739 Things to Talk About [The Ultimate List]

Starting a conversation can be challenging for some people, especially if they are introverted or struggle to come up with topics to discuss. However, rich and meaningful conversations with others are critical to building relationships and gaining new insights.

Whether you are interacting with friends, colleagues, or strangers, there are always interesting topics to bring up. By approaching these topics with a curious and open-minded attitude, you can have an engaging and rewarding conversation with anyone.

Things to Talk About with Your Crush

When you’re around your crush, it’s natural to want to make a good impression and keep the conversation flowing. Here are some ideas for topics to discuss with your crush to help keep the conversation going and show them your interesting and unique side:

  1. Their favorite type of food 
  2. What they like to do in their free time 
  3. Their favorite TV show or movie 
  4. Their favorite band or type of music 
  5. The kind of books they like to read 
  6. The kind of hobbies they have 
  7. Where they grew up 
  8. How many siblings do they have
  9. Their favorite color 
  10. Their favorite season 
  11. Their kind of sports
  12. Their kind of vacation
  13. Their political views 
  14. Their religious views 
  15. Childhood funny anecdotes
  16. Any embarrassing moments they have had 
  17. The things that make them happy 
  18. The things that make them sad
  19. Their hopes and dreams are for the future
  20. Their favorite music genre 
  21. Their favorite artist 
  22. The things they do for fun
  23. The kind of family do they have 
  24. If they have any pets 
  25. The best trip they’d ever taken 
  26. A place they’ve always wanted to visit but haven’t yet 
  27. Any sports or extracurricular activities they were/are involved in 
  28. Something they’re passionate about  
  29. A cause that’s important to them 
  30. What their ideal day would be like
  31. Their career goals are
  32. What kind of relationship they’re looking for
  33. What their ideal partner would be like
  34. If they have any siblings or what their relationship with them is like
  35. What their relationship with their parents is like
  36. Any funny or embarrassing stories from their childhood
  37. What their ideal weekend looks like
  38. Who are their closest friends
  39. What kind of work do they do
  40. What are their career goals
  41. Their favorite thing about themselves is

Things to Talk About with Friends

Talking with friends is a great way to connect with others and cultivate meaningful relationships. There are countless topics to discuss with friends, and the best ones often arise naturally from the conversation.

  1. Childhood memories
  2. Upcoming events or plans with friends
  3. Current or past romantic relationships
  4. Recent food and dining experiences
  5. Upcoming holidays or special occasions
  6. The latest trends or fads
  7. Interesting or unique experiences you’ve had
  8. Thoughts on current social issues
  9. Your favorite books, podcasts, or blogs
  10. Your favorite memories from past gatherings with friends
  11. Thoughts on popular TV shows or movies
  12. Thoughts on current world events or political issues
  13. Thoughts on the latest fashion trends
  14. Thoughts on the latest health and wellness trends
  15. Newfound ways to relax and unwind
  16. Thoughts on the latest art and culture news
  17. Your favorite social media influencers and why
  18. Your favorite online shopping websites and why
  19. Thoughts on the latest beauty and fashion trends
  20. Your favorite online communities or forums
  21. Thoughts on the latest sports news and events
  22. Your plans for the future and your goals
  23. Your favorite movies, TV shows, and music
  24. Your travel experiences and plans for future trips
  25. Your achievements and successes
  26. Your family and friends
  27. Your work or school experiences and challenges
  28. Funny moments from your day
  29. Thoughts on essential issues or topics
  30. Your pets and animal companions
  31. Your favorite sports teams and athletes
  32. Your fashion and style choices
  33. Your health and wellness routines
  34. Your experiences with different cultures and places you’ve visited.
  35. Your favorite memories from your time together
  36. Your plans for the future, including career and personal goals
  37. Favorite hobbies and activities to do together
  38. Your shared interests and passions
  39. Your experiences with personal growth and self-improvement
  40. Thoughts on relationships, love, and dating
  41. Thoughts on the future and where you see yourselves in 10 years.
  42. Thoughts about travel and exploring new places
  43. Thoughts about personal challenges and how you’ve overcome them
  44. Your favorite quotes, jokes, and memes to share
  45. Your plans for future adventures and experiences to try together
  46. Thoughts on your friendship and what it means to you
  47. Your experiences with self-discovery and personal growth
  48. Your favorite activities and pastimes to enjoy together

Things to Talk About with Parents

Keeping the lines of communication open with your parents and having regular discussions about essential topics is beneficial. Constant conversations can help strengthen your relationship with your parents more than ever.

  1. Your parents’ relationship with each other
  2. Your own relationship with your parents
  3. Your goals and plans for the future
  4. Your family’s financial situation
  5. Any assistance or support you may need from your parents
  6. Any challenges you are facing in your personal life
  7. Any challenges you are facing in your professional life
  8. Anything about your relationships with siblings
  9. Anything about your relationships with other family members
  10. Your health and well-being (e.g., physical, mental, or emotional)
  11. Any significant life changes or transitions you are experiencing
  12. Your parents’ health and well-being
  13. How can you support your parents as they age
  14. Important stories or traditions that you want to preserve
  15. Your parents’ wishes for their end-of-life care
  16. Thoughts about any significant events or milestones (e.g., graduations, weddings, or the birth of a child)
  17. Your parents’ advice and guidance on critical decisions
  18. Your parents’ values and beliefs
  19. Your interests, hobbies, and passions
  20. Your parents about their interests, hobbies, and passions
  21. Any conflicts or misunderstandings
  22. The impact of your parents’ plans for retirement
  23. Your parents’ legacy
  24. Any changes in your family dynamics
  25. Spiritual or religious beliefs
  26. Your parents’ experiences growing up
  27. Any lessons your parents learned that they want to pass on to you
  28. Your career goals and asking for your parents’ advice on how to achieve them
  29. Your travel plans and ask your parents about their own experiences traveling
  30. Importance of regular check-ups and preventative healthcare
  31. Your parents’ experiences with aging
  32. How to maintain strong and healthy relationships
  33. Thoughts about any major political or social issues

Things to Talk About with Kids

One of the joys of interacting with kids is having fun and engaging conversations with them. Children are curious and eager to learn about the world around them, and talking with them can provide a great starting point for fun and meaningful conversations with kids.

  1. Their favorite toys or stuffed animals
  2. Imaginary characters from favorite books or movies
  3. Hobbies or activities they enjoy
  4. Fun places they have visited
  5. Fun places they would like to visit
  6. Their pets and what makes them special
  7. Their favorite foods and why they like them
  8. Their favorite colors and why they like them
  9. Their favorite seasons and why they like them
  10. Their favorite things about the school
  11. Their favorite things about their friends
  12. Their goals and dreams for the future
  13. Their favorite stories or fairy tales
  14. Their favorite holidays and why they like them
  15. Their favorite outdoor activities
  16. Their favorite indoor activities
  17. Their favorite games and why they like to play them
  18. Their favorite TV shows or movies and why they like them
  19. Their favorite music and why they like it
  20. Their favorite books and why they like them
  21. Their favorite memories and why they are special
  22. Their favorite things about their family
  23. Their favorite things about their parents
  24. Their favorite things about their siblings
  25. Their favorite animals and why they like them
  26. Their favorite subjects in school and why they enjoy them
  27. Their favorite places to go in their neighborhood or town
  28. Their favorite things to do with friends
  29. Their favorite activities to do at home
  30. Their favorite memories of special occasions
  31. Their favorite foods to eat on special occasions
  32. Their favorite things to do on weekends
  33. Their favorite things to do during the summer
  34. Their favorite things to do at the park or playground
  35. Their favorite things to do at the beach or pool
  36. Their favorite things to do at the zoo or aquarium
  37. Their favorite things to do at the library or museum
  38. Their favorite things to do at the amusement park or arcade
  39. Their favorite things to do at the theater or concert
  40. Their favorite things to do at the farm or farmstand
  41. Their favorite things to do at the ice rink or ski slope
  42. Their favorite things to do at the campground or hiking trail
  43. Their favorite things to do at the river or lake

Things to Talk About with Someone You Met Online

It’s natural to feel a bit nervous when talking to someone you don’t know well, especially if you met online and haven’t had the chance to meet in person. The key is to be genuine, listen actively, and be open to learning about the other person.

  1. Their real name
  2. Their age
  3. Where are they from
  4. What they do for a living
  5. The type of music they listen to
  6. A recent movie they watched
  7. Their all-time favorite TV show
  8. An inspirational book they read
  9. Their favorite dishes
  10. The best place they’ve been to
  11. Things they enjoy during their leisure time
  12. The kind of music they like
  13. An interesting place they have traveled
  14. TV shows or movies on their watchlist
  15. A good book they read lately
  16. The kind of sports or outdoor activities they enjoy
  17. A new hobby or activity they tried recently
  18. Any collections or special interest
  19. What they like most about their job
  20. What brings them to this online community
  21. Do they have any children
  22. Are they married or single
  23. The best thing about their week
  24. Where they heard about the site or application
  25. What made them decide to join in the sire or application 
  26. Their motivation for meeting new people online
  27. Your shared interests
  28. About their job or profession
  29. Current events or news topics that may be of interest to both of you
  30. Concerts you have attended
  31. Favorite forms of entertainment
  32. Favorite cuisines
  33. Education and career path
  34. Any recommended authors
  35. Favorite health and wellness activities
  36. Favorite charities or causes they support
  37. Favorite social media platforms or apps
  38. Favorite online shopping sites or stores
  39. Favorite websites or blogs

Things to Talk About with Your Ex

It’s natural to want to resolve any unresolved issues or lingering feelings after a breakup. If you’re considering reaching out to your ex to talk things through, these are a few things you might want to consider discussing.

  1. What led to the breakup
  2. Your current feelings toward your ex
  3. Your ex’s current feelings toward you
  4. Future plans after the breakup
  5. How have they been doing since the breakup
  6. How have you been doing since the breakup
  7. What have they been up to since the breakup
  8. What have you been up to since the breakup
  9. About your relationship and what went wrong
  10. Good things about your relationship with them
  11. Bad things about your relationship with them
  12. Any regrets about the relationship
  13. Any takeaways from the relationship
  14. The cause of the breakup
  15. Insight about what led to the breakup
  16. If you should remain friends
  17. Any major life events that have happened since you last spoke
  18. Shared friends or mutual acquaintances
  19. What they’re up to now
  20. Any new experiences they’ve had
  21. Any changes they made in their life

Things to Talk About for Couples

Having meaningful and engaging conversations with your partner is essential for the health and happiness of any relationship. By actively listening and openly communicating with your partner, you can strengthen your bond and better understand each other’s needs and desires.

  1. Hopes and dreams for the future
  2. What you love most about your partner
  3. Favorite memories together
  4. Things that make you feel grateful for your relationship
  5. What you appreciate most about your partner’s personality
  6. The qualities you admire most in your partner
  7. What do you find most attractive about your partner
  8. What makes you feel loved by your partner
  9. What makes you feel supported by your partner
  10. Your partner’s strengths and how they complement your own
  11. Ways in which your partner has helped you to grow and develop as a person
  12. The things you have in common that make your relationship special
  13. The things that make your relationship unique
  14. The challenges you face together
  15. How to overcome the challenges you face together
  16. Your plans and goals for the future together
  17. Your dreams and aspirations for the future
  18. The things that make you feel proud of your relationship
  19. The things that make you feel lucky to be in a relationship 
  20. How has your relationship enriched your life
  21. How have you grown as a person since being in a relationship with your partner
  22. What being in a relationship with your partner means to you

Before Getting Married

  1. Financial goals
  2. Current debts
  3. Whether you combine your finances or keep them separated
  4. Your relationship with your family
  5. Your relationship with your partner’s family
  6. Religious views
  7. Thoughts on having children
  8. Long-term goals
  9. Short-term goals
  10. Career goals after getting married
  11. Possible relocation after the wedding
  12. Living arrangements after the wedding
  13. Views on having pets at home
  14. Your in-laws
  15. Sexual history
  16. Sexual preferences
  17. Thought about birth control

Before Having a Baby

  1. Your relationship with your partner
  2. Roles and responsibilities to the baby
  3. Financial capacity to raise a kid
  4. Your careers after giving birth
  5. Current living situation
  6. Parenting style
  7. Values to instill in your child
  8. Religious beliefs to instill in your child
  9. Health history
  10. Mental health history
  11. Expectations in having a baby
  12. Medical conditions that could affect the pregnancy
  13. Thoughts on childbirth
  14. Views on parenting
  15. Opinion about co-parenting
  16. Thoughts on breastfeeding
  17. Thoughts about sleep training

Random Things to Talk About

There are so many interesting things to talk about that it takes time to decide where to start. Whether you’re looking for conversation starters with friends or just want to fill a lull in a conversation, here are a few random things you could bring up.


  1. The best travel destination
  2. An adventure or unique experience you had while traveling
  3. The best food you’ve had while traveling
  4. Bucket list of places to visit
  5. Tips for budget travel
  6. A cultural difference you encountered while traveling 
  7. The best way to overcome jet lag
  8. A travel disaster you experienced and how you dealt with it
  9. A travel souvenir you have bought
  10. The most beautiful natural scenery you’ve seen 
  11. A place you visited that completely exceeded your expectations
  12. The best travel advice you’ve received
  13. A memorable travel companion 
  14. The most interesting or unique form of transportation you’ve taken while traveling
  15. A trip that changed your perspective on the world in some way
  16. A travel tradition you have (e.g., visiting a certain restaurant or monument)
  17. The best travel deal or discount you’ve ever gotten
  18. The most important thing you’ve packed for a trip
  19. A travel-related phobia or fear you have
  20. The best travel hack or tip you’ve learned
  21. A trip you took that was out of your comfort zone
  22. A way to stay in touch with friends and family while traveling
  23. A way to prepare for a trip and make the most of it


  1. The history of art
  2. The most famous artists
  3. The most famous pieces of art
  4. How to appreciate art
  5. How to create art
  6. What inspires artists
  7. How art has evolved over time
  8. Street art and graffiti
  9. Performance art
  10. Installation art
  11. Conceptual art
  12. Abstract art
  13. Figurative art
  14. Realism vs. idealism in art
  15. The meaning of “art for art’s sake”
  16. The history of painting
  17. The different styles of art (e.g., impressionism, expressionism, and abstract expressionism)
  18. The role of art in society 
  19. How art reflects the values and beliefs of a culture
  20. High art vs. low art
  21. The role of museums and galleries
  22. The use of art in politics
  23. The impact of technology on art
  24. The role of art education in schools
  25. The importance of exposing young people to different art forms
  26. The use of art therapy 
  27. The role of art in activism and social justice movements
  28. The role of art in religious practices and rituals
  29. The debate over censorship in art
  30. The line between freedom of expression and offense
  31. The role of art in environmental activism
  32. The impact of the digital age on traditional art forms
  33. The role of art in contemporary pop culture a
  34. The role of art in advertising and marketing
  35. The role of art in the gaming industry


  1. Your favorite music genre
  2. A music artist you admire
  3. A music festival you’ve attended or want to attend
  4. The best concert you’ve ever been to
  5. Your go-to playlist for a specific mood
  6. A music album you’ve listened to on repeat
  7. A music artist you discovered recently
  8. Your favorite music venue in your city
  9. A music artist you’ve seen live multiple times
  10. Your favorite musical instrument
  11. A music collaboration that surprised you in a good way
  12. A music artist you wish you could see live
  13. A music genre you used to love but don’t listen to anymore
  14. Your favorite music lyrics
  15. A music artist you think deserves more recognition
  16. A music album you’ve never listened to but want to
  17. A music artist you’ve been a fan of for years
  18. A music artist you’ve seen live and were disappointed by
  19. Your favorite music video
  20. A music artist you’ve met in person
  21. A music festival you regret not attending
  22. A music artist you’ve seen live and were blown away by
  23. Your favorite music cover by another artist
  24. A music artist you’ve seen live and were pleasantly surprised by
  25. A music album you’ve listened to on a road trip
  26. A music artist you’ve discovered through a friend or family member
  27. Your favorite music festival memory
  28. A music artist you’ve followed on tour multiple times
  29. Music as a form of therapy
  30. How music can be used to improve cognitive function
  31. The history of music
  32. How music has evolved over time
  33. The different genres of music
  34. Musical instruments
  35. The benefits of listening to music
  36. The role of technology in music production and distribution
  37. The impact of social and cultural movements on music
  38. The psychology of music 
  39. The music industry (e.g., record labels and music publishing)
  40. The role of music in different religions and spiritual practices
  41. The use of music in film and television
  42. The influence of classical music on contemporary music
  43. The connection between music and politics
  44. The role of music education in schools and communities
  45. Live music performance vs. recorded music performances
  46. The impact of streaming platforms on the music industry
  47. The role of music in advertising and marketing
  48. The use of music in video games
  49. The relationship between music and language development in children
  50. Music in various cultures
  51. The role of music in social and cultural events
  52. The role of music in dance and movement


  1. The last book you read
  2. A book you’re currently reading
  3. Your favorite book of all time
  4. A book you hated
  5. A book you wish you could forget
  6. The first book in your favorite series
  7. The last book in your favorite series
  8. A book that made you cry
  9. A book that made you laugh out loud
  10. A book that scared you
  11. A classic you’ve always meant to read but never have
  12. A genre you usually avoid but enjoyed one particular book in
  13. An author you’ve been meaning to try but haven’t yet
  14. A book recommended to you by a friend or family member
  15. A book you picked up because of its beautiful cover but ended up not liking
  16. An audiobook or e-book you loved
  17. An audiobook or e-book you hated
  18. A physical copy of a book or an e-book
  19. Hardcover vs. paperback
  20. Books that have been made into movies 
  21. Books that were banned at some point 
  22. Books that are set in different countries 
  23. Books with controversial topics 
  24. Books that have won awards 
  25. Books with strong female characters 
  26. Books with a lot of action 
  27. Books that are part of a series 
  28. Books that are being made into TV shows or movies 
  29. Books that everyone should read at least once
  30. Most influential books in your life
  31. Favorite classic novels
  32. Favorite non-fiction books
  33. Favorite books of all time
  34. Best place to buy books
  35. A book signing event you’ve attended


  1. Your favorite sports team
  2. A recent game or match you watched
  3. A sports event you attended
  4. A sports movie or book you enjoyed
  5. Your favorite sports to play
  6. Your favorite sports to watch
  7. A memorable sports moment or game you’ve witnessed
  8. The role of technology in modern sports
  9. The role of sports in culture and society
  10. The impact of sports on physical health and fitness
  11. Your favorite athlete
  12. An interesting fact about a particular sport
  13. The history of a particular sport
  14. The rules of a particular sport
  15. How to play a particular sport
  16. The benefits of playing sports
  17. The importance of exercise
  18. Nutrition for athletes
  19. Common injuries in athletes
  20. Recovery and rehabilitation for athletes
  21. Sports psychology
  22. Training and conditioning for athletes
  23. The business side of sports
  24. College athletics
  25. Professional athletics
  26. Olympic athletics
  27. Your least favorite sports team
  28. Your least favorite athlete
  29. Why you don’t like some sports
  30. The most exciting game you’ve ever seen
  31. The worst game you’ve ever seen
  32. A close call in a game you were watching
  33. A controversial call in a game you were watching

Movies & TV Shows

  1. Your favorite movie
  2. Your favorite TV show
  3. A good movie you’ve watched lately
  4. Any new TV shows that you’re enjoying
  5. Your favorite actor or actress
  6. Your favorite movie soundtrack
  7. A movie that made you cry
  8. Your favorite movie character
  9. A movie you never get tired of watching
  10. A TV show that you’re currently binge-watching
  11. A TV show that you wish was still on the air
  12. A movie you wish had a sequel
  13. Your favorite movie scene
  14. A movie that you feel deserves more recognition
  15. Your favorite movie quotes
  16. A TV show that you think deserves more recognition
  17. A movie that you think is underrated
  18. A movie that you thought was going to be bad but ended up being good
  19. A TV show that you thought was going to be good but ended up being bad
  20. Your favorite TV show couple
  21. Your favorite TV show family
  22. A TV show that you think is too long and should have ended earlier
  23. A movie that you think has a great moral lesson
  24. A TV show that you think has a great moral lesson
  25. The kind of movies you like
  26. Best movie you’ve seen in the past
  27. Worst movie you’ve seen in the past
  28. A classic movie you want to try
  29. An overrated movie
  30. Your favorite film director
  31. A movie you have watched more than once
  32. A film genre you like
  33. A film genre you are least interested in


  1. Your favorite type of cuisine
  2. A food you used to hate but now love
  3. A food you can’t stand to eat
  4. The best meal you’ve ever had
  5. Your favorite food to cook at home
  6. A food you’ve always wanted to try
  7. The most expensive meal you’ve ever had
  8. Your favorite restaurant
  9. A food trend you love
  10. A food trend you hate
  11. A food you wish you could eat every day
  12. A food you think is overrated
  13. A food you think is underrated
  14. Your favorite food-related TV show or movie
  15. Your favorite type of food to eat while traveling
  16. A food you’ve always wanted to learn how to make
  17. A food you think everyone should try at least once
  18. A food you think is worth the splurge
  19. A food you think is worth the wait
  20. Your favorite food from your childhood 
  21. A food you think is overpriced 
  22. A food you think is a must-have for any gathering
  23. Your favorite food to eat during the holidays
  24. A food you think is overhyped but still enjoy
  25. Your favorite food-themed event or festival you’ve attended
  26. A food you think is worth the extra effort to make from scratch
  27. A food you think is best served in its simplest form
  28. Your favorite food to indulge in when you’re feeling down
  29. An exotic food you’ve always wanted to try 
  30. A food you think is better homemade than store-bought
  31. Your favorite food to eat while watching sports or a movie
  32. A food you think is best eaten outdoors 
  33. Your favorite food to eat for breakfast
  34. A food you think is best served cold 
  35. Your favorite food to eat for a midnight snack
  36. A food you think is best served hot 
  37. Your favorite food to eat when you’re feeling adventurous
  38. A food you think is best served as part of a multi-course meal


  1. Your go-to fashion inspiration
  2. A fashion trend you love
  3. A fashion trend you wish would go away
  4. Your favorite fashion designer
  5. A fashion designer whose work you dislike
  6. A fashion item you can’t live without
  7. A fashion item you wish you had never bought
  8. Your go-to outfit for a casual day
  9. Your go-to outfit for a formal occasion
  10. A fashion piece you splurged on 
  11. A fashion piece you regret buying
  12. Your favorite fashion brand
  13. A fashion brand you avoid
  14. Your favorite fashion magazine
  15. A fashion magazine you don’t enjoy
  16. Your favorite fashion TV show or movie
  17. A fashion TV show or movie you disliked
  18. The most expensive fashion item you own
  19. The least expensive fashion item you own that you love
  20. Your favorite fashion accessory
  21. A fashion accessory you can’t stand
  22. Your favorite fashion trend from the past
  23. A fashion trend from the past you wish would come back
  24. Your favorite fashion decade
  25. A fashion decade you wish you could have experienced
  26. Your favorite fashion style
  27. A fashion style you wish you could pull off
  28. Your favorite fashion era
  29. A fashion era you wish you could have lived in
  30. Your favorite fashion icon
  31. A fashion icon whose style you dislike


  1. Your favorite animal
  2. An animal you find interesting or unique
  3. A zoo or wildlife sanctuary you have visited
  4. A movie or TV show featuring animals
  5. A pet you have owned or currently own
  6. An animal that you have had a close encounter with
  7. A trip you took to see a specific animal or wildlife
  8. A conservation issue that you are passionate about
  9. A famous animal from history or literature
  10. The role of animals in different cultures or religions
  11. The role of animals in therapy or mental health
  12. The impact of humans on animal habitats
  13. The benefits of keeping animals as pets
  14. The pros of zoos and wildlife sanctuaries
  15. The cons of zoos and wildlife sanctuaries
  16. The ethics of hunting or trophy hunting
  17. The controversy surrounding animal testing
  18. The use of animals in sports
  19. The use of animals in entertainment
  20. The role of animals in agriculture and farming
  21. The impact of animal agriculture on the environment
  22. The role of animals in science and research

Interesting Things to Talk About

There are many interesting things to discuss, and the topic you choose will depend on your interests and the interests of the person you are conversing with. Ultimately, the key to having a good conversation is to find common ground and engage in open, honest, and respectful dialogue.

  1. The meaning of life
  2. What happens after we die 
  3. The nature of the universe 
  4. The existence of other intelligent life forms 
  5. Why we exist 
  6. The purpose of existence 
  7. Whether or not God exists 
  8. The nature of reality 
  9. What is consciousness 
  10. How our brains work 
  11. Why we dream 
  12. Why do we have emotions 
  13. The origins of the universe 
  14. How will the universe end 
  15. Black holes 
  16. String theory 
  17. Quantum mechanics 
  18. Relativity 
  19. Dark matter and dark energy 
  20. The existence of a parallel universe
  21. Exotic or unusual places in the world
  22. History of holidays all over the world
  23. The role of fate and destiny in our lives
  24. The concept of time travel
  25. The concept of happiness
  26. The role of government in the society
  27. The psychology of dreamsExtraterrestrial life 
  28. Thoughts on fate and destiny
  29. A superpower you want to have
  30. Multiverse theory 
  31. The big bang theory 
  32. Evolution vs. creationism 
  33. Intelligent design 
  34. The Drake equation 
  35. Fermi’s paradox
  36. Whether time is real or an illusion 
  37. The meaning of our dreams
  38. The purpose of art
  39. Whether humans are truly capable of rational thought 
  40. What makes a person good or evil 
  41. How much free will do we really have 
  42. Are we living in a simulated reality 
  43. Is there such a thing as objective reality 
  44. How to make small talk
  45. The best icebreaker questions
  46. How to end a conversation
  47. Things to avoid saying in conversation
  48. How to be a better listener
  49. The art of storytelling
  50. The power of body language
  51. How to read people
  52. The psychology of persuasion
  53. The science of happiness
  54. The history of humor
  55. The benefits of meditation
  56. The mysteries of the subconscious mind
  57. The power of positive thinking
  58. The law of attraction
  59. The science of success
  60. The secrets of motivation
  61. Goal-setting techniques
  62. Time management tips

Funny Things to Talk About

If you’re looking for some light-hearted conversation starters or just want to add a touch of humor to your interactions, there are plenty of funny things to discuss with anyone. You can connect with others by sharing a few laughs, lightening the mood, and making your interactions more enjoyable.

  1. Funny or embarrassing stories from the past
  2. Silly things you’ve done
  3. Awkward moments
  4. Things that have surprised you
  5. Things that have made you laugh
  6. The funniest thing that happened to you as a child
  7. The funniest thing that has happened to you as an adult
  8. The funniest thing you’ve seen on TV or in movies
  9. The funniest thing you’ve read in books or magazines
  10. The funniest thing you’ve heard on the radio or podcasts
  11. The funniest thing you’ve seen on social media
  12. The funniest thing you’ve seen in real life
  13. The funniest jokes you know
  14. The funniest puns you know
  15. The funniest one-liners you know
  16. The funniest memes you’ve seen
  17. The funniest videos you’ve seen online
  18. The funniest pranks you’ve seen or heard about
  19. The funniest April Fool’s Day jokes you’ve seen or heard about
  20. The funniest practical jokes you’ve seen or heard about
  21. The funniest jokes you’ve played on someone else
  22. The funniest jokes played on you
  23. The most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you
  24. A ridiculous dream you had
  25. A humorous anecdote from your childhood
  26. A celebrity or public figure’s ridiculous hairstyle or outfit
  27. A ridiculous conspiracy theory you heard about
  28. A funny YouTube video you saw recently
  29. An embarrassing moment you had in public
  30. A silly song you can’t get out of your head
  31. A ridiculous question someone asked you recently
  32. A funny prank call you made or received
  33. A ridiculous news headline you saw
  34. A ridiculous excuse someone gave for being late or missing something
  35. A silly nickname you had growing up
  36. A ridiculous trend or fad that you participated in or witnessed
  37. A funny prank show or comedy skit you watched
  38. A ridiculous superstition you believe in or have heard about
  39. A ridiculous rule or law that you think is ridiculous

Serious Things to Talk About

There are many serious topics to talk about that are essential for individuals, communities, and society as a whole. It is important to have open and honest discussions about these issues to gain a deeper understanding of their complexities and to find ways to address them.

  1. The current state of the environment
  2. The latest scientific advancements
  3. The current state of the economy 
  4. The ongoing conflict in Syria 
  5. The rise of racism and bigotry in the United States 
  6. The increasing frequency of mass shootings 
  7. The problem of gun violence in America 
  8. The opioid epidemic sweeping the nation 
  9. The growing problem of student debt 
  10. The climate crisis and its potential effects on the planet 
  11. The declining state of the American healthcare system 
  12. Social media addiction and its impact on mental health 
  13. The rising cost of living and its effect on families 
  14. Xenophobia and the fear of immigrants 
  15. Environmental degradation and its impact on public health 
  16. Animal cruelty and the mistreatment of farm animals 
  17. Factory farming and its effect on the environment 
  18. Deforestation and its impact on ecosystems around the world 
  19. Overpopulation and its potential to cause global crises
  20. The current political situation in your country
  21. The environment and climate change
  22. Racism and bigotry
  23. Sexism and misogyny
  24. Homophobia and transphobia
  25. Religion and atheism
  26. War and peace
  27. Nuclear weapons and proliferation
  28. Poverty and inequality
  29. Human rights abuses
  30. Animal rights abuses
  31. Corruption and corporate greed
  32. Education reform
  33. Healthcare reform
  34. Criminal justice reform
  35. Gun control
  36. Immigration reform
  37. Climate change mitigation and adaptation
  38. Sustainable development
  39. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic
  40. The rise of authoritarian regimes
  41. The ongoing refugee crisis
  42. The impact of technology
  43. The growing threat of cyber warfare
  44. The impact of misinformation
  45. Global health issues
  46. The rise of populism and nationalism in developed countries
  47. The spread of fake news and misinformation online
  48. The challenges faced by traditional media outlets in the digital age
  49. The increasing use of artificial intelligence
  50. The impact of technological change on the workforce
  51. The increasing income inequality in developed countries
  52. The problems with the current healthcare system 
  53. The high level of student debt in developed countries
  54. Crime rates 
  55. Drug addiction and substance abuse 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep a conversation going?

To keep a conversation going, you must take a genuine interest in the other person and actively listen to what they say. This creates a natural flow of conversation and keeps the conversation going.

Ask open-ended questions: These are questions that cannot be answered with a simple “yes” or “no” They encourage the other person to share more about themselves and their thoughts.

Show interest in the other person: Ask about their life, experiences, and opinions. Pay attention to what the person says and ask more questions.

Share your experiences and thoughts: This helps build rapport and flow of the conversation.

Avoid awkward silences: If the conversation gets stalled, try to steer it back on track by bringing up a new topic or asking a question.

Use body language and nonverbal cues: Smile, make eye contact and nod your head to show you are engaged in the conversation.

What are deep talks?

Deep talks are conversations in which people explore their thoughts and feelings more deeply than is common in everyday conversation. Deep conversations can take many forms but generally involve asking meaningful questions about life, emotions, ideas, perceptions, and experiences.

Deep talks aim to create a safe space where both parties can express themselves without judgment or fear of consequences. Instead, they should be viewed as an exploration where each person can share their thoughts without expecting what will happen next.

Moreover, serious conversations are often used as a means of self-reflection to gain insight into one’s feelings and beliefs. They also allow people to learn more about each other and develop strong relationships based on mutual understanding and trust. 

How do you talk without being awkward?

It can be challenging to talk without seeming awkward, especially if you are in a new situation or among strangers. Fortunately, some tips and tricks can make speaking easier and more natural.

The key to a smooth conversation is to focus on the other person. Ask questions about the person and their interests rather than being preoccupied with yourself. This creates a genuine connection between the two of you that feels more like a conversation and less like an interrogation.

Moreover, you should also try to listen actively rather than just wait for your turn to speak. If you show interest in the other person’s story or opinion, the conversation will take on a positive flow.

Another tip is to relax your body language. Ensure you maintain an open stance with your arms uncrossed to avoid appearing closed off or defensive. Also, avoid fidgeting, which can come across as nervousness or boredom. A smile is another good way to give off positive charisma and make people feel comfortable around you.

Finally, try not to use too many filler words—like “um” and “like”—when speaking. This will make you seem more confident and articulate, making it easier for your conversation partners to engage without feeling uncomfortable. 

Why do I feel like I have nothing to say?

One of the main reasons is that we feel overwhelmed or stressed by the idea of speaking in front of others. This can cause us to shut down our ability to think and form words and feel like we have nothing to say.

Another reason for this could be self-doubt. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if you constantly tell yourself that you have nothing exciting or important to say. Eventually, you will believe that you have nothing to say.

In addition, you may have been conditioned from an early age not to speak up or speak out. It may take time and effort to break out of this habit and find your “voice” again if this is the case. 

Finally, another possible cause could be low self-esteem. When we lack confidence in ourselves and our abilities, speaking in front of others feels scary and overwhelming. This leads us to believe that we do not have anything worthwhile or valuable to share with those around us.


There are endless things to talk about in life. Whether it’s current events, personal interests, or deep philosophical discussions, there is always something to spark a conversation. The important thing is to keep an open mind and be willing to listen to the views and opinions of others.

By engaging in meaningful conversations, we can learn from each other and expand our understanding of the world around us. So the next time you are engaged in a conversation, be bold, dig deep, and explore new topics—you never know what you might learn.

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