100 Best Similes for Tired

Tiredness can sneak up on you like a quiet shadow or hit you like a ton of bricks. It’s the invisible backpack that suddenly feels heavy on your shoulders, making every step feel like a mile.

When we talk about being tired, similes — those nifty little phrases that say something is like something else — paint the perfect picture. They help us share exactly how we’re feeling in a fun and vivid way. 

Work and Career

1. As tired as a miner after a double shift.

Miners work extremely hard, often in challenging underground conditions. After a double shift, they would be beyond exhausted, much like someone might feel after a particularly grueling day at work.

2. Tired like a farmer at harvest time.

Farmers put in incredibly long hours when it’s time to harvest crops, working from dawn till dusk. This simile suggests a level of tiredness that comes from relentless, back-breaking labor, similar to end-of-year accounting or project deadlines.

3. As worn out as a last season’s suit.

Just like a suit that’s been worn too many times and begins to show signs of wear and tear, an employee can feel frayed and faded after continuous hard work without a break.

4. Like a delivery truck after the holiday season.

A delivery truck after the busy holiday season would be run down and in need of maintenance, much like how a person feels after working hard to meet the high demands of the end-of-year rush in many businesses.

5. Tired as a writer with writer’s block.

Writers with writer’s block feel an immense strain because they are mentally exhausted. It’s akin to someone in a creative profession who has been pushing too hard to come up with fresh ideas.

6. As drained as a teacher at the end of term.

Teachers give their all to educate and manage their students, and by the end of the term, they’re totally spent. It’s the kind of tiredness that comes from emotional as well as physical exertion, similar to those in customer service roles.

7. Tired like an old pair of work boots.

Work boots get more and more beaten down with use, representing the kind of weariness one feels after a long period of hard physical labor, such as in construction or manual work.

8. As beat as a courtroom lawyer after a long case.

Lawyers work long hours when preparing and conducting cases. When a case finally ends, they can feel incredibly depleted, much like anyone who has to stay mentally alert and perform under pressure for an extended time.

9. Like a smartphone battery at 1%.

Just as a smartphone battery is nearly useless at 1%, a person can feel almost non-functional from fatigue after a long stint of work without adequate rest.

10. As exhausted as a pilot after a transatlantic flight.

Pilots must concentrate intensely for hours, and the responsibility is huge. After landing, they’re often wiped out, similar to employees after completing a major project that required constant focus.

11. Tired like a nurse after a 12-hour shift.

Nurses work long hours, often on their feet, taking care of multiple patients. This simile reflects the physical and emotional exhaustion that can come from caring professions or customer service roles.

12. As fatigued as a marathon runner at the finish line.

A marathon runner is utterly spent at the end of the race, comparable to how someone might feel at the end of a long, challenging work project that required sustained effort over time.

13. Tired as a soldier after a battle.

Soldiers face intense physical and mental demands in battle. Afterward, they are completely drained. It’s a level of tiredness that can resemble the feeling after a particularly demanding professional challenge or crisis management.

14. As tired as a juggler after a performance.

A juggler must keep constant concentration to keep all balls in the air, much like a project manager might feel after keeping a team and multiple project components on track.

15. Tired like an accountant during tax season.

An accountant during tax season works with intense focus and under tight deadlines. The exhaustion that sets in is akin to anyone who has to meet a lot of high-stakes deadlines in a short time.

16. As weary as a caterer after a wedding.

Caterers work tirelessly to ensure that every detail of a wedding reception is perfect, often resulting in exhaustion. This is similar to event planners or those in the hospitality industry after a major event.

17. Tired like a tech support agent at the end of Cyber Monday.

Tech support agents are inundated with calls and queries during high-volume sales events like Cyber Monday, leading to a unique kind of mental and emotional fatigue.

18. As tired as a pack mule at the end of the trail.

Pack mules carry heavy loads over long distances. This simile conveys the bone-deep exhaustion one might feel after carrying the weight of workplace responsibilities for too long without relief.

19. Tired as an editor after final proofs.

An editor poring over the final proofs of a text must pay attention to every detail, which is exhausting. It’s similar to the final push in any job that requires meticulous attention to detail.

20. As worn as a pencil after an exam.

Just like a pencil is whittled down to a nub after an exam, a professional can feel similarly diminished after expending all their energy on a work-related “test,” like a presentation or an audit.

Sports and Energy

21. As tired as a marathoner at mile 26.

The final stretch of a marathon is grueling, and runners are often running on empty. This simile embodies the ultimate physical exhaustion one experiences at the limit of their endurance, much like after a long, intense workout.

22. Tired like a boxer after the twelfth round.

Boxers give it their all in the ring, and by the final round, they’re fighting with sheer willpower. This comparison is for when you’ve been pushing through a difficult task, and you’re nearly out of steam but still standing.

23. As worn out as a soccer ball at the end of the season.

A well-used soccer ball is kicked, tossed, and battered all season long. Just like that ball, someone can feel worn out after a long period of continuous physical activity or exercise.

24. Like a sprinter’s legs after a 100-meter dash.

Sprinters exert an explosive amount of energy in a short time, and immediately after, their legs can feel like jelly. This simile is apt for the feeling of immediate exhaustion after a burst of intense activity.

25. As exhausted as a cyclist at the end of the Tour de France.

Completing the Tour de France is a testament to human endurance. Riders are beyond tired at the end, mirroring the feeling of someone who has been through a prolonged period of physical strain.

26. Tired like a weightlifter after a heavy session.

Lifting heavy weights requires a lot of effort, and once the session is over, the weightlifter can barely muster the energy to do anything else. It’s like pushing through a series of challenging tasks and then feeling utterly spent.

27. As fatigued as a dancer after a full rehearsal.

Dancers practice for hours, repeating routines until they’re perfect. This leaves them drained, similar to someone who has been performing a task repetitively and with high precision.

28. Tired as a swimmer after a 200-meter butterfly.

The butterfly is one of the most physically demanding swim strokes. After completing a race, swimmers are often breathless and weak, much like the feeling after an exhaustive period of effort.

29. As drained as a basketball player at the end of overtime.

Basketball games can be high-energy and fast-paced, and playing into overtime means exerting even more energy. This can be likened to someone who’s had to extend their usual efforts to meet a goal.

30. Tired like a goalie after a penalty shootout.

During a penalty shootout, a goalie is under immense pressure and must react quickly to each shot. It’s a tense situation that can leave them feeling mentally and physically drained, similar to critical moments in other high-stress professions.

31. As weary as a wrestler after a match.

Wrestling requires a lot of physical strength and mental strategy. After a match, wrestlers often feel as if they have no energy left, akin to the feeling after an intense brainstorming or problem-solving session.

32. Tired as a racehorse at the finish line.

Racehorses give their all in the sprint to the finish. This simile reflects the total exertion of energy and the resultant fatigue one might feel after a “sprint” to meet a deadline or goal.

33. As exhausted as a hiker after summiting a mountain.

The trek to a mountain summit is exhausting but rewarding. It’s like tackling a massive project; you’re tired at the end, but there’s also a sense of accomplishment.

34.  Tired like a gymnast after a competition.

Gymnasts perform routines that require immense concentration and physical strength. By the end of a competition, they can be extremely tired, mirroring the feeling after a day full of challenging tasks.

35. As beat as a pair of running shoes after a long-distance relay.

Just as running shoes show the wear of many miles, so too can someone feel after participating in a prolonged and challenging activity.

36. Tired as a football player at the end of the Super Bowl.

Football players put everything on the line during the Super Bowl. By the end, their energy is sapped, comparable to completing a major project or event that has been months in the making.

37. As fatigued as a rower after crossing the finish line.

Rowers, in a race, put forth a synchronized team effort, and the physical exertion is tremendous. This level of fatigue can be likened to that felt after a collective push to achieve a team goal.

38. Tired like a track builder after laying down the last piece of turf.

The physical labor involved in laying turf for a track is significant. Once the job is done, the sense of tiredness is both physical from the labor and mental from the focus required.

39. As weary as a climber after an all-day ascent.

Climbing demands both physical stamina and mental resolve. The weariness at the end of an all-day climb is profound, akin to the end of a long and demanding day where you’ve had to overcome numerous challenges.

40. Tired as a coach after a season ends.

Coaches put a lot of energy into training and strategizing for the season. When it’s over, they can feel both relief and an overwhelming tiredness, much like the feeling after completing a long-term project that has required constant attention and energy.

Nature and Outdoors

41. As tired as a bee after a day of pollen collecting.

Bees work tirelessly, flitting from flower to flower, collecting pollen all day long. The fatigue they must feel by the end of the day can be compared to how one feels after a day full of continuous, demanding tasks.

42. Tired like a tree whose leaves have all been shed in autumn.

A tree in late autumn looks bare and spent, having expended energy to shed its leaves. This simile reflects the kind of tiredness that comes after a period of change or after having put a lot of effort into a project.

43. As worn out as a plow horse after spring planting.

Plow horses used in planting exert a lot of effort to break the soil. The weariness they show at the end of the day is similar to the exhaustion one feels after a day of hard, physical labor.

44. Like a mountain after an avalanche.

A mountain after an avalanche appears stripped and barren, having released a great deal of its snow and ice. It’s akin to the feeling one has after a sudden, intense release of energy or emotion.

45. As exhausted as the soil after a season’s harvest.

Soil can become depleted and tired after supporting a season’s worth of crop growth. This simile can describe the feeling of being drained after a long period of productivity.

46. Tired as a river at the end of a long drought.

Rivers run low and slow after long periods of drought, and their energy and vitality are reduced. This mirrors how someone might feel when they are in need of rejuvenation or a break.

47. As fatigued as a migrating bird after its long journey.

Migrating birds travel thousands of miles without rest, and by the time they reach their destination, they are understandably worn out. This is similar to the feeling one might have after completing a particularly long or arduous task.

48. Tired like a deer after the rutting season.

The rutting season is exhausting for deer, involving lots of chasing and physical exertion. The tiredness a deer feels afterward can be likened to exhaustion after a period of intense competition or exertion.

49. As drained as a sunset at day’s end.

A sunset marks the end of the day’s light, leading into the stillness of night. The quietness and rest that come with a sunset can be paralleled with the feeling of winding down after a busy day.

50. Tired as the winter sun, weak and distant.

The winter sun often appears feeble and far away, lacking the strength and warmth of its summer counterpart. This can symbolize the lack of energy one might feel during times of fatigue.

51. As weary as a drought-stricken land awaiting rain.

Land awaiting rain can appear dry and lifeless, eagerly needing the refreshment of a downpour. This simile can reflect a person’s state when they are in desperate need of a break to replenish their energy.

52. Tired like a wilting flower in the noonday sun.

Flowers can wilt under the intense heat of the midday sun, looking quite spent. It’s a fitting metaphor for feeling overwhelmed and sapped of strength during peak stress or activity.

53. As tired as an old trail worn by countless steps.

Trails become worn and eroded by the passage of many feet, showing the signs of use. This is akin to the feeling of being tread upon by the day’s demands.

54. Tired as the evening shadows stretching long and thin.

As the day grows old, the shadows stretch and appear to lose their substance, just like how one’s energy seems to stretch thin and fade as fatigue sets in.

55. As exhausted as a field after the harvest has been taken.

Once a field has been harvested, it lies empty and exhausted, much like how a person feels after they’ve given all they can to a task and there’s nothing left to give.

56. Tired like the last leaves clinging to a tree in a brisk autumn wind.

The few leaves that cling to the branches after most have fallen face the harshness of the wind alone. This can be similar to how one feels when they’re barely hanging on after a long bout of effort.

57. As fatigued as a boulder rounded by eons of erosion.

A boulder shaped by countless years of erosion has withstood much wear and tear, analogous to a person feeling the cumulative effects of persistent stress or labor.

58. Tired as the last flicker of a campfire before it goes out.

The final moments of a campfire are quiet and flickering, barely holding onto the flames. It’s a poignant representation of someone holding onto their last bit of energy before rest.

59. As weary as an over-tilled land, longing for rest and rejuvenation.

Soil that has been overworked loses its vitality and needs time to recover. This simile compares the land’s need for rest with the body’s need for recuperation after sustained effort.

60. Tired like a trailhead sign, weathered from seasons of guiding hikers.

A trailhead sign stands through the seasons, facing sun, rain, and wind, and over time it becomes worn out. This can be compared to someone feeling the effects of long-term exertion or exposure to stress.

Food and Comfort

61. As tired as an overused couch.

An overused couch has felt the weight of many a tired body, often becoming worn and a bit creaky. When you’re as tired as an overused couch, you’re saying that you’ve supported more than your share of burdens for the day, and you’re feeling every bit of that strain in your bones.

62. Tired like a well-worn blanket.

A well-worn blanket is one that has provided comfort and warmth to many, perhaps frayed at the edges from its constant use. Similarly, if you’re tired like a well-worn blanket, you’ve given your all to warm and comfort others, and now you feel a little threadbare and in need of some rest.

63. As tired as a melting ice cream in the sun.

Just like how an ice cream loses its form and drips away under the heat of the sun, when you’re as tired as melting ice cream, you might feel like you’re losing your energy and just can’t keep yourself together. You’re ready to collapse into a puddle of relaxation.

64. As tired as a squeezed-out tea bag.

A squeezed-out tea bag has given all its flavor to the water, turning it into a comforting drink. When you’re as tired as this tea bag, it’s like you’ve infused your energy into the day’s tasks, and now you’re spent, devoid of any remaining zest.

65. Tired like an empty cookie jar.

An empty cookie jar suggests that it has fulfilled its duty, offering up all its contents for others’ enjoyment. When you’re tired like an empty cookie jar, you might feel that you’ve given all you can to the day, and now there’s nothing left but the need to recharge.

66. As tired as a used-up fireplace.

A used-up fireplace, with only ashes remaining from a once roaring fire, indicates a place that has expended all its warmth. If you’re as tired as a used-up fireplace, it means you’ve burned through your energy, and now you’re just smoldering, needing a break to build up the flames again.

67. Tired like a squashed cushion.

A squashed cushion might be the result of many a cozy night spent lounging and lazing. When you’re tired like a squashed cushion, it’s like you’ve been the support for comfort, and now you’ve had the stuffing knocked out of you, making you feel all deflated.

68. As tired as a dish rag after a big meal.

A dish rag after a big meal is usually drenched and dirty, having cleaned up all the mess. Similarly, when you’re as tired as a dish rag, you’ve dealt with the day’s chaos and are left feeling a bit grimy and in need of some cleansing rest.

69. Tired like a last crumb on a plate.

The last crumb on a plate is what remains after a satisfying feast. When you’re tired like that last crumb, you’re what’s left after a day full of satisfying but exhausting activities. All you want is to be swept away to the comfort of your bed.

70. As tired as a napping cat in a sunbeam.

Cats find the ultimate comfort in snoozing within a warm sunbeam, completely at ease. When you’re as tired as a napping cat, you’re seeking that same sense of total relaxation, desiring nothing more than a cozy spot to unwind undisturbed.

71. Tired like a buttered toast at breakfast’s end.

Buttered toast at the end of breakfast is often left a bit soggy, having soaked up all the flavors of the meal. When you’re tired like buttered toast, you feel as if you’ve absorbed the essence of the day’s events, and now you’re just a bit dampened and limp.

72. As tired as a picnic blanket after a long day.

A picnic blanket after a long day’s outing is typically sprawled and disheveled. When you’re as tired as this blanket, it’s like you’ve been laid out and trampled upon by the day’s events and are now in need of some folding up and rest.

73. Tired like a deflated soufflé.

A deflated soufflé is one that has risen to the occasion but eventually succumbed to the pressures around it. If you’re tired like a deflated soufflé, you’ve perhaps peaked earlier in the day, and now you’ve gently collapsed, ready to recoup.

74. As tired as a licked-clean sundae glass.

A sundae glass that’s been licked clean is a sign of a thoroughly enjoyed treat. If you’re as tired as that glass, you’ve given every bit of enjoyment to the day, and now you’re sitting empty, satisfied, but completely out of energy.

75. Tired like a crumpled napkin.

A crumpled napkin has done its job wiping up spills and messes. Similarly, when you’re tired like a crumpled napkin, you’ve dealt with the little accidents throughout the day, and now you’re left feeling a bit used and ready to be tossed on the couch.

76. As tired as a holiday feast table after everyone’s gone.

The table after a holiday feast, littered with dishware and half-eaten morsels, tells a story of good times and satiation. When you’re as tired as this table, it’s like you’ve hosted a grand event in your own life and are now feeling the aftermath in need of some tidying.

77. Tired like a drained coffee pot.

A drained coffee pot at the end of a long meeting is empty, having provided the fuel to get through the discussions. If you’re tired like a drained coffee pot, you’ve dispensed all your energy keeping yourself and perhaps others going, and now it’s time for a refill.

78. As tired as a baker after the morning rush.

A baker, after the morning rush, has worked through the wee hours to provide warm, comforting goodies. When you’re as tired as such a baker, it means you’ve spent your earliest energies and now long for the sweet repose of a quiet afternoon.

79. Tired like a mashed potato left on the plate.

Mashed potatoes left on the plate after a hearty meal represent fullness and contentment. When you’re tired like these leftovers, you’re feeling the weight of your own full day, and all you want is to spread out and relax.

80. As tired as a holiday turkey out of the oven.

A holiday turkey, once out of the oven, is the centerpiece that has endured hours of heat to reach the perfect state of readiness. When you’re as tired as this turkey, it’s like you’ve been through the grind, and now it’s your turn to rest on your laurels and bask in the glow of a job well done.

Music and Rhythm

81. As tired as a drumhead after a rock concert.

Just like a drumhead that’s been pounded on during an intense rock concert, when you’re this tired, it’s as though every beat of your day has been like a drumstick hitting you, leaving you feeling vibrated and worn out, echoing the final resounding note in an empty hall.

82. Tired like the strings of a well-played guitar.

A well-played guitar’s strings have been strummed and stretched, creating music for hours. Similarly, if you’re tired like these guitar strings, you’ve been pulled in every direction and have resonated with the day’s demands, now needing a break before the next performance.

83. As tired as a silent piano after a recital.

A piano, after a recital, sits silent, its keys and hammers having told their story. When you’re as tired as a silent piano, it’s like you’ve played your heart out for all to hear, and now, in the quiet, you long for the soft cover of night to close over you.

84. Tired like the last note of a lullaby.

The last note of a lullaby hangs in the air, bringing a peaceful end to a soothing melody. When you’re tired like that last note, you feel yourself fading into silence, ready to surrender to sleep’s embrace as the song of your day comes to a gentle close.

85. As tired as a DJ’s turntable at sunrise.

A DJ’s turntable at sunrise has been spinning records all night, setting the rhythm for dancers. If you’re as tired as that turntable, you’ve been the backdrop to the night’s energy, but now, as the light creeps in, your spinning slows to a stop, ready for rest.

86. Tired like a violin bow after a symphony.

A violin bow after a symphony is spent, having danced across the strings to bring forth music. If you’re tired like this bow, it’s as though you’ve drawn your own energy across the day’s tasks, playing your part, and now you’re ready to be set down gently.

87. As tired as a metronome at rest.

A metronome at rest has kept the beat for countless measures, and when it stops, there’s a sense of stillness. When you’re as tired as a metronome at rest, you’ve kept pace with the day’s rhythm, and now you seek the quietude of stillness, your own ticking having ceased.

88. Tired like sheet music after the encore.

Sheet music after the encore is scattered and used, having guided musicians through the night’s repertoire. When you’re tired like this music, it’s like you’ve been turned and read and played until you’re out of order, longing for the neat stack of repose.

89. As tired as a mute in a trumpet after a jazz night.

A mute inside a trumpet after a night of jazz has helped soften and shape the sounds. If you’re as tired as this mute, you’ve altered your volume and tone to fit the day’s tune, and now you’re left silent, desiring nothing more than to be set aside.

90. Tired like a dancer’s shoes post-performance.

A dancer’s shoes after a performance are worn, the soles thinned by the myriad of steps taken. When you’re tired like these shoes, it’s as if your sole’s been danced away through the routine of your day, and now they lie askew, ready for rest.

91. As tired as a cello in a case after a concerto.

A cello resting in its case after a concerto is still, having resonated deeply with the audience. If you’re as tired as this cello, you’ve given your depth, and your core vibrations to the day, and now you’re enclosed in your own space, craving the silence.

92. Tired like an accordion’s bellows at festival’s end.

An accordion’s bellows expand and contract, working hard to fuel the festive tunes. When you’re tired like these bellows, you feel stretched and squeezed from the exertions of the day, ready to collapse into a compact form once again.

93. As tired as the silence in a studio between recordings.

The silence in a studio between recordings is thick, filled with the echoes of sounds just made. If you’re as tired as this silence, you’ve poured your creative spirit out and now sit in the hush, enveloped by the need to recharge before the next take.

94. Tired like a playlist that’s reached its end.

A playlist that’s reached its end has run through all its songs, and its purpose is served for the time being. When you’re tired like this playlist, it’s like you’ve played through all your day’s moments, and now there’s a quiet gap before the music starts anew.

95. As tired as a bass drum after the parade.

A bass drum after the parade has set the march for countless steps, its booming voice felt by all. If you’re as tired as this drum, you’ve reverberated with the day’s rhythm, and now, in the stillness post-march, you feel the echo of your own pulse slowing.

96. Tired like a harmonica’s reeds after a blues gig.

A harmonica’s reeds vibrate to create soulful tunes, and after a gig, they rest. When you’re tired like these reeds, you’ve let your breath flow to make your day’s music, and now you’re spent, waiting for the next draw of breath to come.

97. As tired as the hush of a concert hall before the lights go up.

The hush of a concert hall before the lights go up is full of anticipation and the remnants of the finale. If you’re as tired as this hush, you’ve given your all to the performance of your day, and now you’re in that liminal space, the quiet before the routine starts again.

98. Tired like an old jukebox that’s played its last dime.

An old jukebox after the last dime has been used has provided a night of melodies and memories. When you’re tired like this jukebox, it’s like you’ve let your nostalgic energy spin, and now, with no more coins to prompt you, you’re ready to rest until someone cues you up again.

99. As tired as a flute’s whistle after a solo.

A flute’s whistle is clear and carries a melody far, but after a solo, the instrument is put down. When you’re as tired as a flute’s whistle, you’ve hit all your high notes for the day, and now you’re ready to be placed gently in your case.

100. Tired like the echo in an alley after a street musician has packed up.

The echo in an alley where a street musician played lingers after the notes have stopped. When you’re tired like this echo, it’s like your day’s efforts continue to resound around you even though you’ve stopped, and now all you want is the quiet that comes when the echoes fade away.

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