1000+ This or That Questions [Battle of the Choices]

Looking for a fun way to get to know someone better? Or maybe you’re just looking to spark up some entertaining chats at your next dinner party. “This or That” questions are your go-to!

Everyone has their own favorites and quirks, and that’s what makes sharing them so much fun. Whether it’s food, music, or books, every answer gives a peek into what makes us tick.

You never know, you might even find out that you have more in common with someone than you thought!

This or That Questions for Friends

  1. Movie night at home or movie theater?
  2. Board games or video games?
  3. Concerts or music festivals?
  4. Pizza or burgers?
  5. Coffee or tea?
  6. Summer or winter?
  7. Beach vacation or mountain getaway?
  8. City exploration or countryside road trip?
  9. Books or magazines?
  10. Morning jog or evening walk?
  11. Gym workout or outdoor sports?
  12. Android or iOS?
  13. Instagram or TikTok?
  14. Comedy movies or horror flicks?
  15. Cooking at home or dining out?
  16. Indoor plants or garden?
  17. Cake or pie?
  18. Cycling or rollerblading?
  19. Text messages or phone calls?
  20. Art museum or history museum?
  21. Yoga or pilates?
  22. Thrifting or brand-new buys?
  23. Bath or shower?
  24. Fiction or non-fiction?
  25. Sweet snacks or salty treats?
  26. Tattoos or piercings?
  27. Online shopping or in-store browsing?
  28. Writing in a journal or blogging?
  29. Karaoke or dance party?
  30. Skydiving or bungee jumping?
  31. DIY projects or store-bought solutions?
  32. Pasta or rice dishes?
  33. Classic literature or modern novels?
  34. Handwritten letters or emails?
  35. Sunrise or sunset?
  36. Local bands or mainstream artists?
  37. Hiking or kayaking?
  38. Amusement park or water park?
  39. Card games or chess?
  40. Podcasts or audiobooks?
  41. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  42. Painting or drawing?
  43. Formal attire or casual wear?
  44. Spicy food or mild flavors?
  45. Sitcoms or dramas?
  46. Swimming pool or natural body of water?
  47. Cars or motorcycles?
  48. Smartwatch or traditional watch?
  49. Singing or playing an instrument?
  50. Reality TV shows or documentaries?

This or That Questions for Couples

  1. Romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant or cozy home-cooked meal?
  2. Walk on the beach or hike in the woods?
  3. Joint bank accounts or separate finances?
  4. PDA (public displays of affection) or keeping it private?
  5. Netflix marathon or going to a live show?
  6. Planning a detailed vacation or spontaneous road trip?
  7. Celebrating anniversaries or every day is special?
  8. Gift-giving or acts of service?
  9. Expensive gifts or meaningful gestures?
  10. Traditional wedding or elopement?
  11. Early riser or night owl?
  12. Long drives or short flights?
  13. Snowy mountains or tropical beaches?
  14. Physical books or e-books?
  15. Fancy cocktails or craft beer?
  16. Painting class or cooking class?
  17. Ordering takeout or experimenting with new recipes?
  18. Working out together or separate fitness routines?
  19. Cats or dogs as pets?
  20. Classic romance movies or action-packed thrillers?
  21. Introverted or extroverted social life?
  22. Savers or spenders in managing money?
  23. City loft living or suburban house?
  24. Big family gatherings or intimate gatherings?
  25. High-tech gadgets or simple living?
  26. Adventurous dates or relaxing stay-at-home nights?
  27. Frequent short vacations or occasional long trips?
  28. Receiving love letters or heartfelt texts?
  29. Retro music or current hits?
  30. Watching sports or playing sports?
  31. Wine tasting or brewery hopping?
  32. Social media sharing or keeping memories private?
  33. Leather or fabric furniture?
  34. Poetry readings or art exhibits?
  35. Comedy clubs or dance clubs?
  36. Historical fiction or true crime novels?
  37. Do-it-yourself projects or hiring professionals?
  38. Stargazing or sunbathing?
  39. Halloween parties or Christmas dinners?
  40. Speaking multiple languages or mastering one?
  41. Mindfulness meditation or intense workouts?
  42. Video game nights or puzzle nights?
  43. Local theater or big blockbuster cinemas?
  44. Antique shopping or modern boutiques?
  45. Indoor gardening or outdoor landscaping?
  46. Volunteering together or participating in community sports?
  47. Ice skating or roller skating?
  48. Reading to each other or watching documentaries together?
  49. Fast food or health food?
  50. Possessing a few quality items or many less expensive items?

This or That Questions for Girlfriend

  1. Weekend brunch or late-night dessert?
  2. Poetry reading or painting class?
  3. French romance or Hollywood blockbusters?
  4. Vintage fashion or runway trends?
  5. Picnic in the park or gallery hop?
  6. Local boutique shopping or big brand names?
  7. Handwritten love letters or surprise texts?
  8. City lights sightseeing or starry night camping?
  9. Fresh flowers or scented candles?
  10. Yoga retreat or dance workshop?
  11. Bookstore browsing or library visiting?
  12. Silly comedies or epic dramas?
  13. Ice cream sundae or fruit smoothie?
  14. Going to concerts or listening at home?
  15. Beach volleyball or park frisbee?
  16. Sunrise hike or sunset sail?
  17. Cooking at home or taste-testing restaurants?
  18. Spa day or adventure park?
  19. Organic skincare or high-tech beauty gadgets?
  20. Thrift store treasures or new clothes shopping?
  21. Hosting a party or attending a party?
  22. Small cozy café or grand elegant restaurant?
  23. Red lipstick or natural gloss?
  24. Home-cooked dinner or gourmet takeaway?
  25. Leather jacket or cozy sweater?
  26. Trendy haircut or timeless style?
  27. Road cycling or mountain biking?
  28. Stud earrings or dangling earrings?
  29. Classic novel or contemporary fiction?
  30. Houseplants or garden flowers?
  31. Gold jewelry or silver jewelry?
  32. Chocolate truffles or fruity tarts?
  33. High heels or comfy flats?
  34. Long scenic drive or short city trip?
  35. Artisanal bakery or ice cream shop?
  36. Casual wristwatch or sophisticated timepiece?
  37. Sunrise meditation or evening journaling?
  38. Cycling around town or a day at the arcade?
  39. Animated movies or true-crime documentaries?
  40. Ballet performance or live concert?
  41. Simple breakfast or elaborate brunch?
  42. Weekend getaway or day at the spa?
  43. Custom-made dress or designer brand?
  44. Paddleboarding or kayaking?
  45. Movie marathon or game night?
  46. Pastel colors or bold hues?
  47. Classic leather purse or trendy backpack?
  48. Traditional cooking or international cuisines?
  49. Ballet shoes or sneakers?
  50. DIY home décor or professionally designed space?

This or That Questions for Boyfriend

  1. Attending a sports game or a live concert?
  2. Cooking a gourmet meal with me or ordering in from a fancy restaurant?
  3. Weekend fishing trip or weekend at a ski resort?
  4. Building something together or solving a puzzle together?
  5. Going for a run or hitting the gym?
  6. Playing video games or going to an arcade?
  7. Watching the latest action movie or a classic western?
  8. Comic books or graphic novels?
  9. Learning to play an instrument or learning a new language?
  10. Sci-fi movies or superhero movies?
  11. Attending a car show or a technology expo?
  12. Camping in the wilderness or staying in a rustic cabin?
  13. Home renovation projects or tech gadget upgrades?
  14. Driving a race car or flying in a helicopter?
  15. Craft beer tasting or whiskey sampling?
  16. Exploring a historical site or a modern cityscape?
  17. Rock climbing or deep-sea fishing?
  18. Shopping for new clothes or new electronics?
  19. Going to a comedy club or a jazz lounge?
  20. Taking a professional cooking class or a martial arts class?
  21. Watching documentaries or reality TV shows?
  22. Hosting a barbecue or a dinner party?
  23. Starting a garden or starting a home brewery?
  24. Mountain biking or jet skiing?
  25. Leather jacket or denim jacket?
  26. Suit and tie or casual attire?
  27. Playing in a sports league or joining a fantasy sports league?
  28. Customizing a PC or customizing a car?
  29. Hiking a local trail or traveling to a foreign country to hike?
  30. Trying out exotic foods or sticking to classic dishes?
  31. Collecting art or antiques?
  32. Going to the beach or the pool?
  33. Wearing watches or bracelets?
  34. Reading a new bestseller or a historical biography?
  35. Going to a street festival or a fine arts performance?
  36. Taking dance lessons or yoga classes?
  37. Playing cards or board games?
  38. Attending a live theater show or a movie marathon?
  39. Riding motorcycles or off-road vehicles?
  40. Watching sunrise or sunset?
  41. Visiting a theme park or a museum?
  42. Writing a blog or podcasting?
  43. Going on a safari or an Arctic adventure?
  44. Playing basketball or going swimming?
  45. Wearing sneakers or boots?
  46. Trying a new hobby or mastering a current one?
  47. Joining a book club or a film club?
  48. Surveying a new tech release or a car release?
  49. Participating in charity work or political activism?
  50. Taking photographs or drawing sketches?

This or That for Teens

  1. Studying at a coffee shop or in the quiet of your room?
  2. Pop music or indie bands?
  3. Watching trending TikTok videos or creating your own?
  4. Online multiplayer games or single-player adventure games?
  5. Reading a physical book or on an e-reader?
  6. Skateboarding or inline skating?
  7. Going to a school dance or a friend’s house party?
  8. Watching superhero movies or fantasy series?
  9. Learning guitar or piano?
  10. Eating fast food or trying out a new recipe at home?
  11. Thrift store finds or brand-new fashion?
  12. Writing poetry or short stories?
  13. Attending a live sports event or watching a stream online?
  14. Volunteering at local events or starting a personal blog?
  15. Having a movie marathon or a game night?
  16. Taking art classes or learning through YouTube tutorials?
  17. Playing in a sports team or working out solo?
  18. Listening to audiobooks or podcasts?
  19. Going to amusement parks or to the beach?
  20. Math puzzles or word puzzles?
  21. Snapchat stories or Instagram reels?
  22. Hiking trails or city exploring?
  23. Theme parties or casual hangouts?
  24. Baking sweets or grilling burgers?
  25. Learning a new language or a new coding language?
  26. Writing in a diary or posting on a personal vlog?
  27. Snowboarding or surfing?
  28. Drawing or painting?
  29. Shopping at the mall or online shopping?
  30. Watching classic films or the latest releases?
  31. Playing an instrument or singing?
  32. Cardio exercises or weightlifting?
  33. Playing card games or board games?
  34. Going to a zoo or an aquarium?
  35. Wearing trendy outfits or comfy clothes?
  36. Science experiments or history documentaries?
  37. Attending a concert or a theater play?
  38. Cycling around the neighborhood or jogging in the park?
  39. Collecting something unique or photographing memories?
  40. Eating at a fancy restaurant or at a popular food truck?
  41. Keeping a pet or having a collection of plants?
  42. Camping under the stars or glamping with amenities?
  43. Celebrating birthdays big or keeping it low-key?
  44. Playing chess or solving Rubik’s cubes?
  45. Doing a puzzle escape room or virtual reality gaming?
  46. Visiting a local library or a trendy bookstore?
  47. Diving into sci-fi novels or detective stories?
  48. Engaging in debate clubs or tech clubs?
  49. Starting a band or creating a mixtape?
  50. Exploring outer space or the deep sea in studies or hobbies?

This or That for Gen Z

  1. Podcasts or Spotify playlists?
  2. Vintage fashion or the latest fashion trends?
  3. TikTok dances or Instagram challenges?
  4. Streaming services or traditional cable TV?
  5. Electric car or gas-powered sports car?
  6. Online gaming or real-world sports?
  7. Thrift shopping or online brand shopping?
  8. Vegan diet or fast food?
  9. Cryptocurrency investing or traditional saving?
  10. Remote work or in-office work?
  11. Travel vlogging or lifestyle blogging?
  12. VR experiences or real-life adventures?
  13. Startup culture or corporate ladder?
  14. Environmental activism or social media activism?
  15. Meal prepping or food delivery services?
  16. Tattoos or piercings?
  17. International backpacking or luxury resorts?
  18. Snapchat or Twitter?
  19. E-books or audiobooks?
  20. Smartphone photography or professional camera gear?
  21. Indie films or big studio productions?
  22. 3D printing or traditional crafting?
  23. Smartwatch or classic analog?
  24. Home workouts or gym memberships?
  25. Group chats or DMs?
  26. Personal branding or privacy?
  27. YouTube tutorials or paid online courses?
  28. Artificial intelligence gadgets or human craftsmanship?
  29. Co-working spaces or coffee shop offices?
  30. Cycling or ride-sharing?
  31. Alternative music or pop hits?
  32. DIY décor or minimalist living spaces?
  33. Mental health apps or in-person therapy?
  34. Reality TV shows or documentaries?
  35. Texting or voice messaging?
  36. Online book clubs or physical meetup groups?
  37. Organic products or high-tech beauty gadgets?
  38. City life or rural lifestyle?
  39. Electric guitar or acoustic guitar?
  40. Street art or gallery exhibitions?
  41. Cloud gaming or console gaming?
  42. Reusable items or disposable items for convenience?
  43. Vintage vinyl or music streaming services?
  44. Space travel interest or deep-sea exploration?
  45. Physical fitness or mental wellness?
  46. Coding boot camps or liberal arts education?
  47. Side hustles or full-time job security?
  48. Matcha tea or iced coffee?
  49. Handmade gifts or store-bought presents?
  50. Esports tournaments or live sports events?

This or That for Millennials

  1. Homeownership or renting in a trendy neighborhood?
  2. Meal kit delivery or traditional grocery shopping?
  3. Craft beer or boutique wine?
  4. Instant messaging or handwritten letters?
  5. Local bookstore or e-book downloads?
  6. Boutique fitness classes or outdoor activities?
  7. Side hustle or climbing the corporate ladder?
  8. Plant-based diet or traditional home cooking?
  9. Podcasts or live radio?
  10. Minimalist lifestyle or expressive home decor?
  11. Social media detox or constantly connected?
  12. Ethical fashion brands or DIY clothing?
  13. Artisan coffee shop or big chain café?
  14. Vinyl records or music streaming services?
  15. Budget travel or luxury vacation?
  16. Traditional watch or fitness tracker?
  17. Thrifting or splurging on a few high-end items?
  18. Avocado toast or classic eggs and bacon?
  19. Sustainable living or urban convenience?
  20. Smart home devices or manual simplicity?
  21. Locally produced food or exotic imports?
  22. Subscription-based services or one-time purchases?
  23. City bike-sharing or owning a car?
  24. Starting your own business or job security?
  25. Natural products or high-tech skincare?
  26. Handcrafted furniture or flat pack convenience?
  27. Stand-up comedy or an indie film festival?
  28. Online dating or meeting potential partners through friends?
  29. Cooking at home or dining out at the latest hotspot?
  30. Streaming TV series or going to the cinema?
  31. Playing board games or attending a trivia night?
  32. Working remotely or in a co-working space?
  33. Yoga or high-intensity interval training (HIIT)?
  34. Reality TV or award-winning dramas?
  35. Text messaging or video calls?
  36. Crowdfunding projects or traditional investing?
  37. Second-hand tech or the latest gadgets?
  38. Energy drinks or smoothies?
  39. Reading blogs or traditional news outlets?
  40. Reusable shopping bags or home delivery?
  41. Public transportation or rideshare apps?
  42. Do-it-yourself projects or professional services?
  43. Personal blogs or micro-blogging on social platforms?
  44. Solo travel or group tours?
  45. Electric bikes or traditional bicycles?
  46. Online multiplayer games or app-based games?
  47. Live theater shows or music concerts?
  48. Organizing with paper planners or digital apps?

This or That Questions for Workmates

  1. Morning meetings or afternoon check-ins?
  2. Email communication or instant messaging?
  3. Working from home or in the office?
  4. Coffee break or walking break?
  5. Team-building activities or individual projects?
  6. Silent workspace or background music?
  7. Casual Friday or dress-up Monday?
  8. Brainstorming sessions or written proposals?
  9. Desk personalization or minimalist workspace?
  10. Conference calls or video meetings?
  11. Company retreat or team dinner?
  12. Overtime work or early dismissal?
  13. Online training or in-person workshops?
  14. Shared office or personal cubicle?
  15. Formal presentations or informal discussions?
  16. Annual raises or more vacation days?
  17. Health benefits or a gym membership?
  18. Traditional office or open-plan layout?
  19. Monthly team outings or annual company parties?
  20. Project deadlines or open-ended tasks?
  21. Stand-up desks or ergonomic chairs?
  22. Corporate ladder or lateral moves?
  23. On-site cafeteria or local restaurants?
  24. In-house coffee or nearby coffee shop runs?
  25. Traditional pension or matching 401(k)?
  26. Team sports league or solitary gym time?
  27. High-tech gadgets or traditional office supplies?
  28. Digital file storage or physical filing systems?
  29. Work-related travel or staying local?
  30. Client-facing roles or back-end operations?
  31. Early bird schedule or night owl hours?
  32. PowerPoint presentations or handouts?
  33. Company car or travel stipend?
  34. Strict dress code or business casual?
  35. Collaborative projects or autonomous tasks?
  36. Water cooler chats or online forums?
  37. Mentoring others or being mentored?
  38. In-depth training or quick-start guides?
  39. Holiday parties or team-building retreats?
  40. Working with a view or a cozy corner office?
  41. Long lunch breaks or multiple short breaks?
  42. Writing reports or giving verbal updates?
  43. Local conferences or international conventions?
  44. Paper planners or digital calendars?
  45. Handwriting notes or typing them?

Funny This or That Questions

  1. Fighting one horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses?
  2. Having a permanent clown nose or clown shoes?
  3. Being a genius in a world of fools or a fool in a world of geniuses?
  4. Only being able to whisper or only being able to shout?
  5. Being without elbows or without knees?
  6. Always smelling like garlic or always smelling like onions?
  7. Having fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers?
  8. Living without music or without television?
  9. Eating a bowl of ketchup or a bowl of mustard?
  10. Always feeling itchy or always feeling ticklish?
  11. Talking like Yoda or breathing like Darth Vader?
  12. Always having to skip everywhere or run everywhere?
  13. Wearing a onesie 24/7 or a clown wig 24/7?
  14. Being able to talk to animals or speak all foreign languages?
  15. Finding true love or finding a suitcase with five million dollars?
  16. No internet or no cell phone?
  17. Becoming twice as strong when half as smart or twice as smart when half as strong?
  18. Getting a paper cut every time you turn a page or biting your tongue every time you eat?
  19. Living in a cave or in a tree house?
  20. Going about your day naked or falling asleep fully clothed in the shower?
  21. Being always stuck in traffic but find a perfect parking spot or never hit traffic but always take forever to park?
  22. Only being able to use a fork (no spoon) or only being able to use a spoon (no fork)?
  23. Never being able to cut your hair or never being able to cut your nails?
  24. Having a permanent unibrow or no eyebrows at all?
  25. Farting confetti or burping glitter?
  26. Losing your sense of taste or your sense of smell?
  27. Having to laugh at every comment or not being able to smile at all?
  28. Wearing clown makeup every day for a year or wearing a tutu every day for a year?
  29. Burping after every kiss or drooling while sleeping?
  30. Having a head the size of a tennis ball or the size of a watermelon?
  31. Getting constantly catfished online or constantly pranked in real life?
  32. Sneezing every time you say ‘hello’ or coughing every time you say ‘bye’?
  33. Winning a trip to the moon or winning a lifetime supply of tacos?
  34. Living without the internet or living without AC and heating?
  35. Using sandpaper as toilet paper or hot sauce as eye drops?
  36. Eating only pizza for a year or no pizza for ten years?
  37. Having a time machine or a magic wand?
  38. Becoming the best at dancing badly or the worst at dancing well?
  39. Knowing the world’s secrets or living ignorantly blissful?
  40. Being stranded on an island alone or with someone who talks incessantly?
  41. Talking with animals or speaking every language on Earth?
  42. Having the ability to fly but you’re afraid of heights or being invisible but you’re shy?
  43. Invisibility or mind-reading?
  44. Accidentally laughing loudly at a funeral or farting while giving an important presentation?
  45. Being able to control your dreams or watch your dreams on TV the next day?
  46. Waking up with a different face with the same gender or a different gender with the same face?
  47. Being forever itchy or forever sticky?
  48. Having all traffic lights you approach be green or never having to stand in line?
  49. Showering in maple syrup or bathing in coffee?
  50. Having to say everything on your mind or never speaking again?

Flirty This or That Questions

  1. Candlelight dinner or picnic in the park?
  2. Slow dancing or club dancing?
  3. Stargazing or sunset watching?
  4. Text flirting or late-night calls?
  5. Holding hands or bear hugs?
  6. Kiss on the forehead or kiss on the cheek?
  7. Long romantic walks or cozy coffee dates?
  8. Shared ice cream cone or two straws in a milkshake?
  9. Playful teasing or deep conversations?
  10. Love letters or love songs?
  11. Drive-in movie or movie night at home?
  12. Breakfast in bed or a fancy dinner out?
  13. Spontaneous road trip or planned holiday together?
  14. Compliments on looks or compliments on intelligence?
  15. Love at first sight or slowly growing affection?
  16. Heart emojis or kiss emojis?
  17. Dreamy vacation in Paris or wild adventure in Rio?
  18. Getting caught in a rain shower or getting snowed in together?
  19. Serenading under a balcony or a quiet duet at home?
  20. Public display of affection or private intimate moments?
  21. Matching tattoos or matching outfits?
  22. Adventurous first date or traditional first date?
  23. Midnight swim or sunrise hike?
  24. Whispering sweet nothings or exchanging secret glances?
  25. Handwritten love note or a surprise text message?
  26. Spicy salsa dancing or elegant ballroom dancing?
  27. Hot tub relaxation or a couple’s massage?
  28. Bouquet of red roses or a box of fine chocolates?
  29. A candle that smells like musk or a candle that smells like roses?
  30. Riding a Ferris wheel or a leisurely boat ride?
  31. Quick peck or long, lingering kiss?
  32. Play fighting or pillow talk?
  33. Cooking together or ordering in?
  34. Night in with board games or out on the town?
  35. Weekend getaway to the mountains or to the beach?
  36. Cuddling by the fire or a walk on the beach?
  37. Wearing a partner’s clothes or shopping for each other?
  38. Cute nicknames or real names?
  39. Perfume or cologne?
  40. Leave cute notes or send flirty texts?
  41. Horse carriage ride or bike ride through the park?
  42. Asking deep philosophical questions or light and easy topics?
  43. Dancing in the rain or dancing in the kitchen?
  44. Making chocolate fondue or baking cookies together?
  45. Looking into each other’s eyes or looking at the stars together?
  46. Building a fort or a snowman together?
  47. Jet ski or parasail?
  48. Feeding each other dessert or making dessert together?
  49. Late night diner visit or early morning bakery run?
  50. Shared hobby or teach each other new skills?

Good This or That Questions

  1. Book or eBook?
  2. City life or country living?
  3. Home-cooked meal or fine dining?
  4. Call or text?
  5. Early bird or night owl?
  6. Gym workout or outdoor exercise?
  7. Tea or coffee?
  8. Cats or dogs?
  9. Summer or winter?
  10. Comedy movie or horror movie?
  11. Smartphone or tablet?
  12. Ice cream or yogurt?
  13. Reading or writing?
  14. Jogging or swimming?
  15. Classical music or pop music?
  16. Mountains or beaches?
  17. Bike ride or car drive?
  18. Football or basketball?
  19. Online shopping or in-store shopping?
  20. Sunrise or sunset?
  21. Podcasts or music streaming?
  22. Card games or board games?
  23. Strength training or cardio?
  24. Painting or drawing?
  25. Plane travel or road trip?
  26. Fiction or non-fiction?
  27. Pasta or pizza?
  28. Video call or in-person meeting?
  29. Vegetarian or meat-inclusive diet?
  30. Yoga or pilates?
  31. Rainy days or snowy days?
  32. Museum or art gallery?
  33. DIY project or store-bought?
  34. Group activities or solo activities?
  35. Animated movies or live-action movies?
  36. Saving money or investing money?
  37. In-depth conversation or light-hearted chat?
  38. Leather shoes or canvas shoes?
  39. Writing a letter or sending an email?
  40. Sailing or hiking?
  41. Spicy food or sweet food?
  42. Historical nonfiction or modern thriller?
  43. Possessions or experiences?
  44. Sci-fi or fantasy?
  45. Couch potato or fitness fanatic?
  46. Theme park or water park?
  47. Cash or card?
  48. Big party or small gathering?
  49. Work hard or play hard?
  50. Stay in and relax or go out and explore?

Deep This or That Questions

  1. Love or respect?
  2. Forgiveness or justice?
  3. Destiny or free will?
  4. Wealth or happiness?
  5. Intelligence or wisdom?
  6. Fame or influence?
  7. Security or freedom?
  8. Truth or peace?
  9. Power or compassion?
  10. A life full of ups and downs or a predictable, steady life?
  11. Mindfulness or ambition?
  12. Eternal life or a life full of memorable experiences?
  13. Perfect memory or perfect imagination?
  14. Personal success or making a difference in the world?
  15. Historical knowledge or futuristic insights?
  16. Being a leader or a team player?
  17. Logic or emotions?
  18. Instinct or reason?
  19. Would you rather be able to speak all languages or be able to communicate with animals?
  20. Change the past or see the future?
  21. Hard truth or comforting lie?
  22. Starting over or pushing through?
  23. Adventure or stability?
  24. Living in an ideal virtual reality or an imperfect real world?
  25. Religious faith or scientific evidence?
  26. Heart’s desire or moral duty?
  27. Natural talent or hard-earned skill?
  28. Self-care or self-sacrifice?
  29. Following tradition or innovation?
  30. A peaceful life or a life full of passion and intensity?
  31. Inner beauty or outer beauty?
  32. Always know when someone is lying or always get away with lying?
  33. Predictable comfort or unpredictable adventures?
  34. Already have found true love but have to give it up or the chance of true love in the future but it’s not guaranteed?
  35. Eternal youth with no aging or the wisdom of old age?
  36. Concrete fact or abstract idea?
  37. Seclusion in nature or the hustle and bustle of the city?
  38. One lifelong friend or many acquaintances?
  39. Undying fame or anonymous impact?
  40. Be able to hear every conversation or have to speak out every thought?
  41. Absolute safety or the thrill of danger?
  42. The power to heal or the power to teleport?
  43. Leave your hometown and never be able to return or stay in your hometown but never be able to leave?
  44. End hunger or end hatred?
  45. Confrontation or avoidance?
  46. Live one life that lasts 1,000 years or live ten lives that last 100 years each?
  47. A cabin in the woods or a loft in the city?
  48. Re-live one past event once more or foresee one future event once only?
  49. Maintain your current life with no major changes or start a completely new life?
  50. Never able to express anger or never able to express love?

This or That Food Questions

  1. Pizza or burgers?
  2. Chocolate or vanilla?
  3. Breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast?
  4. Fine dining or street food?
  5. Cake or pie?
  6. Coffee or tea?
  7. Sweet or savory?
  8. Pasta or rice?
  9. Spicy or mild?
  10. Meat or vegetables?
  11. Fruit or nuts?
  12. Cheese platter or charcuterie board?
  13. Homemade meals or restaurant takeout?
  14. Wine or beer?
  15. Soup or salad?
  16. Tacos or burritos?
  17. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  18. Bagels or croissants?
  19. Pancakes or waffles?
  20. Fried chicken or grilled chicken?
  21. Sushi or sashimi?
  22. Sandwich or wrap?
  23. Stew or chili?
  24. Baked goods or fried snacks?
  25. Omelette or scrambled eggs?
  26. Soft drinks or smoothies?
  27. Indian curry or Thai curry?
  28. Hot dog or corn dog?
  29. French fries or onion rings?
  30. Kettle-cooked chips or classic potato chips?
  31. Mac and cheese or lasagna?
  32. Muffins or cupcakes?
  33. Baguette or sourdough?
  34. Cheesecake or tiramisu?
  35. Hard shell tacos or soft shell tacos?
  36. Dim sum or tapas?
  37. Ribs or wings?
  38. Lemonade or iced tea?
  39. Donuts or pastries?
  40. Biscuits or scones?
  41. Greek yogurt or regular yogurt?
  42. Gazpacho or hot soup?
  43. Traditional pizza or deep-dish pizza?
  44. Lobster roll or crab cakes?
  45. Quinoa or couscous?
  46. Chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal raisin cookies?
  47. Craft beer or mass-market beer?
  48. Jam or jelly?
  49. Brie cheese or cheddar cheese?
  50. Frozen dinner or freshly cooked meal?

This or That Pet Questions

  1. Dogs or cats?
  2. Fish or birds?
  3. Small breed or large breed dogs?
  4. Short-haired or long-haired cats?
  5. Walking your pet or playing in the yard?
  6. Pet training classes or home training?
  7. Buy pets from breeders or adopt from shelters?
  8. Leather leash or nylon leash?
  9. Pet sweater or pet raincoat?
  10. Indoor pets or outdoor pets?
  11. Traditional pet names or unique pet names?
  12. Store-bought pet food or homemade pet food?
  13. Taking your pet to work or leaving your pet at home?
  14. Aquariums or terrariums?
  15. Pet smart devices (feeders, toys) or manual pet care items?
  16. Morning walks or evening walks?
  17. Pet rodents or pet reptiles?
  18. Sleeping with your pet in the bed or pet sleeping in its own bed?
  19. Pet-friendly travel or pets staycation while you travel?
  20. Professional pet grooming or DIY grooming?
  21. Playful pets or laid-back pets?
  22. Frequent short walks or long walks less often?
  23. Pet birthday parties or adopt-a-versaries?
  24. Standard pet toys or interactive pet toys?
  25. Fancy pet collars or practical pet collars?
  26. Multiple pets or just one?
  27. Pet insurance or save for pet expenses?
  28. Litter box or house-trained pets?
  29. Agility training or obedience training?
  30. Branded pet accessories or handmade pet accessories?
  31. Snakes or lizards?
  32. Pet play dates or solo play?
  33. Designer pet carrier or functional pet carrier?
  34. Pet tags or pet microchips?
  35. Raw food diet or traditional pet food?
  36. High-energy pets or low-energy pets?
  37. Winter coats for pets or letting their fur grow out?
  38. Exotic pets or common household pets?
  39. Dog park visits or neighborhood strolls?
  40. Catnip toys or laser pointers?
  41. Chew toys or tug toys?
  42. Bird-watching or squirrel-chasing?
  43. Regular pet beds or orthopedic pet beds?
  44. Feeding pets on schedule or free-feeding?
  45. Dog shows or cat shows?
  46. Horseback riding or animal sanctuaries?
  47. Rabbits or hamsters?
  48. Volunteering at an animal shelter or fostering pets?
  49. Wet pet food or dry pet food?
  50. Weekly pet training or daily pet exercises?

This or That Travel Questions

  1. Tropical beach or snowy mountain?
  2. City sightseeing or nature hiking?
  3. Luxury hotel or cozy Airbnb?
  4. Planned itinerary or spontaneous exploration?
  5. Backpacking or suitcase traveling?
  6. Solo trip or group tour?
  7. Historical landmarks or modern art galleries?
  8. Local street food or fine dining restaurants?
  9. Long weekend getaway or extended sabbatical?
  10. Cruise ship or road trip?
  11. Travel by airplane or train?
  12. Theme park or water park?
  13. Hostel stay or boutique hotel?
  14. Guided tours or self-guided wander?
  15. International travel or domestic road trips?
  16. Tropical island or urban cityscape?
  17. Travel for food or travel for history?
  18. Scuba diving or skydiving?
  19. Lounging by the pool or adventuring in the jungle?
  20. Learning a new language or learning to cook local cuisine?
  21. Travel photography or travel journaling?
  22. Historical reenactment or futuristic theme park?
  23. Souvenir shopping or cultural experience?
  24. Vineyard tour or brewery hopping?
  25. Sunrise hike or sunset sail?
  26. Safari adventure or polar expedition?
  27. Backpacking in Asia or road tripping across the US?
  28. Visiting a volcano or exploring a cave?
  29. Traditional dance show or live concert?
  30. Motorcycle adventure or camper van journey?
  31. Packing light or packing everything “just in case”?
  32. Visiting famous cities or discovering hidden gems?
  33. Staying in one place or visiting multiple locations?
  34. Desert safari or rainforest exploration?
  35. Snorkeling in coral reefs or hiking through alpine forests?
  36. Visiting ancient ruins or ultra-modern skyscrapers?
  37. Camping under the stars or staying at a five-star resort?
  38. Going to a festival or attending a retreat?
  39. Wine tasting in the countryside or craft beer sampling in the city?
  40. Digital detox travel or fully connected trip?
  41. National park or private island?
  42. Visiting the north pole or the equator?
  43. Whale watching or bird watching?
  44. Learning local crafts or attending a cooking class?
  45. Map navigation or app-guided directions?
  46. Traveling during peak season or off-season?
  47. Carry-on luggage only or checked bags?
  48. Artisan markets or big shopping malls?
  49. Climbing mountains or crossing deserts?

This or That Fashion Questions

  1. Classic style or trendy pieces?
  2. High fashion or streetwear?
  3. Designer brands or thrift store finds?
  4. Minimalist wardrobe or a wide variety of options?
  5. Neutral colors or bold prints?
  6. Formal attire or casual comfort?
  7. Heels or flats?
  8. Leather jacket or denim jacket?
  9. Tailored suit or relaxed fit?
  10. Little black dress or colorful maxi dress?
  11. Sneakers or dress shoes?
  12. Fashion watch or smartwatch?
  13. Handbag or backpack?
  14. Sunglasses or hats?
  15. Jeans or trousers?
  16. Graphic tees or plain shirts?
  17. Boho chic or urban modern?
  18. Scarves or statement necklaces?
  19. Vintage style or contemporary design?
  20. Luxury watch or statement jewelry?
  21. Wardrobe staples or statement pieces?
  22. Cashmere sweater or cotton hoodie?
  23. Shorts or skirts?
  24. Sustainable fashion brands or fast fashion labels?
  25. Sandals or boots?
  26. Wool coat or down jacket?
  27. Crossbody bag or tote bag?
  28. Silk blouse or flannel shirt?
  29. Fitness wear or loungewear?
  30. Fashion magazines or fashion blogs?
  31. Socks with patterns or plain socks?
  32. Layering pieces or single statement items?
  33. Shopping in-store or online shopping?
  34. Bikini or one-piece swimsuit?
  35. Belt or suspenders?
  36. Pencil skirt or A-line skirt?
  37. Loafers or oxfords?
  38. Velvet or satin?
  39. Custom-made clothing or off-the-rack?
  40. Leggings or yoga pants?
  41. Creating new trends or following current trends?
  42. Piercings or tattoos?
  43. Winter fashion or summer fashion?
  44. Trench coats or bomber jackets?
  45. Ankle boots or knee-high boots?
  46. Chinos or slacks?
  47. Hair accessories or makeup highlights?
  48. Overalls or rompers?

This or That Music Questions

  1. Rock or pop music?
  2. Classical or jazz?
  3. Live concert or studio album?
  4. Vinyl records or streaming services?
  5. Singing or playing an instrument?
  6. Music from the ’70s or music from the ’90s?
  7. Hip-hop or R&B?
  8. Country or blues?
  9. Guitar or piano?
  10. Music festivals or intimate gigs?
  11. Choir music or solo artist?
  12. Boy bands or girl groups?
  13. Acoustic or electric?
  14. EDM or techno?
  15. Lyrics that tell a story or beats that make you dance?
  16. Music videos or lyric videos?
  17. Choir music or a cappella groups?
  18. Movie soundtracks or musical soundtracks?
  19. Karaoke or lip-sync battle?
  20. Discover new artists or stick with your favorites?
  21. Headphones or speakers?
  22. Listening to music alone or with friends?
  23. Writing music or covering songs?
  24. Reggae or salsa?
  25. Opera or ballet scores?
  26. Concept albums or a collection of singles?
  27. Indie labels or major record companies?
  28. Love songs or breakup songs?
  29. Work out to music or relax to music?
  30. Play music by ear or read sheet music?
  31. Punk rock or heavy metal?
  32. Music lessons or self-taught?
  33. Soundtracks or original scores?
  34. International music or music from your own country?
  35. Music with a political message or music for entertainment?
  36. Music from your childhood or current hits?
  37. Digital downloads or CD collections?
  38. Folk music or electronic dance music?
  39. Weekly music releases or surprise album drops?
  40. Ambient music or nature sounds?
  41. Music production or songwriting?
  42. Vocal harmonies or powerful solos?
  43. Listening to the radio or curating your own playlists?
  44. Saxophone or trumpet?
  45. Music channels on TV or music podcasts?
  46. Sing-along or dance party?
  47. Flamenco guitar or classical violin?
  48. Music from Asia or music from Africa?
  49. Jam sessions or structured rehearsals?
  50. Discovering hidden musical gems or enjoying popular chart-toppers?

This or That Books Questions

  1. Fiction or nonfiction?
  2. Classic literature or contemporary novels?
  3. E-books or physical books?
  4. Libraries or bookstores?
  5. Biographies or autobiographies?
  6. Mystery or science fiction?
  7. Stand-alone books or series?
  8. Historical fiction or fantasy?
  9. Audiobooks or reading silently?
  10. Poetry or prose?
  11. Hardcover or paperback?
  12. Book clubs or solo reading?
  13. Long reads or short stories?
  14. Reading indoors or outdoors?
  15. First editions or reprints?
  16. Romance or horror?
  17. Writing in books or keeping them pristine?
  18. Bestsellers or niche genres?
  19. Required reading or leisure reading?
  20. Browsing shelves or following recommendations?
  21. Graphic novels or literary magazines?
  22. Reading at night or in the morning?
  23. Young adult or children’s books?
  24. Detective stories or adventure tales?
  25. Bookmarks or dog-eared pages?
  26. Literature from your own country or international literature?
  27. Speed reading or taking your time?
  28. Books with pictures or all-text?
  29. Traditional publishing or self-publishing?
  30. Critical essays or personal essays?
  31. Stories with morals or stories for entertainment?
  32. Borrowing books or owning them?
  33. Popular authors or undiscovered writers?
  34. Detailed descriptions or fast-paced narratives?
  35. Prequels or sequels?
  36. Signed editions or special editions?
  37. Book adaptations or original screenplays?
  38. Reading while traveling or listening to music?
  39. Antique books or modern printings?
  40. Coffee table books or interactive books?
  41. Anthologies or novels?
  42. Shakespeare or Hemingway?
  43. Reading to learn or reading to escape?
  44. Author interviews or book reviews?
  45. Reading about the past or the future?
  46. Traditional storytelling or experimental formats?
  47. Epistolary novels or diary format?
  48. Awards-winners or overlooked gems?
  49. Cult classics or new releases?
  50. Participating in reading challenges or reading at your leisure?

This or That TV Shows Questions

  1. Sitcoms or dramas?
  2. Reality TV or documentaries?
  3. Binge-watching or watching weekly?
  4. British TV shows or American TV shows?
  5. Classic TV series or modern TV shows?
  6. Cable television or streaming services?
  7. Animated shows or live-action shows?
  8. Talk shows or game shows?
  9. Medical dramas or legal dramas?
  10. TV show adaptations of books or original TV storylines?
  11. Late-night talk shows or morning shows?
  12. Miniseries or long-running shows?
  13. Science fiction or fantasy?
  14. Cooking shows or travel shows?
  15. Historical shows or futuristic shows?
  16. Crime investigation or political thriller?
  17. Superhero TV series or supernatural TV series?
  18. Kid-friendly shows or adult-themed shows?
  19. Stand-up comedy specials or sketch comedy shows?
  20. Action-packed series or slow-burn mysteries?
  21. Soap operas or reality competition shows?
  22. Sports broadcasts or eSports tournaments?
  23. Music talent shows or dance talent shows?
  24. Anthology series or continuous story arcs?
  25. TV adaptations of movies or spin-offs of successful shows?
  26. Black-and-white classics or full-color productions?
  27. Horror TV shows or thriller TV shows?
  28. Regional cable channels or international satellite TV?
  29. Educational programming or pure entertainment shows?
  30. Period dramas or contemporary settings?
  31. Home improvement shows or lifestyle shows?
  32. Dark humor or slapstick comedy?
  33. Tech-savvy shows or nature-based shows?
  34. Celebrity reality shows or everyday people reality shows?
  35. TV shows with ensemble casts or shows focused on a main character?
  36. Paranormal series or true crime series?
  37. TV sitcoms from the ’80s or the 2000s?
  38. Variety shows or talent shows?
  39. Daytime soap operas or primetime epics?
  40. Procedural dramas or character-driven narratives?
  41. Reality dating shows or survival reality shows?
  42. Teen dramas or family sitcoms?
  43. Offbeat comedic series or traditional laugh-track sitcoms?
  44. High-budget shows or indie shows with a lower budget?
  45. Adventure reality shows or makeover reality shows?
  46. Award-winning series or underrated series with a cult following?
  47. TV shows with multiple seasons or one-season wonders?
  48. Popular mainstream series or niche interest programs?
  49. Morning cartoons or late-night animation?
  50. Adaptations of classic literature or reboots of past TV shows?

This or That Valentine’s Day Questions

  1. Chocolate or flowers?
  2. Romantic dinner at a restaurant or at home?
  3. Valentine’s Day cards or love letters?
  4. Diamonds or pearls?
  5. Homemade gift or store-bought gift?
  6. Red roses or pink roses?
  7. A box of chocolates or a slice of cheesecake?
  8. Champagne or wine?
  9. Fancy dress or comfy PJs?
  10. Love poem or love song?
  11. Couples’ spa day or adventure date?
  12. Cooking together or being surprised with breakfast in bed?
  13. Sweet Valentine’s Day or Sarcastic Anti-Valentine’s Day?
  14. Perfume or cologne?
  15. Candle-lit bath or a hot tub session?
  16. Dressing up for a night out or having a movie marathon?
  17. Picnic in the park or walk on the beach?
  18. Heart-shaped balloons or stuffed teddy bear?
  19. Bold red lipstick or soft pink gloss?
  20. Classic ballads or upbeat love songs?
  21. Watching sunrise or sunset?
  22. French cuisine or Italian cuisine?
  23. Giving Valentine’s Day presents or experiencing a shared activity?
  24. Love story movie or romantic comedy?
  25. Public display of affection or private gestures of love?
  26. Love note hidden in a wallet or a surprise note on the mirror?
  27. Roses or lilies?
  28. Hand holding or cuddling?
  29. Fancy chocolates or jelly hearts?
  30. Eternal love or passionate romance?
  31. Cupid or Venus?
  32. Poetry reading or art exhibit?
  33. Stay-in date or go-out celebration?
  34. Fireworks display or star gazing?
  35. Lingerie or a new outfit?
  36. Heart-shaped pizza or gourmet dinner?
  37. Tango or salsa dancing?
  38. Matchmaking friends or going on a solo adventure?
  39. “Be My Valentine” or “Galentine’s Day” with friends?
  40. Ice skating date or cozy cafe hangout?
  41. Exchanging gifts or making promises?
  42. Surprise date or planned outing?
  43. Valentine’s matching outfits or comfortable attire?
  44. Partner’s choice or mutual decision-making?
  45. Renting a limousine or a romantic bike ride?
  46. Valentine’s Day party or private celebration?
  47. Teddy bear or lovebirds as a gift?
  48. Golden retriever puppy or kitten as a surprise present?
  49. Opera or live jazz for the evening’s entertainment?
  50. Buying flowers every year or planting a tree together?

This or That Christmas Questions

  1. Real Christmas tree or artificial Christmas tree?
  2. Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  3. Giving presents or receiving presents?
  4. Eggnog or hot chocolate?
  5. White lights or colored lights?
  6. Santa Claus or the Grinch?
  7. Christmas caroling or watching Christmas movies?
  8. Ugly Christmas sweaters or festive pajamas?
  9. Classic Christmas songs or modern holiday hits?
  10. Snowball fight or building a snowman?
  11. Shopping in stores or online shopping for gifts?
  12. Handmade gifts or store-bought gifts?
  13. Christmas cards or Christmas emails?
  14. Gingerbread houses or sugar cookies?
  15. Candy canes or chocolate oranges?
  16. Sledding or ice skating?
  17. Home for Christmas or a holiday vacation?
  18. Christmas cookies or Christmas cake?
  19. Wrapping paper or gift bags?
  20. Staying up late on Christmas Eve or waking up early on Christmas Day?
  21. Traditional Christmas dinner or something non-traditional?
  22. Red and green decorations or silver and gold?
  23. Christmas stockings or Christmas crackers?
  24. Secret Santa or white elephant gift exchange?
  25. Nativity scenes or Christmas village displays?
  26. Roasted chestnuts or popcorn garland?
  27. Making a Christmas list or being surprised?
  28. Elf on the Shelf or Advent calendar?
  29. Winter wonderland or tropical Christmas?
  30. Mistletoe or holly?
  31. Tinsel or ribbon?
  32. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman?
  33. Christmas ham or Christmas turkey?
  34. Holiday parade or holiday light show?
  35. Christmas star or angel tree topper?
  36. Festive window displays or Christmas yard inflatables?
  37. Scented candles or unscented candles?
  38. Paper snowflakes or glitter ornaments?
  39. Annual holiday party or intimate family gathering?
  40. Holiday market or online holiday deals?
  41. Christmas wreath or Christmas banners?
  42. Holiday baking day or holiday crafts day?
  43. Visiting Santa at the mall or writing a letter to Santa?
  44. Nutcracker ballet or A Christmas Carol play?
  45. Watching the snowfall or playing in the snow?
  46. Silent Night or Jingle Bells?
  47. A Christmas Story or Home Alone?

Final Thoughts

Next time you’re with your friends or family and you’re looking for something to do, give these questions a try. You might be surprised by some of the answers you hear—and they’re sure to spark even more conversation.

You can come back to these questions any time and might just find the answers have changed. That’s the beauty of it—our choices change as we do. So keep these questions handy for your next hangout!

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