jumping out of a plane.

A skydiver experiences a rush like no other when jumping from a plane. If you’re this excited, you’re diving into something with full force despite the risks.

97. Excited as a drummer doing a drum roll.

Drum rolls create anticipation and excitement. Being this excited, you’re drumming up enthusiasm and setting the stage for something spectacular.

98. Excited like a motorcyclist on an open road.

A motorcyclist on an open road feels freedom and the thrill of speed. Being this excited, you feel like nothing can hold you back.

99. Excited as a dancer on the stage.

A dancer on stage is full of life and energy, expressing themselves freely. If you’re excited like this, you’re in your element and shining bright.

100. Excited like a gymnast nailing a routine.

When a gymnast nails a routine, the feeling is electrifying. If you’re this excited, you’ve executed something perfectly and are basking in the glory.

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